The Legend of Zelda: The Fused Destinies
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Developer(s) Darklight Studios 4
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Platform(s) Visus Sphere, NX
Age Rating(s)
OFLC M rating
Genre(s) Action-Adventure, Exploration, Open-World, Role-Playing
Series The Legend of Zelda
Predecessor The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
The Legend of Zelda: The Fused Destinies is an upcoming Action-Adventure, Open-World Exploration RPG for the Nintendo NX and Visus Sphere, made by Darklight Studios it is the fourth main series Zelda Game developed by the company and the first to follow Breath of the Wild's new Open-World Mechanics.


The game takes place very late in the timeline well beyond previous Zelda games, it is not specified which timeline the game begins in however, details of the history of this Hyrule only mention events that occurred prior to Ocarina of Time. The story begins with the player, Link waking up from a nightmare of a ferocious beast tearing his heart into several pieces as the scream of an unknown woman echoed throughout the nightmare.

Link gets out of his bed revealing his house to be built around a large tree, exiting his house we find out that Link lives in the forest town of Rorafe in the southern region of Hyrule, the player is then introduced to one of Link's childhood friends, Riasa whom impatiently informs Link that he'd been oversleeping and they were late for their graduation ceremony.

As the two head over to attend the ceremony Link picks up his gear and visits some of his other friends as well as his horse, Epona. Soon the two arrive at the ceremony where the Chief of the town, Kaebora announces that the ceremony can begin at last. Among the festivities that Link can participate in include a Horse Racing Competition, a Dashing Competition, a Climbing Competition and a Searching competition. As Link readies to head off however he is halted by Kaebora who asks Link if he would be willing to compete in the final event of the ceremony, a sword battle. Kaebora promises Link he'll make it worth his time and Link agrees.

Link heads up onto an elevated wooden platform with Kaebore announcing that the final event would begin soon, he announces to the crowd that Link in his years of training has become the most proficient swordsman in the town and has offered to test his blade against any who wish to battle him however only 3 can be taken. Numerous members of Link's friends raise their arms up for the first round and Kaebora laughs cheerfully at the enthusiasm and chooses Link's childhood rival, Diom whom had reluctantly attended although was very interested in the prospect of upstaging Link. As Diom readies his blade Kaebora announces that the first one to knock the other off stage will win and can be challenged by another individual. Diom smirks and tells Link that he's going to beat him and prove to be the best Swordsman in the town.

The two young Hylians battle and through learning about swordplay through the easy tells that Diom has, Link defeats Diom knocking him off the platform with a blunt bash. Diom lies partially dazed as Link goes over to help him up, Diom reluctantly accepts Link's help and tells Link that he'll have to keep training if he wants to defeat Link and tells him that Link must have some gift from the gods. As Diom heads off Link heads back up on stage as Kaebora browses the crowd for the next contestant, spotting Ramak a massive brute who was better known for his massive defense than his offense. Kaebora calls Ramak to the stage as the giant lumbers up the wood beneath his feet aching from the weight, Ramak laughs at Link telling him that he's still just as much a shrimp as when they first met and that he bets Link won't even be able to knock him back once.

Kaebora called for the match to begin and Ramak proves to be just as powerful as the crowd had gossiped about, however Ramak's slow movement left him vulnerable after attacking for Link to get around him and perform a counter-attack to hit his back. Soon Ramak became exhausted and fell over allowing Link to use his blade to lever Ramak off the platform winning him the second match. The crowd goes wild for Link's ability to combat an offensive and defensive opponent. Kaebora, impressed by Link's proof of skills tells him that Link's really helped the ceremony out and announces to the crowd in his booming voice that they will accept one more competitor for the ceremony. Suddenly a mysterious weapon strikes the stage revealing to be a Hookshot that dug into the planks pulling the individual on the other end onto the stage.

A heavily clothed individual with only their left eye visible their clothing showed they were well equipped and were not from Rorafe, Kaebora welcomed the mysterious individual to the stage and asked for their name however the individual did not respond and simply drew a long rapier at Link signalling for him to draw his weapon as well, Link began to unsheathe his weapon however Kaebora stopped him and told him to use this new sword that Kaebora was going to give him afterwards however he believes that this foe may be stronger than anyone in Rorafe, Link is handed the Blade of the Forest a mystical weapon beloved to have been powered by ancient sorcerers. As Link readies his blade the mysterious individual nods at Kaebora who begins the battle.

With incredible speed the individual proves to be a powerful adversary using the rapier to disarm Link periodically forcing him to retrieve his blade while they would attempt to attack him. Link was pushed to his limits eventually falling on his back right near the edge of the stage, the individual ran on top of Link attempting to push Link off the stage with their blade, Link barely able to resist noticed a a nervous stuttering on the mysterious foe and took the opportunity to twist his own blade disarming them and then charging at full speed not only giving him plenty of space but knocking the individual out of the ring in one shot. A crowd surrounded the individual who quickly got up grabbing their Rapier and bowing at Link before running away, leaving only a mysterious triangular medallion behind. Link went to pick up the medallion and as he picked it up also had his other arm raised in the air by Kaebora congratulating Link on his victory, however Link more interested in who the person was quickly leaves Kaebora and hops on Epona to ride out of the forest in hopes of tracking down the individual.

Exiting into the Great Deku Forest Link finds that the individual has evaded his chase as although the Forest had thinned out where Link had lost sight of the individual. Link hopped off his horse and was quickly met up by Kabeora & Diom whom asked Link if he found the individual, Link shook his head in disappointment as the two dismounted from their horses, Kaebora reassured Link telling him that if they analyze the tracks on the ground they may find the individual. As the group analyzed the various tracks across the dirt pathway Link noticed a set of soft footprints that were separated by large bounds, this indicated to him that the person had been fleeing and was most likely their lost individual. Link notified the others as Diom and Kaebora came over and inspected the tracks Kaebora informed Link that he and Diom should ride on ahead as he needs to arm the guard of Rorafe in case the individual was a monster that had been scouting their town.

Kaebora hopped on his horse and rode back towards town as Link climbed on his Diom was eagerly telling Link that they need to get moving if they ever hope to catch the person. Using their keen eyesight Link and Diom follow the track into the open Hyrule Field crossing numerous hills and even working their way around a canyon the two soon reach a cave where the footprints end. Diom tells Link that Link should go into the cave and investigate and he'll keep guard in case monsters attack. Link agrees and delves into the cavern lighting a piece of wood nearby with his flint to create a temporary torch. As Link delves deeper into the cavern he begins encountering Keese and Chuchus while hearing an echoing bellow from deep within the cave. Soon Link reaches what appears to be the bottom of the cave, a small pond that is very shallow covers the floor as Link notices a creature shrouded by the shadows is shuddering, Link shines his torch on it only for the creature to turn around and screech at Link revealing itself to be some sort of slimy giant Keese. The creature takes off and fights Link in this small Arena blocking off his one exit by causing some Rocks to fall.

The creature swoops Link who slashes at its wings which eventually detach causing the beast to fall allowing Link to attack its face. However just as Link defeats the motionless body the wings reform forming two smaller versions of the original creature although due to their small size Link has no issue taking them down with a few swings of his sword. Eventually the creatures are defeated and Link sighs with relief, however just before he can relax the mysterious individual whom had been hiding within the wall itself holds Link with a dagger drawn to his throat. With no other option Link drops his weapons as the individual pushes Link onto the ground and asks Link why he followed the person into the cave, however just as Link was about to signal a response Diom knocks one of the rocks out from the exit and yells to Link, the mysterious individual throws their dagger due to Diom's interference causing the rest of the rocks to fall and Diom to flinch from the attempted attack. Link takes the opportunity to pull the individual's leg from under then and hold them down with his elbow as his other arm grabs for his sword. The individual attempts to struggle although with little success and begs Link to let him go and he'll explain everything.

Link lets go of the individual who hustles themselves to their feet telling Link that he shouldn't be following the individual since it's not time yet, noticing Link's perplexed gaze the individual formally introduces himself removing his mask. He formally introduces himself as Renge explaining that he is a wanderer of the lands and has been monitoring them for the Princess, Zelda. He continues stating that the increase in Monster Activity and these new fused monsters are a cause for alarm as there must be a great deal of Dark Magic going on to create stable fusions. Renge tells Link that if they can't stay here for long and that he must leave again soon, by this time Diom had reached Link and Renge and asks him why he appeared in the Town Ceremony then, Renge smirks and tells Diom that aside from monitoring monster activity he also has to make sure the guards of towns can protect themselves. Renge then turns back to Link and tells him that if he wishes to seek more information he should search for the Princess of Hyrule, Renge then takes a few steps back and throws a Smoke Bomb disappearing into thin air.

Diom faces Link and tells him that he's not quite sure exactly if Renge's motivations are just but he tells Link that they should head back to Rorafe Town and talk to Kaebora about this. Link nods in agreement and the two begin their trek out of the cave and back to Rorafe Town. As the duo head back they notice smoke in the depths of the forest, concerned Diom rides ahead telling Link that they need to be careful as something has definitely happened in Rorafe Town, all of a sudden however a massive tree ignites abruptly and falls down causing the two's horses to rear back blocking Link's path. Diom tells Link this can't bode well and tells him to use the detour path through the Thorned Den as it's the only way through to Rorafe Town now that the main path has been blocked. Diom rides off leaving Link to find the Thorned Den.

Link searches the forest looking for the entrance of vines that easily distinguishes the Thorned Den from the rest of the forest. Soon, Link comes across the entrance and enters, finding himself in the dark cavernous passage of vines and rocks, slowly progressing through Link is forced to dismount Epona and have her follow behind him, soon Link begins to encounter numerous Deku Babas that had rooted themselves to the thorns, the creatures attempt to attack Link although the experienced swordsman quickly dispatches them.

As Link reaches the exit he comes across a river blocking his path, a large lily-pad provides passage however as Link approaches it the lily-pad flips over revealing itself to be a Bio Deku Baba, the creature roars at Link before attacking very quickly, providing a much greater challenge the creature uses its vines to attempt to disarm Link however Link overwhelms the creature eventually defeating it. As he defeats it the fire arrives to the Thorned Den where it ignites a set of vines that had grown over the river causing them to give way causing the rocks above to collapse onto the river allowing Link and Epona to cross and arrive in Rorafe Town. Entering the town Link finds it ablaze with Kaebora fighting off the invaders, Bokoblins nearby.

Running over to help Link and Kaebora easily overwhelm the numerous Bokoblins, fleeing from the two Kaebora thanks Link for arriving as he was unsure if he'd be able to keep fighting. Suddenly a bellowing war horn is sounded and in the distance a figure hidden by the fire stands with numerous Bokoblins charging towards Link and Kaebora, all of a sudden however a massive log crashes down on the Bokoblins crushing most of them with the few survivors running in fear. Link and Kaebora look up to see that Diom had rallied several guards together atop the roofs pf the town, Diom grins at them and signals for the Archer's of his group to fire on the fleeing Bokoblins, as they do so Kaebora pulls Link down another road of the town and tells him they need to search the houses for any people trapped within.

Link is assigned to the houses on the left side of the road while akaebora searches the right side. Entering the first house Link finds an elderly man, Link's teacher of the history of hyrule, Larashash whom calls out to Link telling him that he can't get past the fallen fire log and indicates to Link to use a large blue staff of his nearby, Link picks up the staff and aims it at the fire log although nothing happens, Larashash informs Link that he must concentrate his power into the staff to unleash its energy, Link closes his eyes and focuses causing the staff to morph into a smaller, more elaborate design revealing it to be an Ice Rod. link then fires a blast of Ice cooling the log causing the flame to choke. Link goes to help Larashash up and the two escape the burning house, Larashash e tells Link that he can't use the Ice Rod as it is now bound to Link, Kaebora exits from the first house on the right carrying two young children, Larashash tells the children to stay close as Link and Kaebora would rescue anyone in the other houses. Link and Kaebora head into the second set of houses, within this one Link finds the local Cattle Farmers; Malon and Talon are being held captive by Bokoblins including a mysteriously liquid-like Bokoblin whom dissipates into the ground as soon as it notices Link.

The numerous regular Bokoblins notice Link as well and charge to attack, although despite their numbers Link overwhelms them using the confined space to his advantage, eventually after all its colleagues fall the Melting Bokoblin rises up from beneath the floor boards and roars at Link signalling its readiness to attack. The creature goes to attack Link who prepares to fight back however finds it is using its abilities as part Chuchu to avoid being struck by Link's sword. Using careful battling however Link dodges the Melting Bokoblin's attack and attacks it while it cannot see Link. Eventually the creature is destroyed and Malon and Link help Talon up and escape the house. Returning the two to the group Link finds that Kaebora had been carried out of the second house by its residents as he had knocked himself out due to excessive smoke inhalation. Link, with two houses left in the road enters the first one on the left and finds a young boy and his pet Cuccoos, Link helps the young boy collect the Cuccoos although as they are about to leave a massive beam falls in front of the door preventing their escape, the two work their way upstairs where they see a young girl in the house on the opposite side has a long plank of wood and lowers it down to connect the two houses, the boy crawls across carefully as Link with the restless Cuccoos follows after. Avoiding falling Link reaches the other side just as the plank gives way. Link, the young boy, the young girl, the three Cuccoos and a pig that lived with the young girl work their way downstairs where Link finds the door is not sealed although the bars have broken causing it to be unable to open normally.

Link puts the Cuccoos down and indicates to the young children to stand back, Link then readies himself to charge as he runs full pace and uses all his weight to launch himself against the door causing the wood to splinter and break, the door bursts open and the Cuccoos and Pig run out quickly huddling around Malon whom, upon noticing them pulled out a sachet of farm food to tempt them over. Link rushes back inside the burning houses and rescues the two young children bringing them safely over to the group. Relieved to see the people safe, Link sighs with relief and is abruptly greeted by Diom, he tells Link that townsfolk are gathering at the Thorned Den and that he'll take Link's group and Kaebora over however he needs Link to go fight the Bokoblins directly, Link nods and whistles for Epona who had been waiting for Link near the exit to the Thorned Den this entire time. Link hops on Epona and rides deeper into the war-torn inferno.

Delving into the damaged ruins Link runs into more Bokoblins, hopping off Epona to deal with them he quickly eliminates the pests finding an unconscious pair of guards nearby, he picks up each guard and lays them over Epona's back indicating for her to ride back to Kaebora and the other townsfolk, Epona heads off as Link continues deeper into the fires. Soon Link begins finding more and more Bokoblins and guards fighting as he approaches the center of the destruction, unable to help the guards due to the fighting being on the roofs. Soon Link reaches the arena-like town centre where he finds Diom has been badly injured by one of the creatures, Link rushes over to Diom to check on him however Diom tells Link merely to watch out as a massive spear lunges towards Link narrowly missing him and Diom. Link looks at the wielder, a massive leader of the Bokoblins the Moblin Warlord rises up from among the flames and lets out a bellowing roar, the Bokoblins immediately stand to attention and gather around the Moblin as he points at Link and Diom to attack them.

