A collection of quotes from The Legend of Zelda: The Confir Bell. These are listed in alphabetical order by character.


  • "Look at us! We're twins!" (Upon talking to her in summer, while wearing the Hero's Clothes)


  • "C'mon, Link! We don't have all day!" (General)
  • "Are you lost again? Did you check your map?" (General)
  • "Y'know, you're not the best sailor..." (On the boat)
  • "I'm not scared! It's just... uh... warmer under your hat! Yeah, that's it." (Flying)
  • "Now, are you sure you don't want to just draw your route in advance?" (Before using the train)
  • "You see, I'm hiding inside the minecart because I can't fly fast enough to keep up with this minecart! Yep. No other reason." (In a minecart)
  • "Link, you look pretty ridiculous with those balloons!" (Balloon flight)


  • "The wind in my hair, the smell of the ocean... I feel like a real pirate captain!" (On the boat)
  • "I've heard tales about a mysterious evil ship... You don't think we'll encounter it, do you?" (On the boat)
  • "Anchors away! Land ahoy! No seriously, I can see some land up ahead!" (On the boat)
  • "The view is so pretty! Look at that! I can see everything from up here!" (Flying)
  • "Woaah! Easy there, Loftwing!" (Flying)
  • "This train... I can't put my finger on it, but something about it puts me in good spirits!" (On the train)
  • "Are you sure this is a good idea? Maybe I should just wait here..." (Before using a minecart)
  • "It sure is beautiful up here. Not that we're too high above the ground, but still..." (Balloon flight)
  • "Can this thing go any slower? It'd be quicker to find our own way across." (Balloon flight)

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