"The Legend of Zelda: The Light of Courage" (shortened as TLOC) was a concept for an actual Zelda movie to be released in theaters. The concept was created by fanboy Robert C. McGee (Known in the IGN forums as Joe Cracker) in 2002. He also planned to make a 15 minute Mario short titled "The Super Mario Brothers Mini Movie!" that would come before the movie.

Before the script was sent to "John Grusd".

According to Joe, he started writing the story around Christmas 2002. However, it wasn't until August 2003 where he talked about his movie on IGN. He said after he was finished with the script that he would send it to both DiC and Nintendo to make the movie happen. Sadly, what he didn't know was that DiC was in financial problems after many flops in the past. Also the fact Nintendo would not accept someone on the internets ideas. The thread had gotten many negative thoughts containing those facts. Among those was a user referred to as The Spotlight.

Eventually, Joe Cracker got The Spotlight to be a temporary director and a writer. The Spotlight defended harsh comments directed towards Joe for a while. In December 2003, a user by the name of SexualBurgerKing (also known as SBK) first posted on the thread. SBK later became a famous user in the TLOC "saga". Later in May and September 2004 the users by the name of Cellius_18 (also known as Cellius) and Orquiox first posted on the thread. Cellius and Orquiox also became famous users in the TLOC "saga".

In October 2004, The Spotlight disappears after many arguments with Joe. This causes Joe to start slacking on the project. Something had to be done to keep the project alive, so in November 2004, Cellius reported a user by the name of Glen Judicus was stealing Joe's work. To make Joe believe this, Cellius posted the website to Glens work (known as The Beacon of Courage or TBOC). In reality, Glen Judicus was just SBK, Cellius, and Orquiox. However, Joe believed it and started to finish his script so he could send it to John Grusd on his blog.

Wait, John Grusd has a blog? Well, back in September 2004, SBK, Cellius, and Orquiox created a blog claiming that it was John Grusd's. Joe sent the script to "John" at the end of November and was then given updates about casting.

After sending "John Grusd" the script.

Later, in February 2005, the thread was finally locked due to going off-topic and into spam. A new thread was started but deleted shortly after. Also, in February, the first animation test was sent to Joe, who showed it on the second thread. A 3rd and 4th thread was created in March and April, but those didn't last long either. The next thread was started in late May. In early June, Joe was sent the next animation test and showed it to everyone on the thread. This time, everyone had negative reactions about it and not long after Joe was told that John Grusd was NOT John Grusd...

Joe had found out that John Grusd was really SBK, Cellius, and Orquiox in disguise, obviously he wasn't pleased about this. Realizing that your script was sent to a fake? The thread was locked and a new one was made in October, despite Joe originally saying the May thread would be the last thread on IGN. SBK posted storyboards for the third animation which got Joe realizing a new animation was coming. He started having arguements with Cellius about the final animation and that it shouldn't be done. However, it was released on May 29, 2006.

More Information

Before you see the 3 videos in the aftermath section, I will post these 2 links for now if you would like to see more information. (Also features all the threads discussing the movie.) (Just a tad more information in this one.) (This page doesn't include more information about the subject, but it does contain the script that was sent to "John Grusd". However, Joe also sent the script to The Spotlight. "John Grusd" posted the script in January 2006, not September 2005. This means it could have possibly been The Spotlight who had left in October 2004.)


The three videos can be seen on Youtube on the channel "grusd". The three videos combined have a total of 200,000 views!

The Legend of Zelda The Light of Courage Part 100:49

The Legend of Zelda The Light of Courage Part 1

The first video, made before Joe found out about who John Grusd really was.

The Legend of Zelda The Light of Courage Part 202:48

The Legend of Zelda The Light of Courage Part 2

The second video, made a few days before Joe found out who John Grusd really was. This time, the 3 users tried to make it as bad as possible to get his attention.

The Legend of Zelda The Light of Courage 306:43

The Legend of Zelda The Light of Courage 3

The third and final video, made after Joe knew who John Grusd really was. This one had a lot more effort put into it.

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