In a battle of fury and determination Link manages to overcome the huge numbers of Bokoblins attempting to attack him and Diom. Soon however the Moblin gets fed up with the incompetence of its subordinates and in a fit of rage swings its spear around killing several Bokoblins in the process before slashing along the ground causing a fire to ignite between Link and Diom, trapping Link in an arena with the Moblin. With no other option Link readies himself for battle against the giant monster. Although not the fastest creature the Moblin proves to be very dangerous as its powerful swings force Link to consistently dodge out of the way and getting hit by even one can deal considerable damage. Through swift movement however and using the arena's fiery ring against the Moblin, Link is able to overcome the beast and drives his sword not only through the Moblin's spear as he is about to slam the spear on Link but also into the beast's chest leaving it mortally wounded. The creature writhes in pain as it falls to the ground bursting into a puff of dark smoke. As this happens the fires begin to dimmer down as a light rain begins to pour dowsing everything.

Link helps Diom onto his feet and him and the other guards begin to work their way to the Town center to rest as Kaebora and the rest of the townsfolk soon arrive and cheer the guards on thanking them for saving the town. Kaebora, runs over to Link and apologizes for collapsing earlier as he should've known his limits. He announces that they need to get the injured guards to safety and tend to their wounds and immediately begins directing the townsfolk and few uninjured guards to move the injured.

Just as every gets moving however trumpets are heard in the distance as a massive number of horses arrive with nearly a hundred soldiers dressed in the royal armour gallop into Rorafe Town announcing that they'd heard that Rorafe Town had been attacked, from the numerous soldiers their leader, Dnon approaches Link and Kaebora, hopping down from his horse he announces to the two that this act of aggression is something that the royal family had been anticipating for months although had been unable to act upon as they had been suffering political pressure at the time preventing the royal army from leaving the bounds of Castle Town. Kaebora thanks Dnon and the soldiers for arriving and pleads for them to spare some men to protect Rorafe Town while the guards recover.

Thankfully for Kaebora, Dnon announces that part of their plan has been to boost native defense of the major settlements in each area and as such he states that Rorafe Town is the third settlement that would be receiving Aid from the soldiers, Dnon nods to his Second-in-Command, Royal Knight Impa whom informs Kaebora and Link that she and her 30 elite Soldiers would be protecting Rorafe Town until the situation was dealt with. Impa passes a glance at Link and pauses astonished by a peculiar marking on his eye, Impa removes her helmet revealing her Sheikah heritage and asks Link if she can inspect his eye, Link reluctantly accepts and Impa looks closely at the peculiar pattern on Link's eye realizing it to be the Triforce. Impa astonished by this discovery quickly marches over to Dnon and informs him of her discovery, Dnon nods in agreement with Impa's whispers and tells Link that Impa is not only a Royal Knight but also the Royal Adviser of Princess Zelda and explains that Link shares a mark of the Triforce on his eye something only a few dozen people in the entire of Hyrule are known to have, Dnon approaches Link and shows Link his eye, a Triforce Symbol also appearing on his eye as well. Impa speaks up telling Link that the symbol of the Triforce on the eye of an individual shows their relationship to one of the three great champions of history; Ganondorf the Beast of Power, Princess Zelda the Sage of Wisdom & An Unnamed Hero of Courage, she tells Link that so far every individual is known to be a descendant of one of these three.

She tells Link that he must go to Castle Town so they may discover which of the three individuals he is a descendant of. Dnon suddenly objects however stating that he is too young and that the journey across Hyrule would be too tasking on Link, Kaebora, whom had been silent this entire time, speaks up and objects to Dnon's claim, he tells Dnon that the Rorafe guards go through numerous training not only around town but also out in the field, Kaebora turns to face Link and tells him that what he's about to ask of Link he has never asked of anyone before but he believes it will prove Link's legitimacy, Link nods in agreement and Kaebora walks over to Dnon and Impa, he tells Impa and Dnon that if they wish to see Link's capability, let him cross Hyrule alone. Dnon, caught off-guard by this announcement staggers before regaining his footing, he faces Link and asks him if he is sure about this, Link ponders on it for a few seconds but with a stern look of determination nods. Dnon caught off-guard again tells Impa that he will ride ahead to inform Castle Town of Link's arrival and he'll have the rest of his men ride on to the next town. He tells Link that the journey will be challenging however if Link truly believes he can cross Hyrule then he will be able to do so.

Dnon signals his men to ride onto the next town as Dnon himself rides out wishing Link the best of Luck, Impa and her group of Soldiers begin making their way around Town setting themselves up in small groups to protect strategic positions in the town. Kaebora tells Link that he'd best get going as it would be most rude to keep the royal family waiting, Link then begins running off to the main exit of the forest as Impa tells Kaebora that she'll need to know the entrances to Rorafe town as Kaebora agrees stating that he hopes this invasion will be over soon.

Collecting his stuff from his house Link heads out of the Great Deku Forest, bidding farewell to the townsfolk of Rorafe Town. Entering the open fields of Hyrule as faint winds blow across the land. Looking out Link can see the last soldiers of Dnon's group heading eastward towards the next town. Link checks his map to see how far Castle Town is and realizes that he will need to get a new map as the map he had carried with him was outdated and didn't show many landmarks. Link begins his progression North where on the horizon the tallest spire of Hyrule Castle can just be seen. As he works his way across the rugged terrain, he soon comes across a massive river, with no way of crossing it due to the fast flow he heads into the walled city on the banks of the river to see about progressing through. Entering the city Link finds that despite the large walls the interior is rather rustic with many small houses packed together and a large hall at the town centre.

Link leaves Epona at a stable near the gate and heads to the Hall to see about a way past the river, upon entering the hall Link is greeted by a giant individual who introduces himself as Deragnio and asks Link if he had come from Rorafe Town, Link nods and Deragnio bellows with laughter telling Link that he must be quite the adventurer then since most people from Rorafe that Deragnio has met tend to leave Rorafe Town once in their lifetime. Deragnio asks Link why he came to Lonnol City, Link brings up his map and points to Hyrule Castle, Deragnio examines the map carefully and lets out another bellowing laugh telling Link that he's a bit out of luck at the moment then as the bridge between the two halves of the city crossing the river is out and only the Zora have been able to cross. Deragnio tells Link that if he really wants to cross he can try the Poe Mines to the West of Lonnol City, although most people tend to avoid them because as the name suggests they are infested with the undead spirits. Deragnio tells Link that he'll help open up the mine for Link if he really wants to progress into the mines, Link nods with determination and Deragnio lets out another bellowing laugh telling Link that he thinks they'll be great friends.

Link after fixing up his gear readies himself to head out, however is approached by a mysterious individual, this tall, hunched man asks Link if he's interested in some wares and Link, though suspicious, accepts the man's offer and follows him to the man's shop. A dimly lit shop full of mysterious objects; masks, potions, plants and animal hides. The man sits down at his counter and removes his cloak and introduces himself as "The Fortune Teller" he asks Link if he believes in fortunes, Link responds and the Fortune Teller (depending on Link's response, if yes he will be elated, if no he will be stern) explains that some people are gifted with powerful abilities to see into the future or even see beyond reality itself. He tells Link that he'd predicted his arrival into Lonnol City and hands Link a new map telling him that he knew he would seek it, The Fortune Teller then continues telling Link that when he enters the Poe Mines he should be wary of the colour of the lanterns as his path will be made more treacherous should he be ignorant.

The Fortune Teller thanks Link for his time and tells Link that if he needs further guidance throughout his journeys that he should seek the Fortune Teller out, he tells Link that he has a few brothers living across Hyrule so it may not always be necessary to visit Lonnol City. Link exits the store and heads back to Epona and hops on and rides westward towards the Poe Mines.

Reaching the Poe Mines quickly, Link is greeted by Deragnio who greets Link exclaiming that if Link was a Goron he'd be able to reach the Poe Mines very quickly thanks to their ability to roll at high speeds. Deragnio and Link then walk over the entrance of the Poe Mines sealed up by massive boulders. Deragnio suggests to Link that he may want to stand back, as Link does so Deragnio swings his fist into the rocks causing them to explode with impressive force, a mysterious smoke emanates from the mine turning the sky dark, Deragnio tells Link that he'll meet Link on the other side as he curls up and rolls across a natural hill on the bank of the river and launches himself over it. Link heads into the ominous mine where numerous mysterious lights filter the mine making it very dim.

Searching through the cave Link begins finding the paths loop around on themselves leading him back to where he came, looking at the lanterns as the Fortune Teller suggested Link, he notices that one Lantern in each group is does not have a matching lantern of the same colour, by progressing through the tunnels with these lanterns Link delves deeper and deeper into the mine running into the Poe's the mine was named after. In addition Link stumbles upon a storage room where many Rupees are kept although more importantly to Link within a large chest in the room was a Bomb Container and some Bombs allowing Link to use Bombs to destroy fallen rocks hiding the lanterns in the mines. Soon Link reaches the bottom of the Mine, the sound of rushing water from the river had long since blended into the background noise Link arrives at a bizarre ritual circle, many poes have gathered around it as Link watches from a distance, the Poes begin to chant and move around the circle faster and faster. As their chant reaches its peak they begin to emit a bright light and fuse together becoming a Poelight, a large, ominous Poe able to breath fire through its deadly lantern. Link approaches the fiend and raises his sword ready to fight the creature.

Throughout the battle the Poelight uses tricky tactics such as turning invisible, teleporting and possessing various equipment in the room, although despite this Link sees past such tricks and slays the beast causing it to break apart into the Poes again, before Link can even react the Ritual Circle lights up signifying the failure of the fusion and destroys all the Poes in a blinding red light. Link now certain his path had finally cleared continued through the mines eventually reaching the surface once again with the unnatural aura of the Poe Mine having dissipated. Deragnio greets Link telling Link that he'd been waiting and wasn't sure if Link had made it through although was glad nevertheless. He informs Link that he may want to stock up on items while he's on this side of Lonnol City, he also informs Link that they were able to get Epona across the river for him by using a complex combination of cranes and manpower. Deragnio then asks Link in a serious tone to, when he reaches Castle Town, convince the Royal Family to make repairs to Lonnol City as it's a shadow of its former self, being more of a group of slums protected by crumbling walls and now that the Bridge has collapsed trading has become very difficult and the people grow restless of the lack of interest the royal family seems to have in its settlements.

Link nods in agreement and Deragnio thanks Link greatly, telling him that it is not the walls that had protected Lonnol City for generations but rather the spirit of the people whom inhabit the city. Riding off after stocking up Link bids farewell to Deragnio whom had been waiting for Link at the gate of the city, riding off towards the now easily visible Hyrule Castle, Lonnol City becomes a speck on the horizon as the towering spires and colossal stone walls of Castle Town stretch far connecting to the Snowy Mountains in the West and the Ferocious Volcanoes in the East. Link reaches the grand drawbridge of Castle Town although as it lowers Link suddenly begins to feel dizzy and collapses falling off Epona.

Link awakens to find himself in a mysterious dream state, a dark and ominous dungeon twists and turns around him, no walls and just a mysterious abyss surrounding him. Link looks around before noticing a faint glow running down his arm, a quiet but distinct voice calls out to Link telling him that he has accidentally entered the Dark World and exclaims that all the evils of the past have concentrated themselves into this eternal alternate dimension that one can fall into if they are attacked by the darkness itself. The voice continues warning Link that his soul cannot stay in the Dark World for long and he must find the Light World Portal before his Spirit dissipates into the Darkness. Frantically rushing, Link bolsters his way through the dungeon, engaging in mysterious dark entities that attempt to block his path although unable to defeat them he can stun them temporarily. Soon Link reaches the Light World Portal the voice mentioned and leaps out of it seeing his body on the other side as his soul falls into his body.

Link wakes up, slightly dazed and confused, looking around he realizes several guards had come to help him, hopping up on his feet the guards sigh with relief and the group walk into Castle Town as the Drawbridge raises behind them. Link soon finds himself in the guardhouse, several guards surrounding him and Epona asking what happened, all of a sudden however the guards clear out of the way as Impa approaches Link asking what happened, Link merely shakes his head and Impa sighs and tells Link that he's expected up at Hyrule Castle although the Princess has specifically asked to test Link's abilities on one last trial. Impa explains that Hyrule Castle was built atop an ancient hill that is said to cover an old and sacred structure known as the Temple of Time. Impa continues explaining that the Temple of Time had decayed over the years and a natural cave system had developed from water flowing across the hill prior.

Impa guides Link out of the guardhouse telling the guards to put Epona in the stable. She then directs Link towards the marketplace of Castle Town, one of the main districts of Castle Town. She tells Link that he should prepare as what lies in the Temple of Time's Tunnel is unknown as it hasn't been explored in decades and was sealed off to make sure nothing got out. Impa then hands Link a special Lantern telling Link that the flame within the Lantern was created by powerful mages, Impa then wishes Link the best of luck and that she'll no doubt see him at Hyrule Castle soon.

Link prepares himself, stocking up on various items before getting ready to head to Hyrule Castle. As he makes his way along the road towards the massive gate protecting the road to Hyrule Castle he hears faint whispers of many individuals although can't make out any voice specifically, confused by this Link dismisses the voices and notices the side path to the Temple of Time Tunnel. Heading down this road Link soon finds himself face to face with a massive wooden barrier protecting the entrance, using the Lantern Link destroys the barrier and enters the Temple of Time Tunnel finding its darkness to be incredible. Navigating through the lonely ruined stone hallways of the Temple of Time Link hears echoes of creatures inhabiting the tunnel and fights off the few Keese whom had been living in the cave.

Link works his way around the Temple of Time finding a massive door blocking his access to the inner sanctuary although by using the ruins around him Link soon accesses the inner sanctuary through one of the numerous holes in the wall. Looking inside Link sees a blade held in place within a pedestal at the center of the room, surrounding it, numerous symbols cover the floors. Confused by all this Link approaches the sword curious as to its purpose and unable to see any way to progress to the ledge far above the inner sanctuary.

As Link is about to reach for the sword a massive blob of darkness reveals itself showing that several ledges exist along the vertical face up to the exit, however as the creature lands a mysterious energy emits from the sword and the entire area becomes surrounded in Blue Diamonds preventing Link of the Blob from escaping, the Blob seemingly not moving gives Link the feeling he's being analyzed. Suddenly however, before Link can make a move the Blob begins to morph shrinking in size becoming human-like in appearance, soon revealing that it had read Link's memory and saw Renge copying him. The creature now looking like a dark version of Renge with piercing Indigo eyes grins menacingly at Link before charging into battle to fight Link.

The false Renge attacks Link with brutal and aggressive swordplay while also utilizing a hookshot to attempt to hold Link in place. Link discovers however that the blob of darkness fears the Lantern and using it on the shadowy hookshot Link is able to ignite the creature causing it to writhe in pain allowing him to attack with his blade. After avoiding multiple attacks and repeatedly igniting the creature Link the final blow defeating the creature causing it to revert to its original form before exploding in a dazzling light. Among its remains Link finds a mysterious Hookshot, a fiery design on his base and a three-pronged hook on the end. Using this Hookshot Link ascends his way up the rocky face eventually reaching the top and progressing further along through the tunnel. Soon coming across light Link eagerly uses the Lantern to burn the other exit to the tunnel revealing him to now be at the top of the Hill of Hyrule Castle.

The massive castle barely contained on the peak towers over Link nearby. Link heads over to the main entrance and sees Impa awaiting him. She greets Link telling him that Princess Zelda has been awaiting Link's arrival and that he should head inside the castle to go see her. Link nods in agreement and Impa turns to face the guards of the gate telling them to open it up to let Link in. Running through the castle Link finds the interior to have beautiful glass-like floors that reflect the elaborate paintings of the ceiling. Numerous decorations cover the castle as Link begins his search for Princess Zelda. However it does not take him long to find where she is as he soon hears her singing in the central courtyard. The Princess notices Link and informs him that she's set up one last test for Link, one of knowledge and asks Link to see if he can find a way into the central courtyard without alerting the guards. Link determined to prove himself accepts the challenge and begins his careful navigation of the castle's interior in hopes of finding the way to the central courtyard.

Navigating the ring around the courtyard Link finds that nothing on the walls of ceiling seem to indicate how to access the central courtyard however while looking around Link notices that something is off about the reflection on the floor, the candles do not match the ones in the chandeliers on the ceilings and a door to the inner courtyard is present instead of the one leading out of the castle. Link then realizes that there is a pattern to the number of candles of the chandeliers, deducing that he must hit the chandeliers on the ceiling in the order based on the number of candles on the chandelier below. Using this Link activates all five chandeliers in the correct order, which is identified by a gem appearing from the centre of each chandelier and lighting up. After all five are shining a part of the floor raises up revealing a secret passage and the revelation that the floor is not actually a mirror reflecting the ceiling but a glass floor showing the level below it as well. Link accesses this underground area and works his way around to the door to the inner courtyard although still underground Link finds a well in the centre which he can hookshot up out of, doing so Link lands in the inner courtyard near Zelda whom had been awaiting his arrival.

Zelda greets Link thanking him for arriving and for taking the numerous tests of his capabilities, she explains that she was already aware of the broken bridge in Lonnol City and had been expecting it to break prior to Link's arrival as she needed him to go through the Poe Mines to test is Power. Zelda then signals to a guard and tells Link that the guard will get a construction group the castle staff often hire to fix the bridge. She then asks Link if he knows why she wanted him to come to Hyrule Castle, Link nods and points to his eye once again showing the Triforce symbol on it, Zelda tells Link that it's good he knows since it's time he learnt about what the symbol means. Zelda points to her own eye revealing its Triforce symbol and explains that many generations ago three great beings known as Ganondorf, Princess Zelda and an Unamed Hero had fought and through unknown circumstances reached some sort of stagnation in which no individual could defeat the others and claim the Triforce. She continues, explaining that the Triforce was decided to be brought together as one complete structure and then dispersed across all of Hyrule ending the conflict permanently removing all desire to possess it from the hearts of the three individuals on that fateful day.

Zelda tells Link that Hyrule prospered to its maximum potential on that day and has ever since been at its greatest potential ever since. Although the Triforce still existed it was bound to the land unable to be summoned by the three great beings or their descendants. Zelda continues telling Link that there are three types of descendants; Sages, like herself whom descended from the Princess Zelda of that time and possess the gift of Wisdom allowing them to see into the past and future as well as reveal what lies hidden beyond mortal eyes, Juggernauts, like Dnon whom descended from the mighty Ganondorf and have the gift of Power allowing them to increase their raw strength and endurance numerous times making them some of the most powerful fighters and survivors of the land, and lastly, Adventurers, the group Zelda believes Link fits into, descendants of the Unnamed Hero who possess the gift of Courage allowing them to prevent emotional discourse within them and can become unstoppable when it is critical of them. Zelda tells Link that there are 9 Sages across Hyrule including herself, 5 Juggernauts across Hyrule including Dnon and so far Link is the potentially only known Adventurer in Hyrule however Zelda doubts he is the only one.

Zelda tells Link that through training and trials Link will be able to tap into the power within him like Dnon and herself has. Zelda then closes her eyes and begins muttering various chants causing the central courtyard to be bathed in a dark blue as she opens her eyes which have become completely azure in colour, using her gift of Wisdom Zelda reveals a hidden door in the Central Courtyard allowing Link to exit. Zelda explains to Link that this is the gift of Wisdom and that someday Link will be able to tap into his gift, she tells Link that in order to unlock this Link must complete the trials of the gods, she tells Link that across Hyrule are 6 dungeons that adapt according to which descendant enters them, Zelda continues telling Link that he must seek out each dungeon and conquer them all to unlock his power, upon doing so he will be able to channel the energy of the land through his gift of Courage allowing Zelda to explain more of his significance to Hyrule.

Thanking Link, Princess Zelda bids Link farewell on his quest as Impa awaits Link outside the castle, she explains that in order for Link to access each Dungeon he will need to travel to the various towns dotted across Hyrule; Central Goron City, Zora's Domain, Rito Cliffs, Deku Grove, Lurien Town & Gerudo Palace. Impa suggests heading to the Central Goron City first as it's the closest to Hyrule Castle although should Link desire to do one of the others beforehand it's his choice. Link marks the locations on his map and heads back to Castle Town, upon arriving he is created by Talon and Malon whom had been on their way bringing Rorafe Cow Milk to Castle Town as part of their delivery, greeting Link Malon thanks Link for saving them earlier and hands him a bottle of Rorafe Cow Milk saying that it'll keep Link in good health during his journey.

Talon speaks up mentioning that he believes the bridge in Lonnol City looked different from the last time he crossed and asks Link if he noticed any difference, Link obviously having not crossed Lonnol City before shakes his head. Talon laughs and tells Link that maybe his memory (referring to himself) isn't quite up to snuff. Talon then asks Link if he has a moment, Link nods and Talon brings Link off to the side and tells him that he's concerned for Malon's safety as he knows he won't be able to come along the trips to Castle Town much more, he tells Link that he'd like him to teach Malon the basics of Swordplay.

Link agrees to the request and Talon jumps up in joy and tells Malon that Link is going to show her how to best protect herself and he'll deliver the milk to the Castle Town storage, he then hands Malon a longsword with a distinct symbol of a cow on the bottom of the grip, he tells Malon to never let go of the sword as it's an heirloom of their family. Link and Malon then head out into Hyrule Field where they set up a small sparring arena. Just as Malon readies her sword, Impa appears and asks the two what they think they're doing to which Malon answers that Link was going to teach her swordplay, Impa laughs telling Link that if he thinks that they'll accomplish anything with simple sparring then they're horribly mistaken. Impa offers instead to teach both Malon and Link not only the basic swordplay techniques but also some refined techniques that Link likely doesn't know of. Link and Malon nod and thank Impa for her generosity.

Impa brings out three training swords explaining that they'll use them for this exercise to prevent injuries. Impa then shows off various basic sword techniques of both offensive and defensive capabilities and Link and Malon attempt to copy the technique to the best of their ability, while Link has little trouble due to his past experience Malon shows a lack of confidence as she stumbles over her footing several times. Impa assures Malon that she'll learn the technique, continuing practices Malon begins to show more stable footing and proves to be surprisingly good at blocking and countering.

Impa then tells Link and Malon that she'll show them a new technique that Malon should be able to perform based on her ability with Blocking and Countering, Impa brings out some training dummies and shows the Counter Flip technique, leaping over the training dummy and striking it in the back. Link and Malon both try this technique several times eventually getting it down quite well. Malon thanks Impa for the lessons and thanks Link for training with her, at the same time Talon exits Castle Town to greet the trio asking how Malon was going. Malon informs Talon that she'll tell him on their trip home, Impa then turns to face Malon and Link and tells them that when she believes they are ready she will teach them more advanced techniques and tells Malon that when Talon and her visit Castle Town next time they'll continue training. Malon and Talon head off back south as Link readies himself to go to Central Goron City.

Heading off Eastward towards the mighty volcanic region that lay ahead of him, Link stumbles upon a small village at the foot of the volcano, upon arriving in the town he is greeted by the leader of the village, Akka whom asks Link why he has come to the Death Mountain Range, Link points on his map the location of a dungeon, Akka gasps and tells Link that he must be insane to think it is safe to simply climb Death Mountain. Akka brings Link over to his house where he has a telescope situated on a deck, she asks Link to look through the telescope and see what kind of people climb Death Mountain, looking through the telescope Link notices several Gorons climbing up and down Death Mountain and a mysterious individual clad in radiating red armour. Akka tells Link that while mostly Gorons just climb the mountain there's also Edr whom is Akka's son and works with the Gorons to maintain peaceful relations. Akka informs Link that if he really wants to climb Death Mountain he needs to acquire Goron Armour which will protect him from the intense heat of the volcanoes. Link thanks Akka and gets ready to head out, however Akka calls Link and asks him to do one favour for her while he's up on Death Mountain, she hands Link two letters, one addressed to Edr and one addressed to an individual known as Dongargaroga whom she informs Link of to be the leader of the Central Goron City on Death Mountain.

Link heads out and visits the local shop of the village to acquire the Goron Armour, however finds it is too expensive, the shopkeeper tells Link that he should look at getting a bigger wallet and mentions remembering there being an old man in one of the Hyrule Field Caves who would give Large Wallets to anyone who could find him and solve his riddle. Link thanks the shopkeeper who tells Link to come buy the armour when he gets back since the Shopkeeper will put it in storage for Link. Link then heads out of the village and off into Hyrule Field once more to track down the mysterious Old Man in hopes of acquiring a larger wallet.

Suddenly Link hears a mysterious voice, the voice, attempting to hide a laugh tells Link that if he seeks to find him, most likely referring to the old man, then he should seek the cave below the tree that points southward, looking around Link looks at the trees and although they have foliage none seem to have large branches pointing south, Link continues his investigation and soon discovers what the voice meant, nestled in a small depression in the land a fallen tree has all its foliage pointing southward, Link notices a cave entrance within the foliage and enters. Looking inside Link finds an eerily dark cave however as he walks deeper into the cave lights begin to shine in, bathing the cave in a golden glow. Link soon reaches the main chamber of the cave where he finds a man meditating atop a large boulder. The man notices Link's presence and stands up on his rock greeting Link by bowing, Link does the same and the old man laughs telling Link that he's pleased that Link knows to show courtesy to his elders.

The Old Man formally introduces himself as Int, one of two cave-dwelling brothers, he explains that he is the younger of the two brothers and were gifted with magical powers by a strange man dressed as a fairy many decades ago, Int tells Link that these powers allow them to create wallets out of thin air and he expresses his dismay that they couldn't make something more useful, Int continues stating that while he would normally give Link a wallet for free some Bokoblins had ransacked his cave pointing out numerous scratch marks on the walls and tells Link that the Bokoblins have stolen most of his supplies including almost all of his food and water, he begs Link to retrieve the stolen goods, Link nods in agreement and Int leaps with joy telling Link that he is ever thankful of Link's generosity and informs Link that the Bokoblins have a camp just south of the cave in a small sect of woods that has slowly been growing over time.

Link heads out of the cave and begins his trek to the Boko Woods where the Bokoblins had supposedly set up camp. Entering the Woods Link hears a mysterious voice call out to him, the voice only speaks a few words however and unlike Int is calm and has a more feminine voice. The voice tells Link to "Beware, the King" before it silences, as Link continues through the woods somewhat confused by what the voice meant he soon arrives to find the Bokoblin Camp, nearly 20 Bokoblins had set up a camp in the woods and their leader the King Bokoblin rested on his throne, many times taller and fatter than his sub-ordinates. Link carefully approached the Bokoblin Camp taking out as many as he could without being seen, eventually the King Bokoblin whether through an alerted Bokoblin or by Link himself would become aware of Link's presence. The King Bokoblin picks up a massive spiked club and bellows at Link before beginning its onslaught.

Fighting the behemoth of a Bokoblin, Link uses his swifter movement and various items to outwit his enemy although The King Bokoblin proves his resourcefulness by calling upon several Bokoblins to back him up, however Link, determined to acquire Int's personal belongings continues fighting despite the odds and eventually defeats the King Bokoblin, dealing a critical strike right through the beast's chest causing him to collapse and explode into a dusky mist. The remaining Bokoblins flee in fear and Link picks up the numerous goods of Int's, bringing them back to his cave. Int thanks Link and tells Link that should he ever lose his wallet to a Like Like to come visit Int as he can make a new one. Link with a new wallet heads off to acquire the rupees necessary to buy the Goron Armour.

Returning back to the small village Link once again visits the shop and buys the Goron Armour he needed, now with the equipment necessary Link heads out of the North-East exit of the village towards the imposing Death Mountain, just as he's about to leave however he is greeted once more by Akka who hands Link a small medallion, he explains that the Goron's may be suspicious of Link due to his intimidating appearance and that the Medallion means that they can trust him since Akka is old friends with Dongargaroga and he'll understand that Link is going to Death Mountain on official business. Now with all his equipment ready Link begins his trek up the volcanic slopes.

Ascending the dangerous rock-face Link comes across numerous Tektites that are native to Death Mountain, avoiding their agile movement and crossing the dangerous lava pools of the area, Link soon reaches a place known as Gorano Mine, upon arriving he is greeted by Edr who asks Link why he'd decided to come up to Death Mountain when it's as dangerous as it is, Link points on his map to the dungeon marked and Edr pauses, and then grins telling Link that he'll help Link get to the dungeon since he's noticed the dungeon requires two people to access and the Gorons have been preoccupied with an upcoming festival. Edr takes Link to a large cave at Gorano Mines and introduces Link to Derigaro who bows before Link and Edr calling the latter master, Edr tells Derigaro to knock it off and that he doesn't have to call him that just because he saved Derigaro's life.

Derigaro apologizes accidentally calling Edr "Master" again as Edr sighs. Edr turns to Link and explains that the only way to get up to the higher points of Death Mountain is via the Mine-cart system the Gorons built about half a century ago, he explains that the Gorons use special Bomb Powder to propel the cart's forward along the tracks and use various equipment to switch the tracks to change which way they're going. Derigaro opens the mine-cart door of the one waiting at the station and Link and Edr hop in, Edr tells Link that he'll need to tell Edr when they need to speed up and slow down and Link himself will need to use his hookshot to navigate the track splits.

Firing the first round of Bomb Powder the two are propelled into the underground caverns of the area where they see numerous Keese, Gorons, gemstones and magma. The Keese attempt to attack Link and Edr however Edr wards them off with his bow explaining that the Keese in the caverns pose no threat to the Gorons but can be a pain to Hylians like Edr and Link. Racing along the tracks Link changes which direction the cart is going several times to work his way closer and closer to the other station, soon the two arrive and hop out of the Mine-cart, Edr tells Link that he'll go on ahead and inform the Gorons of Link's arrival and he'll talk to Link later. Link readies himself up and heads out following Edr's path.

Navigating his way around the peaks of Death Mountain Link discovers that there are several communities of Gorons that live along the plateau like region. near the top of Death Mountain. Link finds that Edr needs Link to visit the the smaller Goron Communities before being permitted to enter the Central Goron City as he must prove to be willing to complete the Goron trials. Link accepts Edr's instructions and heads off to the first Goron Village, Raduna Village.

Upon entering Link is greeted by a large goron who hugs Link nearly crushing him, the Goron introduces himself as Derinia and asks Link if he's come for his trial, Link nods and Derinia bellows with laughter, causing the hanging decorations to shake, Derinia tells Link that his first objective is to reach the bottom of Raduna Village while avoiding the rolling Gorons, Link accepts the challenge and finds that the many levels of the village are filled with Gorons, Link begins his descent to the bottom of the village, swiftly moving around the Gorons navigating his way down each level as they get more complicated. Eventually Link reaches the bottom and is surrounded by all the Gorons on the floors above and Derinia himself, Derinia tells Link that he's very impressed by Link's movement and explains that his village excels in scouting out new tunnels and are the fastest Gorons on Death Mountain, Derinia then hands Link one-third of a medallion telling Link that the other two parts are held by the other Goron leaders and that he'll have to complete their trials as well. Derinia then punches the ground causing the entire platform to elevate into the air via a mechanical device beneath it that acts like an elevator, allowing Link to leave and the Gorons to get back to their daily business.

Link heads to the next village, found towards the bottom of the plateau this curious village has many entrances and exits dotted along the side of Death Mountain due to its structure. Upon entering Link finds the place empty, however as Link works his way through the halls of the Goron Village, he finds a Goron sitting at the central room of the Village. Link approaches the Goron but is suddenly ambushed by the other Gorons who pack around the exits of this room as the Goron already in the room gets up. The Goron laughs menacingly at Link asking him why he's come Ninaro Village, Link points on his map to the Central Goron City however the Goron laughs telling Link that if he wants to get to that city he'll need to prove his worth in a battle of raw power, the Goron formally introduces himself a Daragango and tells Link that him and his Goron brothers are the strongest Gorons on Death Mountain, able to punch through stone with ease. Daragango tells Link that if he wants Daragango's piece of the medallion then he'll have to knock Daragango onto his back without using weapons. Link agrees to these terms and removes his weapons. Daragango tells Link to ready himself because if he fails he'll have to climb up Death Mountain again. Daragango then charges at Link who dodges each attack the Goron attempts to deal to him. However Link realizes that Daragango is simply strong to lift as he's able to constantly ward off Link's attacks. As the Goron charges he becomes slowly more and more exhausted however, allowing Link to eventually dodge one of his attacks, jump off a wall and grab the Goron to suplex him. Link successfully pulls this off heaving Daragango despite his weight off the ground and over Link causing the Goron to land belly first onto the ground before rolling over in defeat. The Gorons watching cheer and clap for Link as Daragango slowly gets up, rubbing his head and laughing at the same time. He tells Link that the display of strength by Link was beyond impressive and that he has earned the right to carry the Ninaro Village's piece of the Medallion and tells Link to keep each piece close.

Heading to the third village located up against a large outcrop of cactus-like plants, Link enters the vibrantly coloured village finding most of the Gorons going about their daily business, a Goron walks up to Link and welcomes Link to Rudaaru Village and introduces himself as Dingargio, asking Link if he's here for the piece of the medallion he holds, Link nods and Dingargio chuckles telling Link that he's come at a rather unfortunate time, the Medallion accidentally fell down one of the vents within Rudaaru Village and explains to Link that normally he would go get it however several Dodongos, a fierce creature that is the natural predator of Gorons had appeared causing Dingargio to block off the entrance. He tells Link however that a small hole, a little bit larger than Link remains that would allow him to get inside. He warns Link however that he cannot stay in that area for long as the intense heat is too much even for Goron Armour and tells Link that at most he'll have about 2 minutes to find the medallion piece and get out before he starts taking damage. Dingargio hands Link a bomb bag explaining that the only way to take down a Dodongo is to blow it up and laughs telling Link that the creatures are stupid enough to mistake the bombs for coal and will eat them right up. Link takes the Bomb Bag and heads into the small, maze-like area beneath Rudaaru Village, navigating his way past the dangerous Dodongos Link retrieves the Medallion however just as he's about to escape the three Dodongos within the area block Link's path out, with no other option Link battles the Dodongos, quickly disposing of them so he can escape, once all three are defeated the rubble covering the exit is blasted out of the way by Dingargio who was told by his brothers that Link had defeated the Dodongos and helps Link out. He tells Link to keep the medallion as he's already proven to be as durable as a Goron even under the heat of a volcano and battle. Link heads back out of Rudaaru Village now with all three medallion pieces ready to continue onwards.

Heading back to talk to Edr, he shows Edr the three medallion pieces and congratulates Link on acquiring each one as it shows to the Gorons that he has the strength of a Goron. Just as Edr is about to take Link inside the Central Goron City, a well-decorated Goron steps out from a balcony above the Central Goron City and demands from Edr to know who the individual with him is. Link holds up the medallion that Akka gave him and the Goron is stunned from seeing this and apologizes to Link introducing himself as Dongargaroga, the leader of the Gorons of Death Mountain. He asks Link if he has completed the trials of the three villages, Link holds up the completed Goron Medallion and Dongargaroga claps with joy telling Link that it's been a while since they had new visitors and calls out the other Gorons into the main plateau, the Gorons form a massive albeit organized circle around Link and Edr.

Dongargaroga then signals to the two Goron Guards at the Central Goron City entrance who pull out a pair of leather drums and a flute made of petrified wood, Dongargaroga himself brings out a bone-like guitar and the trio begin playing a song causing all the Gorons to begin dancing, the song goes on for quite a while and after the trio finish their song the Gorons whom had been dancing cheer them on, Dongargaroga explains that the song is an ancient tradition in Goron culture, stretching back hundreds, possibly thousands of years. He explains that long ago a Hylian just like Link visited their ancestors and taught them the song as a way of connecting with the leader of the Gorons at the time and ever since the song has become a way of the Gorons welcoming a new brother to their group.

The Goron Guards stand aside and allow Link and Edr to enter as Dongargaroga heads back inside telling Link that he'll be waiting for him in his chamber and the other Gorons go back to their daily business. As Link and Edr enter the Central Goron City, Link is surprised to see the city unlike the villages is well developed with cobblestone roads and decorative structures lining the interior. Link and Edr head up the spiral staircase in the middle of the City up to Dongargaroga's Chamber. Entering the Chamber through a cloth door, the two hylians find themselves immediately confronted with a potent lavender smell emanating from incense in the room. Dongargaroga greets the two and asks Link why he'd decided to make such a trek up Death Mountain just to reach the Central Goron City, Link takes out his map and lays it out on the table in Dongargaroga's room and the three gather around the map, Link points at a place circled on the map as Dongargaroga notices the location and pauses, rubbing his beard while thinking. He turns back and faces Link and asks Link if he's on a quest for Princess Zelda, Link nods and Dongargaroga explains that he thought as much, explaining that the spot that has been marked on Link's map along with the rest are locations of sacred grounds that are used to hold down great evils that have amassed over the years, although these evils manifest themselves in numerous ways depending on who confronts them and only someone who is a direct descendant of one of the three great beings of the ancient past can access them.

Dongargaroga asks to inspect Link's eye which Link agrees to and Dongargaroga looks closely and notices the symbol, as soon as he does he bows before Link stating that it is an honour to have someone of such divine blood within his presence. He apologizes for treating Link as a normal Hylian like earlier and states that he must prepare a feast, however just as he is about to head out Edr cuts him off reminding him that Link has come to Death Mountain to seek these Sacred Grounds and will likely purge them of whatever evil force lies within. Dongargaroga agrees with Edr and tells Link that to the North-West Exit of the Central Goron City lies a dormant lava dome with a magical seal on it, this location is known as the Crypt of Lava and is where Link must go to complete his quest on Death Mountain. Edr thanks Dongargaroga for telling Link and informs him that Link must complete the objective on his own and wishes him luck, heading out of the room. Dongargaroga tells Link that he'll have to postpone any festivities until Link returns but thanks Link for visiting as someone of his lineage will surely boost the morale of the Gorons on Death Mountain.

Link prepares himself for the challenge presented to him and heads out of the Central Goron City to an incredibly harsh area of Death Mountain, the unstable ground crumbling away at certain points as new ground quickly hardens to replace it, dodging the enemies who make this place their home and the dangerous lava jets Link soon makes it to the Crypt of Lava, Link suddenly feels an unusual aura overwhelm him as the voice back in Boko Woods warns Link that the evil is watching him. Link snaps back to his senses still in front of the seal looking around confused by what the voice meant gets up and heads through the seal as though he was walking through a thin layer of water suspended in the air.

As Link delved into the Crypt of Lava ominous noises could be heard in the distance, crossing the dangerous terrain he soon discovered a curious puzzle in the main chamber of the dungeon, lava filled most of the cavern however numerous vents could be opened temporarily to lower the lava, however unless all vents were opened the lava would rise and force the vents shut again, by opening up new paths with his Bombs and the range of his hookshot Link successfully lowered the lava 3 times each time revealing new rooms and the increase of the ominous noises becoming louder. Along the way Link found himself at an impass, unable to reach the three vent activation points one the bottom level due to two being so close to each other however separated by a river of Lava.

However on this floor Link also encountered a mysterious creature, a spirit of a long deceased individual, the individual introduced themself as Darunia an ancient sage who assisted the Hero of Time, Darunia tells Link that if he wishes to progress to the monster that lurks at the bottom of the dungeon he must defeat Darunia's spirit in battle for which Darunia will summon an item for Link to help him. Link accepts Darunia's challenge and the Goron Spirit submerges into the ground rising up as a Fiery-Golem almost identical in appearance to Darunia himself. Fighting with powerful rolls and ground slams, Darunia proves to be an incredibly powerful foe for Link, the Goron however proves to have an undeniable weakness to Link's Bombs as when he rolls over one it knocks him onto his back leaving his chest exposed to a direct hit from Link, after being knocked over and attacked several times Darunia concedes defeat and tells Link that he hadn't felt a power like Link's in a long time and summons a magical boomerang from beyond life and death, handing Link the Boomerang as his reward he explains to Link that it is the Reaper's Boomerang and not only can activate switches that are far away from Link but if it kills an enemy Link will recover health.

Darunia bids Link farewell and dives into the volcanic river allowing his temporary body to melt away. Link continues through the dungeon now using his Boomerang to reach the bottom of the Crypt. As Link reaches the bottom he enters a massive room where the lava originated from, the room is mostly filled with lava save for a thin rim of solid rock around the outside. As Link enters the room the doorway is sealed by lava preventing his escape, looking around Link sees nothing out of the ordinary however begins to hear a rumbling sound. Just then the lava begins to sink away before abruptly rising up revealing a massive creature that was hiding in the lava, mostly made of lava itself, the creature attaches itself to the solid rock via four large tentacles at the bottom of its body. The creature bellows at Link as it readies itself to fight. Catylion, the Lava Demon attacks Link with a slew of fiery attacks from breathing fire to slamming down its massive arms to burn Link alive, it was will throw explosive rocks near Link in an attempt to damage him. Link dodges these numerous attacks and uses his Boomerang to hit the crystalline structures atop Catylion's head, when hit it causes Catylion to retract on of his limbs in pain causing him to collapse, doing so allows Link to attack the crystals as he slowly but surely destroys the crystals one by one. As each crystal is destroyed one of the limbs explodes as well causing Catylion to change his tactics frequently.

After Link has destroyed four of the crystals Catylion abandons his lower body and chases Link directly along the rim of the room however the creature gradually loses more and more of its Lava until it's barely two times Link's size, the creature retreats back to the Lava pool allowing Link to attack it again, hitting the last gem with his Boomerang the creature collapses and Link deals the final blow causing the gem to shatter and Catylion to writhe in pain before exploding into a dark smoke and then condensing into a small orb as the lava pool itself hardens quickly and explodes along with the lava covering the door revealing a Triforce symbol in the center of the room. Link heads over to the orb and collects it gaining more health in the process and suddenly seeing a vision.

Entering the vision Link saw the spirit of Catylion a burning flame, next to it was Darunia who greeted Link explaining that by collecting the orb he'd inadvertently entered the Spirit World, a plane which was created by the ancient sages like Darunia to protect the Light World, where Link lives from the Dark World. Darunia tells Link that by acquiring Catylion's spirit he has made progress towards being able to use the Spirit World to communicate with the ancient past. Darunia apologizes to Link and tells him that they have little time before Link is forced back into the Light World and bids him farewell as Link wakes up from his vision.

(Note: The order of which sage Link talks to will vary depending on the order the dungeons are done in)

Link heads out throug the magical portal of the Crypt of Lava and finds himself back in Central Goron City where Dongargaroga greets Link asking if he successfully slew the creature of the Crypt of Lava, Link shows the Goron Leader Catylion's orb and Dongargaroga inspects it carefully before jumping for joy telling Link that there is without a doubt an incredible power emanating from within the orb that could only be created by such a powerful creature. Ever joyful for Link's courage Dongargaroga informs Link that they'll be installing more Minecart tracks around Death Mountain and Dongargaroga will be personally binding Akka's village to Death Mountain with these Minecarts to boost business. He wishes Link luck with the rest of his challenges as Link heads out and down Death Mountain back towards the expansive Hyrule Field.

Heading towards the next location on Link's Map, Link comes to the great Zora River, a massive river that connects 5 smaller rivers together before heading southward towards the South Hylian Ocean. Link quickly realizes that this river is far wider than either he or Epona can leap over however Link does notice a group of Builders nearby, these builders introduce themselves as Mutoh Brothers and tell Link that they are part of a long lineage of builders who have helped shape Hyrule into what it is today, the leader of the Mutoh Brothers, Grand Mutoh the Fifteenth approaches Link and notices Link's Triforce Eye and gasps, telling Link that he's greatly thankful that he has arrived and informs Link that they had completed the Bridge in Lonnol City some time ago however the Zoran Royal Family had requested they come build a bridge over the Great Zora River to allow for traders to cross so they had been unable to tell Princess Zelda about their progress. Link nods and Grand Mutoh XV chuckles telling Link that they need his help with this second bridge however as they've underestimated the dangers of the monsters around this area and had a number of their tools and materials stolen making completing the bridge impossible for the moment.

Grand Mutoh XV point to a Mossy Cavern nearby with several bones lining the area, he explains that Stalfos had come and stolen the equipment in the night and scared most of the Mutoh brothers into hiding to which he had been searching for them all morning. Grand Mutoh XV pleads for Link to retrieve the equipment as the Zoran Royal Family were going to pay handsomely for the completed job, Link accepts Grand Mutoh XV's plight and heads towards the Mossy Cavern knowing that retrieving the equipment would be the only way to get to his next challenge.

Heading towards the Mossy Cavern Link encounters a blockade of Peahats however the strange plant-like creatures are easily defeated, however just as Link is about to continue the ground beneath him begins to shake, all of a sudden a massive Peahat lunges out of the ground with small vines along its body which act as arms to attack Link. Link fights the giant Peahat by pulling it to the ground with his hookshot and then cutting off each of its petals with his sword, after the creature is no longer airborne it uses its vines to chase after Link although its massive body makes it hard for it to move, Link uses this opportunity to get close to the creature and attack a weak point in its shell eventually driving his sword right through the core causing it to explode into a dark mist. With the creature defeated Link continues soon arriving at the Mossy Cavern.

Entering into the Cavern Link finds the cavern has curious boulders suspended by numerous vines, navigating his way around the dungeon Link successfully cuts down these boulders creating a path to the central chamber, dealing with Stalfos along the way. Eventually Link enters the cavern and finds a massive pile of bones guarding the equipment Grand Mutoh XV had spoken of. Suddenly the bones begin to rattle as they form together creating 8 Stalfos, Link readies his sword to fight off the creatures, disabling their limbs and destroying their cores Link eventually defeats all the Stalfos through timing and quick attacks, however Link notices that a particularly large set of bones still lay on the floor, carefully approaching them they too begin to rattle and join together forming a Stalfos nearly twice as tall as the others, the creature then begins uttering dark words as a magical cloth-like material coats its bones forming a protective armour turning the Stalfos into a Gibdo.

The Gibdo roars at Link as it attacks using its dark magic to slash at Link with its armour. Link however finds he cannot penetrate the armour with any of his weapons, running around the room Link deflects several of the Gibdo's attacks before hearing a call come from a small hole in the roof of the cavern, the Mutoh Brothers call out to Link and tell him to use their Fire Rod, tossing down a Red Pole into the cavern for Link to grab. Link picks up the weapon and like the Ice Rod it morphs to fit Link's style of fighting allowing him to cast fire. Using the Fire Rod Link defeats the Gibdo by burning it alive destroying its armour, reverting it back into a Stalfos for Link to defeat. With the Stalfos defeated the Mutoh Brothers quickly run to meet Link and thank him for dispatching all the Stalfos and helping retrieve their equipment. The Mutoh Brothers and Link collect the equipment and head back to the bridge site, Grand Mutoh XV chuckles and tells Link that they'll have the bridge up in no time and Link and Grand Mutoh XV watch as the Mutoh Brothers at incredible speed build the bridge before their eyes. Now able to cross the bridge Link waves farewell to the Mutoh Brothers as he heads towards the Zora's Domain.

Heading into the cavernous valley that connects Hyrule Field to the Zora's Domain, Link finds the water reflects onto the walls of the valley especially well in the darker areas creating dazzling effects, however not letting his guard down, Link deals with the numerous Octoroks that plague the valley dispatching them. Soon however Link comes to a curious windmill situated in the valley in a small area with a direct path to the ocean. Since a gate connected to the windmill is preventing Link from continuing Link heads inside hoping to find a way past. Inside Link is greeted by a strange man wearing high tech equipment and asks Link if he knows about the power of the winds, Link shrugs unsure of what the man means. The man quickly mutters a few words under his breath and speaks up telling Link that long ago ancient Hylians were known to be able to direct the wind using magical items, the man brings Link up to the Windmill's upper level and explains that by harnessing the wind they could sail across a vast ocean and beyond.

The man turns to Link and pauses for a moment before quickly apologizing to Link stating that he'd forgotten his manners and was so intrigued in discussing the wind with Link that he didn't even introduce himself. The man composes himself and in a more calm voice introduces himself as Winslow, the Windmill Operator. He tells Link that he was interested in finding a way to harness the wind and believed there were signs that pointed to an ancient song in this very valley that would tell of such a song. Winslow asks Link to please help search for the song and report back if he finds it. Link accepts Winslow's request and heads out of the Windmill to search for the song.

Looking around the Valley Link doesn't notice anything distinct, no indications of notes in the rocks on the walls or in the water, after experimenting with several ideas, Link discovers he can temporarily freeze parts of the river to change the shape of the reflections, it is from here that Link discovers the song is represented by a set of rocks in one of the walls which when the water is reflected correctly, look like notes on a bar. Link remembers the notes in his head and heads back to Winslow. Winslow asks Link if he knows the song and Link nods, Winslow elated takes Link over to a device attached to the main column of the windmill and tells Link to move the mechanical arms on the device to fit the song he found. Link does so and the Windmill halts before using the new arrangement of signals being sent by the device to generate the Song of Storms, all of a sudden large clouds form on the horizon out over the ocean and blows great gusts of wind towards the Windmill causing it to spin incredibly quickly, so much so in fact that the windmill begins to shake as it rises out of the ground revealing several floors below.

Stunned by this discovery the Windmill begins to transform revealing a false floor near where Link and Winslow were standing and a balcony to the original entrance, in addition the walls change shape revealing the entire area to be a giant platform with the turbine in the middle. Link and Winslow go to the new levels to investigate what is below although are surprised to see it is a fully furbished (albeit dusty) home with a note on a table on the top level. Winslow and Link go to read the not revealing that the Windmill had been built a very long time ago by a man known as Guru-Guru and that he'd left a puzzle to be solved by those who would inherit the windmill. Winslow elated by this discovery tells Link that Guru-Guru had catalogued years worth of data on the wind and even found a few songs to manipulate the wind like the Song of Storms and thanks Link. He tells Link that he'll get the gate open immediately to allow Link to continue.

Link heads out and Winslow, using a device on the upper level of the windmill opens the gate allowing Link to continue towards the Zora's Domain. Finally reaching the end of the valley, Link finds himself faced with a peculiar situation, a large, cascading waterfall blockades his path into Zora's Domain and the shear force of being near the waterfall is enough to push Link away. Trying to determine how to overcome his situation Link looks around his surroundings and notices a faded but distinct Hylian ensignia near the Waterfall, standing on top of the insignia it abruptly flashes causing Link to go into another vision, Zelda's voice can be heard among a group of other voices to which she seems to tell Link to find the solution above, as Link exits the vision he looks up to the top of the waterfall where he sees numerous boulders laying on the hill around the waterfall, using his hookshot, Link knocks the boulders out of their spots and causes them to roll into the waterfall causing a blockade in the waterfall's original position and two smaller waterfalls to form on the West and East side of the path into Zora's Domain.

With the path now open Link heads inside and finds a dramatic change, the Zora's Domain, a combination of marine life, masonry and marble architecture forming twisting paths throughout fills a large semi-underwater cavern. Looking around Link sees the numerous Zora that live in this area, varying greatly not only in shape and size but also in fin style and colouration of scales. Link wanders around for a bit visiting the various shops and talking to the residents before working his way up to the grand Zoran Palace, inside finding the King and Queen Zora seated upon their thrones surrounded by numerous Zoran Soldiers. The Zoran Soldiers block links path up to the Royals however the King begins chuckling and dismisses the guards getting up from his throne and walking up to Link, being nearly twice Link's height he shakes Link's hand, whom seems rather surprised by the friendliness of the King. He greets Link explaining that he'd received word from Princess Zelda prior to Link's arrival of his quest and informs Link that the Zorans are happy to help as they have been able to keep the creature that lurks within the Rainbow Reef Caverns at bay by collecting food for it however they would be much more prosperous if Link slew the beast. Link nods in agreement and King Zora laughs again telling Link that he likes him already, the Zora Queen gets up and interjects to King Zora's cheerfulness explaining to Link that despite the cheerfulness of her husband the task is not so easy. She tells Link that the Rainbow Reef Caverns are situated far East of Zora's Domain so access to goods and equipment will require Link to trek all the way back. She continues stating that while the Zoras are able to pass through relatively safely, the creatures that inhabit the waters will attack Link on sight and warns Link to avoid the toxic fumes released by a seaweed in the area. King Zora speaks up again, more stern this time, telling Link that they are eternally grateful for what he is planning to do and that while the danger is present if one such as Link has been entrusted by Zelda to carry out such a task then he is surely able to complete it, Queen Zora agrees with her husband telling Link that there is one other thing Link needs to be wary of in the swampish area to the Rainbow Reef Caverns and that is the Swamp Zora, a small group of uncivilized Zora who have evolved from their environment to become more aggressive and amphibious in appearance.

Link finishes up his talk with the Zora King and Zora Queen and heads out through another tunnel entering into the Eastern Swamplands. As Link enters the Eastern Swamplands he finds a peculiar landscape, far more wild than the Zora Domain he was just in, numerous vines and trees cover a flooded river area with numerous twists and turns in and out of caverns forming numerous paths to the end. As Link traverses through the area he is attacked by several Deku Babas and a few Keese hidden in the caverns however the Swamp Zora the queen mentioned had not yet appeared although mysterious sounds gave Link the impression that he was being watched. Soon Link reached a mysterious stone circle with a curious symbol on it, three circles connected by an elaborate design carved into the centre, all of a sudden Link noticed several eyes watching over him, the Swamp Zora had ambushed him and were ready to attack. Suddenly mysterious Blue Diamonds shot up around the circle blocking Link's exits leaving him only with the choice to fight off the Swamp Zora who began to jump down to attack Link.

As Link fought the numerous Zora he fended them off causing them to gradually retreat, however just as he had forced the last one to retreat a massive Swamp Zora, covered in moss and vines wielding an Electrical Trident landed in front of Link laughing at Link's small size in comparison to the Swamp Zora. The Zora surprised Link by actually speaking to him, albeit in a mocking manner. The Swamp Zora revealed that it was the King of the Swamp Zoras, Belgaros and that Link was trespassing on his territory, he continues stating that he is insulted that Link attacked his soldiers and tells Link that he will destroy Link for this intolerance. Belgaros then raises his trident in the air causing the clouds above to suddenly get stormy and rain lightning from above. As Link fought Belgaros in the rain not only did he have to watch out for Belgaros' attacks but also be wary of the Lightning, crashing down onto the arena. However despite Belgaros' claims Link defeats the Zora King causing him to collapse, as he falls a mysterious bracelet falls off his wrist landing near Link's feet, Link picks up the bracelet and feels a surge of power within him. Looking over he sees that Belgaros had reverted to his true form, barely half Link's height the puny Zora furiously yelled at Link before running away, the Trident he dropped reverted to a pure rod allowing Link to pick it up, giving him a Thunder Rod which quickly adapted to his being forming a jagged and archaic shape. With his path now clear Link continued through a small cavern finally reaching the end of the Eastern Swamplands, the Rainbow Reef.

Seeing before him many pools of water surrounding a dungeon entrance sealed with a magical portal, Link walks up to the portal feeling the uneasy aura like at the Crypt of Lava (depending on the order of the dungeons Link may receive the telepathic message here) however presses onwards into the mysteriously ambient and yet colourful Rainbow Reef Caverns. Inside Link finds the caverns are infested with mysterious jellyfish like creatures referred to as Bari and Biri as well as the screeching Lizalfos. Link finds that the dungeon has many coral gates and platforms which will swap when specific switches are pressed. Solving the puzzles Link reaches what he had assumed was the end of the dungeon, entering a large room completely surrounded by the colourful coral all along the walls. As Link enters the room however the door behind him seals with a combination of corals.

Looking around Link sees a wispy spirit flying around the room, giggling at Link's astonishment. The spirit lands in front of Link taking its true form as a Zora, causing Link to stagger back. The Zora laughs and questions Link as to whether she scared him, Link uneasily recovers and somewhat freaked out by the Zora spirit regains his composure, the Zora sighs and tells Link that she knows why he is hear and explains that he isn't the first person to visit. Introducing herself, the Zora Spirit tells Link her name, Princess Ruto, she tells Link that when Link had met Princess Zelda the spirits of the sages of these challenges had reawakened after falling into a slumber after the Princess' own challenges. Ruto informs Link that this room is merely an illusion and that the true dungeon lies beyond it, however for Link to ever surpass the coral's powerful defenses he must be able to show his courage in fighting it. Princess Ruto then leaps into the air, becoming one with the coral causing her to form a head and two arms out of it. Link surprised by this transformation staggers back again as Princess Ruto readies herself to attack.

Link fights back, trying to figure out a way to damage the sage's spirit, Link notices that the spirit itself is bound inside the head of the coral, although reaching it would prove difficult with the arms constantly attacking him, however after unsuccessfully trying several weapons including his Sword which while initially proving useful reveals that Princess Ruto can regenerate the coral as quickly as Link hacks away at it. Link brings out the Thunder Rod and electrifies one of the arms causing it to explode preventing it from regenerating, Ruto laughs telling Link that now he's got a way of fighting back she won't go so easy, changing her tactics to throw coral spikes at Link, the hero destroys both arms with the Thunder Rod and leaps onto the coral walls climbing up to reach the head of the coral. Grabbing onto it, Link forces his sword through the coral attacking Ruto directly.

After dealing some damage resulting in the left side of the head to crumble away Ruto knocks Link back to the ground and summons four new arms to protect her. Link repeats his original tactic on the first two arms however Ruto predicts this with her last two arms and encases them in a film of water protecting them from teh Electricity. Link, now needing a new tactic notices that amidst the destruction of Princess Ruto's arms large chunks of Coral had fallen onto the ground, using the Power Bracelets Link lifts these pieces hurling them at Ruto causing her to lower her film of water to catch the coral allowing Link to destroy both arms by firing the Thunder Rod at the chunk of coral. With her defenses down again Link delivers the final blow causing Princess Ruto and Link to land on the ground as the Coral walls crumble away revealing the rest of the dungeon.

Princess Ruto gets up and tells Link that they're finished and that Link has proven himself worthy to continue, she laughs telling Link that while he's determined it was the ability to work around her new defenses that ultimately won him the victory. She tells Link that if he hopes to defeat the monster that lurks at the end of the dungeon then he must be able to adapt to the new techniques any foe uses, Princess Ruto then uses her magic to conjure Link a pair of bladed gauntlets known as the Arctic Claws, Ruto tells Link that these claws emit a powerful magic when used allowing Link to use them for direct combat but also to break through water-like materials that may normally be barriers to Link as well as help him climb about. Ruto bids Link farewell as she disappears in a flash of light.

Link continues through the dungeon discovering curious walls of an electrical jelly which he discovers when he attacks with the Arctic Claws freeze and shatter or turn into Biri and Bari. However Link soon discovers that he cannot progress further through this new area and instead treks back to an earlier segment of the dungeon where a large wall of the jelly-like substance was. Unwittingly Link attacks the wall with his Arctic Claws causing it to shatter,however behind the wall a massive surge of water had been held in place and floods the entire dungeon, Link finds the dungeon is mostly flooded and has to swim around a new level of the dungeon just to navigate it. While looking around Link finds a dry area of the dungeon with several rooms, working his way through a myriad of puzzles involving temporarily frozen platforms and coral switches Link finds a large chest which within contains a pair of Iron Boots, in addition Link hears a voice come from a whole in the dungeon above, Link looks up and sees the Zora Queen calling out to him. She tells Link that he'll need a special piece of armour before he can continue through the dungeon and recommends he return to Zora's Domain.

Link nods and makes his trek through the dungeon back out into Zora's Domain. As Link arrives, Queen Zora apologizes for not realizing that Link would need the Zora Armour and explains that they normally require a large amount of Rupees from the individual however she brings out an old pair of Zora Armour that she explains was once used by a hero from a long time ago whom like Link used Iron Boots and the Zora Armour to fight off a menacing creature. She hands Link the armour and tells him that she's placed a magical spell on it to prevent it breaking while Link is in the dungeon, Link bows in gratitude to the Queen Zora and heads back to the Rainbow Reef Cavern with his new armour and enters the flooded dungeon. Using the Iron Boots and the Zora Armour Link effortlessly explores the underwater and above water segments of the dungeon, solving puzzles in one area to access new areas in the other. Soon Link finds himself at a massive dry room with a small arena in the middle surrounded by water all around, Link walks up to the middle of the room when something within the water destroys the bridge he came in from as the exit becomes sealed.

Link looks around trying to find the creature that attacked the bridge however doesn't have to look long as the creature rises up form the water revealing itself to be a massive, serpentine creature with a glowing underbelly surging with energy. The creature reveals its ferocious teeth before bellowing a fierce roar at Link before it dives again. The creature, Vestua, the Voltage Abyss attacks Link by firing an energy laser out of its mouth as well as diving right at Link with its teeth, Link must avoid these attacks and strike its underbelly when its charging its energy laser with the Arctic Claws to cause the creature to freeze solid, as the creature falls this allows Link to attack the teeth causing them to gradually chip away. As Link does more damage to Vestua it responds by increasing the rate of its attacks as well as using its tail like a club to attack Link while it is swimming. Eventually Link destroys all of Vestua's teeth causing the creature to screech in pain, however as Link thinks he's beaten it the creature retreats into the water now using its tail to charge electrical pulses. Link can reflect these pulses with the Thunder Rod sending them back at the creature, after this is accomplished several times the creature accidentally levies most of its body out of the water unable to move. Link uses this opportunity, along with the Power Bracelets to lift up the creature's club-like tail and hurl it at the head causing the creature to not only hurt itself but also electrocute itself. After this is repeated 3 times causing Vestua's underbelly to gradually dim in colour the creature makes one last effort to attack Link however explodes as it leaps into the air dissipating into a mist that slowly descends.

As the mist descends it reveals a hidden Triforce symbol on the platform Link was on and condenses itself into an orb for Link to pick up, as Link does so he regains health and has another vision. This time Link is more prepared and is greeted by Princess Ruto who tells Link that with each orb he collects he will gain a greater connection with the spirit world and shows Link that his new connection has allowed him to see the landscape of the Spirit World although she tells Link that while his time here will be short as he gains more orbs he will see more of the Spirit World. Link exits this vision returning back to the dungeon allowing him to now exit via the magical portal which returns Link to the Back Garden of the Zora Palace.

Returning into the Zora Palace main hall Link is greeted by the King and Queen Zora who tell Link that they're thankful for his return, however just as they are about to continue Belgaros enters the main hall, having knocked nearly a dozen Zora Royal Guards out of his way he walks up to the King and Queen as Link readies his sword uncertain of the Swamp Zora King's plan, however to their surprise Belgaros kneels before the King and Queen and apologizes for his aggressiveness in the recent past explaining that he believes that the Swamp Zora had become more dangerous due to the influence of the evil spirits with the Rainbow Reef Caverns permeating into the nearby land, the King Zora nods stating that he remembers a time when the three types of Zora lived in harmony; Swamp, River & Ocean, and that after the Ocean Zora evolved into what are now known as the Rito the Swamp Zora and River Zora ended up falling apart as a disagreement between Belgaros' and the King's ancestors resulted in the two subspecies becoming territorial of each other.

Belgaros asks for the King Zora's apology to which the King Zora kneels down to Belgaros and apologizes stating that he too was in error believing that Belgaros and the Swamp Zora had joined with the evil of Hyrule. The two Zora get up and walk out into the large balcony separating the Eastern Swamplands from the Zora's Domain, the two Kings blow special conch shells that call their people over and they announce that the two kings have realized the error in their ways and command the two subspecies to tear down the rocky wall separating the two areas allowing them to join as one. The Queen Zora turns to Link and thanks him for bringing Belgaros back to his senses and gives Link a special charm known as the Zora's Sapphire, an ancient heirloom of the Zoras that will help Link swim faster. Link heads out of the Zora's Castle and out of Zora's domain, returning to Hyrule Field to search for his next challenge.

Progressing his ways towards the South-East Mountain range of Hyrule, a large mountain range that had formed over hundreds of years that is chopped up by the nearby ocean. As Link approaches the foot of the mountain he finds a small guard fort, approaching the Guard fort, Link is greeted by the Guard Captain who introduces himself to Link as Guard Captain Ragaro, one of the head members of the Hylian Army. He tells Link that he'd been informed by Dnon of Link's arrival and explains that like Link he also is a descendant of one of the three great beings and thanks to inheriting Power from the Gerudo King Ragaro is able to endure any weather and keep a level head in any situation hence why he'd been made Guard Captain. He tells Link that the mountains before him are the Talito Mountains, home to the Rito, descendants of the original Ocean Zora who evolved to suit their new environment due to being force out of the water. Ragaro notifies Link that the Rito have many customs and that it is important that Link wears a Rito Feather when he enters the mountains, Ragaro explains however that the Rito have a shrine where one can acquire a Rito Feather nearby and that once a person grabs a Rito Feather, that feather will fuse their scent with a Rito's to make them appear as friends to the Rito.

Ragaro takes Link into the fort and tells Link to meet him up at the top of the South-West Tower. Link explores the fort for a little while finding the resting quarters and the several shops set up useful for resupplying him. Link heads up the South-West Tower to meet up with Ragaro who introduces Link to his Lieutenants explaining that he needs to test Link's ability to fight before helping him reach the Rito Shrine. Suddenly the three exits to the top of the South-West Tower become blocked and Link is ordered to fight the Lieutenants simultaneously, the two opponents prove to be incredibly difficult, combining speed and power with their ability to outnumber Link who has to rely on counter-attacking and dodging to defeat them, although a tough challenge Link does knock out both Lieutenants, after which Ragaro walks over to Link and nudges both Lieutenants with his feet as both quickly get back up. Ragaro tells Link that he's done well and that Ragaro will help Link and dismisses the Lieutenants to their duties. Ragaro brings Link up to an elevated platform on the edge of the South-West Tower from which the two can see a large, mossy set of ruins in the distance, Ragaro explains that those ruins are the Rito Shrine which has remained untouched by Hylian or Rito advancement ever since its construction and that Rito frequently visit it to leave their feathers behind.

Ragaro then tells Link that to get there they will need to cross the last part of Hyrule Field and over to the long beaches of South-East Hylia. Ragaro tells Link that he'll meet him there and heads out through the South-West Tower calling a horse and riding out towards the shrine. Link heads back down as well and gets on Epona, heading out to reach the Rito Shrine.

Heading towards the massive pillars of ancient stone Link begins to notice curious markings on each one, slowing Epona down to a walking pace, Link carefully looks over the pillars as they pass by them, however his attention is quickly diverted as three figures suddenly block Link's path causing Epona to reel up in defense. Link hopes off Epona to confront the three creatures which with a better look Link realizes they are in fact Stalfos, Link readies his sword however before he or the Stalfos can even attack an arrow shoots into the middle Stalfos detonating causing all three Stalfos to be destroyed. Link looks around to see where the arrow came from and sees Ragaro riding in on his horse with a bow on his back. He greets Link asking him if he's ever dealth with Stalfos before, Link nods his head to which Ragaro chuckles and tells Link that while he could've used his sword, by using Bomb Arrows he could've saved himself much more time. Ragaro then notices Link doesn't have a bow and asks Link how he expects to get up Talito Mountains without one, Link staggers in surprise and Ragaro chuckles again, he tells Link that he'll make him a deal, if Link can get through the temple completely then he'll give Link a bow to help him on his quest. Link nods in agreement and Ragaro tells Link that he'll wait outside with Epona for him. Link hands Ragaro Epona's reigns and heads inside the Temple to search for the Rito Feathers.

Entering the temple Link finds it is much larger than he expected, the huge stone rooms are covered in an ancient language and depict images of Rito, Zora, Hylians, Gorons and numerous other races. As Link looks around he soon finds the Rito Feathers, left upon an elevated platform. As Link goes to get them however he falls for a trap and is plunged deep into the depths of the temple's underground. Link uses his Lantern to look around and try and find a way out, along his path numerous bones and mysterious liquids surround him and the unearthly lights emanating from unknown origins give the place an unsettling vibe. Just as Link is about to exit the room he's in the exit chamber is sealed by spikes and the room lights up revealing a creature standing in the middle of the room with a long spear, gazing at Link with a piercing eye. The creature being a Stalzora, something Link had noticed on the walls earlier, an image of a massive number of dead zora buried beneath the temple. The Stalzora attacks Link who dodges and fights back the undead creature.

The creature proves to be a great challenge, using its long ranged spear and fins to keep Link back, however Link finds that the creature leaves itself vulnerable after launching both fins allowing Link to strike with his sword. Eventually Link defeats the creature, its spirit escapes from its bones and greets Link apologizing, stating that unearthly forces had infested the temple and cursed the bones and spirits that resided in it. The spirit tells Link that he'll need a special item to get past the Zora's comrades whom have also been cursed. The Zora spirit uses an ancient magic to conjure a magical rod, as he hands it to Link, the hero suddenly has a vision, hearing a voice tell him that controlling power is Link's only hope. As Link snaps back to reality he tightens his grip on the rod causing it to change its form becoming very dark in colour and with a glowing core on the top. The Zora spirit explains the Rod is known as Kamora Rod and was once used by many Zora in ancient times to rally massive ancient structures to bend to their will, the rod is able to let Link temporarily control the oceanic statues within the temple to defeat the Stalzora that lurk the temple. The Zora spirit bids Link farewell and dissipates into thin air as Link heads out of the room entering the temple's main underground.

Exploring the underground ruins, Link finds that despite the sheer age of the temple many structures still stand and water flows in and out of the temple via aqueducts. As Link progresses he solves numerous puzzles including using the statues not only to defeat Stalzora but also to solve several puzzles. Eventually Link finds his way out of the Temple, returning back to the main chamber. As Link reaches the platform having surpassed the trap of the temple he finds a Rito sitting on the platform watching Link. As Link goes to pick up a feather the Rito pecks at his hand causing Link to flinch.

The Rito laughs and in a sly voice asks Link what business he has in the temple, Link shows the Rito his map and points out the location marked on it to which the Rito smirks and tells Link that he's heard about the trials on Talito Mountains and believes it's just a facade by the Hylians to move in onto Rito territory. Link, confused by these accusations is quickly caught off guard however as the Rito takes flight knocking the feathers down into the trap and flying out through the main entrance, Link gives chase and whistles for Epona however Ragaro notices Link and the Rito and seems to recognize the Rito, pulling out his bow and using a rope arrow shoots through the Rito's cloak and pulls him to the ground with his mighty force.

The Rito crashes through a pillar, passing out on the spot. Link and Ragaro rush over to pin the Rito down who cries out demanding they let him go, Ragaro laughs and tells the Rito that he's heard about him from the Rito Elders in Talito Mountains and tells him that he owes Link a feather, Ragaro then plucks a feather off the Rito's head that was quite large and hands it to Link as the two let the Rito get back up. Ragaro then asks the Rito why he ruined their temple to which the Rito told Ragaro what he told Link to which Ragaro pauses to think, he tells the Rito that he has not received any word from Princess Zelda about plans to epxand Hylian Territory and were actually looking to help the Rito expand beyond the Talito Mountains, the Rito squawks at Ragaro telling him that he can't believe a Hylian to which Ragaro tells the Rito that he'll send a personal message to Princess Zelda to confirm that the Hylians will not expand into Rito territory if that will satisfy the Rito. The Rito agrees and tells Ragaro that Link may go up Talito Mountains however no more Hylians will be allowed to enter the temple until the matter is dealt with.

Ragaro tells Link that he'll need to journey on his own and informs him that he should have no trouble ascending Talito Mountains, however just as he's about to leave Ragaro hands Link his bow and a quiver of arrows telling Link that he'll grab another one back at the fort and that Link should hold onto the bow as it's never failed him in battle. As Ragaro heads off Link begins his trek towards the intimidating mountains.

Reaching the true beginnings of the mountain, Link finds his climb is tough and challenging on a physical scale, many dangerous monsters lurk among the mountains and within the caverns of the mountains ready to ambush Link. In addition Link finds that he has to ascend several parts of the paths up the mountain to figure out a way up. It is as he is climbinb that Link arrives at a place known as the Rito Checkpoint, a small, secluded village built into the mountain itself. Inside this small village Link finds a few Rito who are surprised to see Link, considering he is a Hylian however they do not act hostile towards him and explain that they are the furtherest Rito settlement and often allow Rito to fly all over Hyrule without having to worry about flying all the way back up to the Rito Cliffs. Link finds that in this village is also a postal service and he investigates the postman outside the village about a way up the Talito Mountains pointing to the location of his next trial. The Rito a bit confused by Link's map asks Link why he'd want to go to the Badland Cliffs, Link points out the numerous other spots his map has marked, the Rito realizes that there's one in each end of the map and asks Link if he's a biologist searching for mysterious species of animals that live in such vastly different climates, Link sighs and takes the map back. The Postman, seemingly absent minded of Link's weaponry tells Link that if he really wants to get to the Badland Cliffs he'll need to have the Ritos are Rito Cliffs lower the ancient bridge and tells Link that he'll need to traverse through the Tunnels of Talito since Link cannot fly.

The Rito Postman points out the tunnel entrance and wishes Link luck stating that a Rito hasn't stepped foot in those tunnels for over 40 years so Link should expect monsters to be lurking withing. Link acknolwedges the Postman's concerns but presses on, eager to reach the Rito Cliffs. As the Postman said, the tunnels were indeed full of monsters, although non particularly threatening initially it is not until Link reaches a curious room with many tunnels along the walls but seemingly no obvious passage, however Link soon discovers why as a giant centepoidal creature, Durgmola erupts from one of the tunnels and screeches at Link before leaping out of the Tunnel and into another one, Link watches and realizes that there is not just one Durgmola but 4 all jumping about the tunnels using them to spit acid at Link. Link dodges their attacks and pulls out his bow using it to fight off the creatures, striking them in their exposed underbellies. As each giant centepoid falls Link's task becomes easier and soon all four are defeated. However, before Link can relax he hears a much louder and deeper screech and sees a massive Armoured Durgmola erupt from the ceiling, crashing down onto the floor to confront Link. The thing chases Link and charges at Link with its massive pincers, As Link cannot strike its tail, it's only weak point Link instead opts to have the Armoured Durgmola bite its own tail, Link does this with succession several times however the creature learns of this trick and instead changes up its tactics, now scuttling incredibly fast along the walls and even ceiling, constantly charging to hit Link, as well as dropping from the ceiling in an attempt to crush Link. However it is this dropping from the ceiling where the creature leaves itself exposed for Link to attack. Eventually Link defeats the creature and its body begins to shrivel up, most of it breaks except for its two front legs which shrink down and become a pair of boots, the Pegasus Boots.

Link picks up these Boots and finds that he needs them to reach an opening with light filtering in from the wall well above his normal capacity to run up a wall. With his new ability to wall run for a small amount of time Link sucessfully reaches the exit of the tunnels finding himself at the final section of the mountain before the Rito Cliffs. Climbing up the rough terrain fending off the monsters that lurk in the numerous crevices and caves that line the pathway up to the Rito Cliffs. Soon however Link finds himself having reached the Rito Cliffs, a massive construct built into the mountain that can be seen from almost any open area in Hyrule, adorned with numerous gems and metals the series of large openings and walkways makes the place maze-like in appearance. As Link heads towards the main entrance he is halted by 2 Rito Guards, a pair of very large individuals, heavily armoured in decorative and yet, likely practical armour. The red-feathered Rito Guard asks Link what business he has on Talito Mountains, Link responds by holding up the Rito Feather he got earlier and the map pointing out the Badland Cliffs. The Rito Guard looks over the map and tells Link that he's welcome into the city although he'll need to speak to the King of the Rito, King Talomi and point to a large ornate entrance at the peak of the Rito Cliffs and state that Link will find the King in his throne room, however Link should acquaint himself with some of the local people so the Royal Guard that protects the Throne Room knows who he is. Link heads into the Rito Cliffs and begins working his way up the Rito Cliffs, talking to several Rito along the way.

More TBA


The gameplay similar to Breath of the Wild is an Open-World 3D Adventure Game with Action and Role-Playing Elements. The game features a vast amount of exploration as the huge and varied lands of Hyrule offer different quealities and numerous challenges as well.

In combat Link fights using his Sword and Shield and can swap to other weapons as well. Like Breath of the Wild he is not limited to a single weapon and can use numerous weapons including Swords, Axes, Hammers, Scythes and Battle Poles. In addition most weapons are breakable unless they have Hylia's Seal a special upgrade for all items (although is late game for standard weapons) that protects them from breaking. Link battles by using standard attacks as well as blocks and counter-attacks to fight, depending on the various button combinations used he will attack differently.

While exploring Link is able to use a variety of abilities that are taught to the player throughout the game, while some he already knows, some Link must learn from others. One ability used almost immediately is Link's incredible sight, Link can analyze trail groupings to pick up on various movements of not only creatures but also people as well. Using this ability he can follow footprints of the individuals across the land (although some areas such as the snow and desert are impossible without a specific item in the game). In addition Link can also climb pretty much anything like in Breath of the Wild allowing him to reach new heights and explore the region to his fullest extent although like Breath of the Wild Link can only climb so high before he runs out of energy and drops to the first relatively flat area.

Link can also swim although intially relatively poorly although can be taught not only how to swim faster and for longer but also against currents and how to dive for a long period of time. Link can also equip himself with various pieces of armour and acquire numerous resources to help protect himself and recover his health and stamina while in the field. Link can trade these items or combine them together to make better items.

Like all Legend of Zelda Games, The Fused Destinies includes a complete array of puzzles and dungeons for Link to navigate through, each dungeon offers a unique challenge and differ in themes depending on the ones you visit. As part of the theme of this game once Link completes Dungeons and defeat their bosses he can (for every two dungeons he completes) battle one of the fused Dungeons fighting a more powerful boss that combines the original two into a new form. Since the player can approach the 16 main dungeons of the game in any order this means there are numerous forms of the combined bosses that Link can fight.

Major Characters

Character Description
Fused Destinies Link
The next incarnation of the Hero of Courage, this Link hails from the Forest Town of Rorafe where he grew up learning to become a proficient swordsman in hopes of becoming the new Head Guard of Rorafe, however has now been pulled into a chaotic uprising from within the numerous settlements of the land.
Princess Zelda The residing Princess of Hyrule, she is the daughter of the Great King of Hyrule and often is seen wandering the gardens of Hyrule Castle with her overly-protective guardian, Impa. Although she appears calm, Princess Zelda has quite the adventerous spirit and often wanders away from the castle to wander among the commonfolk much to Impa and the Great King's dismay.



Weapon Power Speed Range
Rusty Shortsword 5 2 2
Traveler's Shortsword 8 4 2
Stal Shortsword 9 3 2
Soldier's Shortsword 10 2 2
Rusty Longsword 6 2 2
Stone Longsword 7 2 2
Iron Longsword 8 3 2
Steel Longsword 15 4 2
Dark Longsword 18 4 3
Blade of the Forest 4 2 2
Ancient Blade of Life 20 5 2
Master Sword 28 5 3
Hylia's Blade 30 8 3
Woodcutter's Hatchet 5 3 1
Iron Axe 7 2 2
Stal Axe 7 2 2
Iron Battleaxe 8 1 3
Steel Axe 10 2 2
Steel Battleaxe 14 1 3
Stalmaster Battleaxe 14 2 3
The Goron Quaker Axe 22 3 3
Farmer's Pitchfork 6 2 3
Trident of the Sirens 14 4 3
Farmer's Shear 5 6 1
Farmer's Scythe 9 3 3
Soultaker Scythe 17 5 3
Farmer's Shovel 12 2 2
Wooden Greathammer 8 1 2
Stone Greathammer 9 1 2
Iron Greathammer 12 1 2
Steel Greathammer 14 1 2
Reinforced Greathammer 18 3 2
Runic Crusher 24 4 2
Wooden Dagger 2 6 1
Iron Dagger 4 6 1
Steel Dagger 5 7 1
Sai of the Winters 12 8 1
Wooden Battlestaff 5 2 3
Iron Battlestaff 7 2 3
Steel Battlestaff 10 3 4
Reinforced Battlestaff 12 5 5
Heaven's Reach Battlestaff 16 8 8
Bladed Fan 4 6 1
Wooden Tonfa 7 3 2
Iron Tonfa 11 5 3
Steel Tonfa 14 6 3
Boko Wooden Club 4 1 1
Boko Iron Club 7 2 1
Boko Wooden Spear 2 2 3
Boko Stone Spear 5 2 3
Traveler's Spear 7 3 5
Boko Reinforced Spear 8 3 3
Mobli Spear 17 3 5
Bokoblin Arm 5 3 2
Stalfos Arm 8 2 3
Korok Leaf 1 2 8
Deku Leaf 2 4 8
Great Deku Leaf 4 4 8
Makeshift Torch 1 3 1
Wooden Torch 2 3 1
Iron Torch 6 3 1
Stal Broadsword 12 2 3
Soldier's Broadsword 14 2 2
Traveler's Claymore 10 2 3
Tree Branch 2 4 4
Zora Blade 10 4 3
Goron Megaton Fists 16 2 1
Lizalfos Cutlass 10 3 2
Dinolfos Cutlass 13 5 2
Stalmaster Cutlass 16 5 2
Peahat Blade 7 8 2
Goronian Hammer 10 2 3
Goronian Greathammer 15 2 4
Goronian Gauntlets 12 4 1


Item Description
Ice Rod
Ice Rod

A Magical rod that adapts to its wielder, the Ice Rods are the rarest of the three rods due to a unique factor in their adaptation to wielders. Ice Rods can only be held by one individual ever, the Ice Rod can never be used by another and are often kept in wraps of cloth to keep the Ice Rod from adapting too early.

Ice Rods as their name suggest are able to fire an icy-blast of cold air, this can freeze water and creatures where they stand and in still water can create Ice Blocks.

Lantern A curious object, this magical lantern is imbued with an endless flame allowing one to light their path revealing false walls and invisible objects when close to them. In addition the Lantern is feared by Poes who will flee from its light or otherwise be burned alive, the Lantern can even be used to light nearby torches.
Hookshot Fused Destinies
A rather unique piece of equipment, the Hookshot is equipped with a sharp head allowing it to grip into various objects and even enemies. If the object/enemy is heavy enough Link will be pulled towards it, otherwise it will be pulled towards Link. In addition when used on enemies it stuns them temporarily although does not deal damage.
Bomb Fused Destinies
Easy to carry explosives, well-known across all of Hyrule, bombs are not only useful in combat as explosives but also in the field to remove rockfalls as well as tree stumps. Bombs can even be used to activate some objects like windmill switches and temporarily work as weights. Don't stay close to the bombs however as they'll hurt Link more than most enemies can.
Reaper's Boomerang
Reaper's Boomerang
A powerful Boomerang with the ability to drain enemies of their life energy. The Reaper's Boomerang like a regular Boomerang can be used to activate switches from far away and even around corners by using wind currents and changing how far Link throws the Boomerang. The Boomerang signifies when it has enough power to strike through multiple enemies when its gems shine brightly.
Fire Rod
Fire Rod
Power Bracelet
Power Bracelet
Thunder Rod
Arctic Claws
Iron Boots
Kamora Rod


Food Ingredients Effect
Red Apple None Restores 1/2 Heart
Bird Meat None Restores 1/2 Heart
Crow Meat None Restores 1/4 Heart
Acorn None Restores 1/4 Heart
Deer Meat None Restores 1 Heart
Boar Meat None Restores 3/4 Heart
Endura Shroom None Restores 1/3 Endurance
Hylian Shroom None Restores 1/4 Heart
Rushroom None Increases Dash Speed by 10%
Silent Mushroom None Increases Stealth by 10%
Stamella Shroom None Restores 1/4 Heart & 1/6 Endurance
Greatshroom None Restores 1 1/2 Hearts
Kokirian Algae None Restores 1/4 Heart
Hearty Radish None Restores 2 1/2 Hearts
Mystical Pepper None Increases Stealth by 10%
Spicy Pepper None Increases Dash Speed by 10%
Heart Truffle None Restores 2 Hearts
Sarian Pumpkin None Restores 3 Hearts
Blue Nightshade None Increases Stealth by 10%
Deep Nightshade None Increases Stealth by 15%
Bee Honey None Restores 2 Hearts
Giant Bee Honey None Restores 4 Hearts
Hyrulian Herb None Restores 1 Heart & 1/3 Endurance
Hightail Lizard None Increases Dash Speed by 10%
Hotfoot Lizard None Increases Dash Speed by 15%
Lake Hylian Lizard None Increases Diving Time by 10%
Hot-Footed Frog None Increases Dash Speed by 10%
Great Clicking Frog None Increases Critical-Hit Ratio by 5%
Red-Spotted Frog None Increases Stealth by 10%
Restless Cricket None Restores 1/2 Endurance
Leafshifter Cricket None Increases Stealth by 10%
Sunset Firefly None Increases Stealth by 10%
Omino Firefly None Increases Stealth by 15%
Hyrule Bass None Restores 1 Heart
Hylian Loach None Restores 3/4 Heart
Zoran Sardine None Restores 1 Heart
South Ocean Tuna None Restores 2 1/2 Hearts
Bokobelly None Restores 2 Hearts, reduces 1 Heart for 5 min.
Chuchu Juice None Restores 1/4 Heart
Candy Rock None

Restores 1/6 Heart

Restores 1/4 Endurance

Cuccoo Egg None Restores 1/4 Heart
Lizalfos Tail None

Increases Stealth by 10%

Increases Critical-Hit Ratio by 5%

Dinalfos Tail None

Increases Endurance by 15%

Increases Critical-Hit Ratio by 5%

Coilberry None Increases Jump Power by 25%
Miraclefruit None

Restores 1/4 Heart

Restores 1/8 Endurance

Increases Stealth by 5%

Increases Dash Speed by 5%

Increases Endurance by 5%

Increases Diving Time by 5%

Increases Critical-Hit Ratio by 5%

Cooked Apple Apple Restores 3/4 Heart
Cooked Steak Dear Meat/Boar Meat Restores 1 1/2 Hearts
Cooked Breast Bird Meat/Crow Meat Restores 1 1/4 Hearts
Mushroom Skewer

Endura Mushroom

Hylian Shroom


Silent Mushroom

Stamella Shroom


Restores 6 Hearts

Increases Stealth by 20%

Increases Dash Speed by 20%

Recovers Endurance Completely

Hylian Sushi

Kokirian Algae x2

Hylian Loach

Restores 2 1/4 Hearts

Able to Breath Underwater for 20 seconds

Insect Skewer

Restless Cricket/Leafshifter Cricket x2

Sunset Firefly/Omino Firefly x2

Increases Stealth by 25%

Restores 3/4 Endurance

Cooked Bokobelly Bokobelly Restores 3 Hearts
Bokochu Soup


Chuchu Juice x3

Blue Nightshade

Restores 6 Hearts

Increases Stealth by 15%

Enemies are marked with outlines temporarily

Truffle Soup

Heart Truffle x4

Hearty Radish x2

Sarian Pumpkin

Restores All Hearts

Recovers Endurance Completely

Spiced Steak

Mystical Pepper/Spicy Pepper x2

Dear Meat/Boar Meat

Increases Stealth by 25%

Increases Dash Speed by 25%

Restores 2 Hearts

Become immune to Cold for 5 minutes

Chili Platter

Mystical Pepper x3

Spicy Pepper x3

Increases Stealth by 15%

Increases Dash Speed by 50%

Become immune to Cold for 15 minutes

Cooked Lizalfos Tail Lizalfos Tail

Restores 2 Hearts

Increases Stealth by 20%

Increases Critical-Hit Ratio by 8%

Cooked Dinalfos Tail Dinalfos Tail

Restores 3 Hearts

Increases Endurance by 25%

Increases Critical-Hit Ratio by 8%

Blessed Heart

Hearty Radish

Hearty Truffle


Restores all Hearts

Recovers Endurance Completely

Doubles effects of Food for 5 minutes


Armour Type Damage Reduction Special Effects (While wearing full set) Durability
Cloth 0 None 250
Soft Leather -1/8 Heart DMG Reduces Electric Damage taken by 1/2 heart 300
Wood -1/8 Heart DMG Burns up from Fire Damage 275
Leather -1/6 Heart DMG Reduces Electric Damage taken by 1 heart 350
Great Hyrulian Wood -1/4 Heart DMG Burns up from Fire Damage 325
Rusted -1/6 Heart DMG Reduces Poison Damage taken by 1/2 heart 100
Weak Metal -1/4 Heart DMG Reduces Poison Damage taken by 1/2 heart 400
Boko -1/6 Heart DMG Reduces Noise by 10% 150
Hylian Guard -1/3 Heart DMG Increases DMG dealt by 1/8 heart 575
Farming -1/12 Heart DMG Increases Health restored by food by 1/2 Heart 400
Woodsman -1/8 Heart DMG Increases yield of acquired materials by 2 475
Miner -1/8 Heart DMG Increases value of Rupees found by 2 475
Reinforced Leather -1/4 Heart DMG Reduces Electric Damage taken by 1 1/2 heart 525
Wizz Robe -1/12 Heart DMG Immune to Status Effects 300
Anouki -1/8 Heart DMG Link can survive in extreme cold 700
Goron -1/6 Heart DMG Link can survive in extreme heat 700
Zora -1/6 Heart DMG Link can breathe underwater 700
Kokirian -1/4 Heart DMG All of Link's attacks deal 1/8th DMG of Poison 450
Gerudoni -1/4 Heart DMG All of Link's attacks deal 1/8th DMG of Burn 450
Metal -2/3 Heart DMG Reducsed Poison Damage taken by 1 heart 550
Shining Metal -3/4 Heart DMG Reflects 15% of Magic Attacks back at sender 800
Mobli -1 Heart DMG Reduces movement speed by 10% 300
Darknut -1 1/4 Heart DMG Increases DMG dealt by 1/4 heart 1000
Hylian High Guard -3/4 Heart DMG Increases DMG dealt by 1/3 heart 725
Great Wizz Robe -1/2 Heart DMG Immune to Status Effects & Weather Effects 600
Hero's Armour -1 3/4 Heart DMG Reduces Dark Damage taken by 100% Infinite
Sheikah Tribal -3 Heart DMG All of Link's attacks deal cursed DMG Infinite
Fierce Deity -3 Heart DMG Can perform Sword Beam anytime Infinite




Fused Destinies Map

Map will be updated over time for new Locations

Location Region Points of Interest Description
Rorafe Town Great Deku Forest
Thorned Den Great Deku Forest
South Hyrule Field South Hyrule Field
Central Hyrule Field Central Hyrule Field
Lonnol City Central Hyrule Field
North Hyrule Field North Hyrule Field
Castle Town North Hyrule Field
Hyrule Castle North Hyrule Field
Temple of Time Tunnel North Hyrule Field
Small Village East Hyrule Field
Central Goron City Death Mountain
East Hyrule Field East Hyrule Field
Boko Woods East Hyrule Field
Death Mountain Foothills Death Mountain
Goron Plateau Death Mountain
Raduna Village Death Mountain
Ninaro Village Death Mountain
Rudaaru Village Death Mountain
Crypt of Lava Death Mountain
Great Zora River East Hyrule Field
Mossy Cavern East Hyrule Field
Valley Del Zora Zora's Domain
Ancient Windmill Zora's Domain
Lake of Enchantment Zora's Domain
Zora's Domain Zora's Domain
Zora Palace Zora's Domain
Eastern Swamplands Zora's Domain
Rainbow Reef Caverns Zora's Domain
Fort Del Garo South Hyrule Field
Talito Mountains Talito Mountains
Rito Shrine South Hyrule Field


Standard Enemies

Enemy Base Creature/s Description
Red Chuchu Chuchu
Big Red Chuchu Chuchu
Blue Chuchu Chuchu
Big Blue Chuchu Chuchu
Green Chuchu Chuchu
Big Green Chuchu Chuchu
Yellow Chuchu Chuchu
Big Yellow Chuchu Chuchu
Shadow Chuchu Chuchu
Fire Chuchu Chuchu
Ice Chuchu Chuchu
Thunder Chuchu Chuchu
Keese Keese
Big Keese Keese
Fire Keese Keese
Ice Keese Keese
Chu Keese Chuchu & Keese
Fire Chu Keese Chuchu & Keese
Ice Chu Keese Chuchu & Keese
Big Chu Keese Chuchu & Keese
Withered Deku Baba Deku Baba
Deku Baba Deku Baba
Creeping Deku Baba Deku Baba
Boko Baba Deku Baba
Bio Deku Baba Deku Baba
Chuku Baba Chuchu & Deku Baba
Like Like Like Like
Shrub Like Like Like Like
Molten Like Like Like Like
Desert Like Like Like Like
Rupee Like Like Like
Chu Like Chuchu & Like Like
Red Octorok Octorok
Blue Octorok Octorok
Oceanic Octorok Octorok
Giant Oceanic Octorok Octorok
Flying Octorok Keese & Octorok
Dekoctorok Deku Baba & Octorok
Mini Peahat Peahat
Peahat Peahat
Giant Peahat Peahat
Seahat Peahat
Likeahat Like Like & Peahat
Bathat Keese & Peahat
Octohat Octorok & Peahat
Skulltula Skulltula
Golden Skulltula Skulltula
Mini-Manhandla Deku Baba & Skulltula
Miniblin Miniblin
Red Bokoblin Bokoblin
Blue Bokoblin Bokoblin
Green Bokoblin Bokoblin
Bokoblin Warrior Bokoblin
Moblin Moblin
Great Moblin Moblin
Melting Bokoblin Chuchu & Bokoblin
Aeroblin Warrior Keese & Bokoblin
Skulltoblin Skulltula & Bokoblin
Stalchild Stalchild
Stalfos Stalfos
Stalfos Warrior Stalfos
Gibdo Gibdo
Redead Redead
Stalbokoblin Bokoblin & Stalfos
Staleku Baba Deku Baba & Stalfos
Skull Keese Keese & Stalfos
Wallmaster Wallmaster
Rupeemaster Wallmaster
Stalmaster Stalfos & Wallmaster
Lizalfos Lizalfos
Dinalfos Dinalfos
Aerolfos Keese & Lizalfos
Stal Lizalfos Stalfos & Lizalfos
Octolfos Octorok & Lizalfos
Rat Rat
Big Rat Rat
Real Bombchu Bombchu
Dekuchu Deku Baba & Bombchu
Stalchu Stalfos & Bombchu
Bomb Bokoblin Bokoblin & Bombchu
Blue Tektite Tektite
Red Tektite Tektite
Lake Tektite Tektite
Dekutite Deku Baba & Tektite
Skulltite Skulltula & Tektite
Wolfos Wolfos
White Wolfos Wolfos
Great Wolfos Wolfos
Stal Wolfos Stalfos & Wolfos
Forest Warrior Wolfos Deku Baba & Wolfos
Wizzrobe Wizzrobe
Fire Wizzrobe Wizzrobe
Ice Wizzrobe Wizzrobe
Wind Wizzrobe Wizzrobe
Thunder Wizzrobe Wizzrobe
Shadow Wizzrobe Wizzrobe
Aerial Wind Wizzrobe Keese & Wizzrobe
Churobe Chuchu & Wizzrobe
Fire Churobe Chuchu & Wizzrobe
Ice Churobe Chuchu & Wizzrobe
Stalrobe Stalfos & Wizzrobe
Darknut Darknut
Red Darknut Darknut
Platinum Darknut Darknut
Darknutulla Skulltula & Darknut
Redead Knight Redead & Darknut
Stalnut Stalfos & Darknut
Darkrobe Wizzrobe & Darknut
Darkolfos Dinalfos & Darknut
Green Bubble Bubble
Red Bubble Bubble
Blue Bubble Bubble
White Bubble Bubble
Anti-Fairy Keese & Bubble
Bubble Warrior Stalfos & Bubble
Deku Bubble Deku Baba & Bubble
Lesser Lynel Lynel
Great Lynel Lynel
Stalynel Stalfos & Lynel
Lynel Rider Darkut & Lynel
Baby Dodongo Dodongo
Dodongo Dodongo
Ice Dodongo Dodongo
Vacuum Dodongo Like Like & Dodongo
Dodongo Rider Bokoblin & Dodongo
Great Dodongo Rider Moblin & Dodongo
Mountain Dodongo Tektite & Dodongo
Armos Armos
Beamos Beamos
Eyegore Eyegore
Goriya Goriya
Aerarmos Keese & Armos
Ambushmos Deku Baba & ARmos
Gazegore Beamos & Eyegore
Armoured Eyegore Darknut & Eyegore
Trickster Goriya Stalfos & Goriya
Doomraddle Doomraddle
Alpha Doomraddle Doomraddle
Bokoraddle Bokoblin & Doomraddle
Stalraddle Stalfos & Doomraddle
Acheman Acheman
Acheman Archer Acheman
Vire Keese & Acheman
Stalacheman Stalfos & Acheman
Hairy Acheman Wolfos & Acheman
Blue Biri Biri
Purple Biri Biri
Golden Biri Biri
Blue Bari Biri
Purple Bari Biri
Golden Bari Biri
Dekiri Deku Baba & Biri
Biritulla Skulltula & Biri
Bubbi Bubble & Biri
Hinox Hinox
Stone Hinox Hinox
Chunox Chuchu & Hinox
Stalnox Stalfos & Hinox
Wizznox Wizzrobe & Hinox
Lynox Lynel & Hinox
Freezor Freezor
White Freezor Freezor
Keezor Keese & Freezor
Darkzor Darknut & Freezor
Wolfzor Wolfos & Freezor
Achezor Acheman & Freezor
Poe Poe
Big Poe Poe
Poelight Poe
Ghost Keese Keese & Poe
Poetulla Skulltula & Poe
Ghost Rat Rat & Poe
Poeri Biri
Mini Freezard Freezard
Freezard Freezard
Chuzard Chuchu & Freezard
Stalzard Stalfos & Freezard
Snowdongo Dodongo & Freezard
Bulbul Bulbul
Stone Bulbul Bulbul
Keebul Keese & Bulbul
Dodbul Dodongo & Bulbul
Biribul Biri & Bulbul
Water Spume Spume
Electro Spume Spume
Magma Spume Spume
Copter Spume Peahat & Spume
Laser Spume Armos & Spume
Frost Spume Freezor & Spume
Skullfish Skullfish
Desbreko Skullfish
Mossyfish Deku Baba & Skullfish
Skullotol Dinalfos & Skullfish
Red Mulldozer Mulldozer
Blue Mulldozer Mulldozer
Babadozer Deku Baba & Mulldozer
Magmadozer Spume & Mulldozer
Keedozer Keese & Mulldozer


Mini-Boss Location Weakness Description
Renge Rorafe Town Sword
Giant Chu Keese Keese Tunnels Sword
Bio Deku Baba Thorned Den Sword
Melting Bokoblin Rorafe Town Ice Rod
Moblin Rorafe Town Sword
Poelight Poe Mines Lantern
King Bokoblin Boko Woods Sword
Darunia's Spirit Crypt of Lava Bombs
Giant Peahat Hyrule Field Hookshot
Gibdo Mossy Cavern Fire Rod
Belgaros, the Swamp Zora King Eastern Swampland Sword
Stalzora Soldier Rito Shrine Sword
Durgmolas Tunnels of Talito Bow


Boss Location Weakness Description
Shadow Renge Temple of Time Tunnel Lantern A recreation of Renge from Link's memories, the creature has mimicked what Link knows about Renge including his speed and power, it uses a Hookshot like Renge although unlike the rest of the creature the Hookshot seems a bit more physical.

The Lava Demon

Crypt of Lava Reaper's Boomerang

A creature created from dark spirits to test Link's courage, Catylion attaches itself to the walls during its first phase making movement difficult. It attacks be spewing Lava and attempting to crush Link under its arms. Attacking its crown seems to really hurt it.

During its second phase Catylion will chase Link attempting to hit him however will run out of Lava and retreat back to the pool allowing Link to deal the final hit.


The Voltage Abyss

Rainbow Reef Caverns


The Harpie Queen

Howling Mountain


The Camouflaged Behemoth

Forest of Spirits


The Glass Giant

Temple of Light


The Desert Eater

Amber Palace
Fused Boss 1 & 4 Temple of Power
Fused Boss 2 & 5 Temple of Wisdom
Fused Boss 3 & 6 Temple of Courage


The Frozen Banshee

The Snowy Ruins


The Chained Torturer

Crater of Monsters


The Layered Golem

Oddity Cavern


The Last General

Lost Fortress


The Deathcaller Guardian

Swamp of Spirits


The Dimensional Anomaly

Fractured Temple


The Millenium Scorpion

Ancient Factory


The Howling Gorilla

Echoing Jungle
Fused Boss 1 & 3 Temple of Heroes South Wing
Fused Boss 2 & 8 Temple of Heroes East Wing
Fused Boss 4 & 6 Temple of Heroes North Wing
Fused Boss 5 & 7 Temple of Heroes West Wing

Fused Bosses

Fused Bosses are a special addition to the Legend of Zelda: The Fused Destinies, when the set of bosses are defeated by the player, they are not quite defeated, instead their essence is absorbed by an evil presence that brings them to hidden locations to be fused together. There are 7 Fused Bosses in the game, combinations of previous bosses depending on which ones the player defeats, the combinations are listed below.

Temple of Triforce Fused Bosses

Three of these Bosses are fought

Fused Boss Combination Description


The Plasma Eel

Catylion & Vestua


The Demon Queen



The Burning Behemoth

Catylion & Moldorm


The Melting Crystals



The Lava Belcher



The Queen of Clouds



The Thunderous Behemoth

Vestua & Moldorm


The Generator Medusa



The Elusive Sandstorm



The Winged Worm

& Moldorm


The Glass Queen


The Monolith Queen


The Glass Worm



The False Oasis



The Glass Shredder

Temple of Heroes Fused Bosses

Four of these Bosses are fought

Fused Boss Combination Description


The Ice Trapper


The Glacier Golem


The Viper Banshee


The Crystal Armour


The Cold Gazer


The Winter Scorpion

& Moldarach


The Snowy Rage


The Chained Golem


The War Serpent


The Possessed Prisoner


The Trickster Demon


The Chain Scorpion

& Moldarach


The Screeching Executioner


The Stone Basilisk


The Lodestone Golem


The Vortex Monolith


The Ancient Beast

& Moldarach


The Totem Gorilla


The Serpent Paladin


The Spacial Basilisk


The Hybrid Monstrosity

& Moldarach


The Rattling Menace


The Spacial Armour


The Scorpion Sentinel

& Moldarach


The Howling Knight


The Teleporting Arachnid

& Moldarach


The Phasing Beast


The Mighty Chimera


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