The Legend of Zelda: The Confir Bell
Developer(s) Hammy Games Inc. Logo
Publisher(s) NintendoLogo
Platform(s) WiiULogo
Release Date(s)
November 2015
Single Player, Multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Adventure

The Legend of Zelda: The Confir Bell is the 19th installment in the The Legend of Zelda series, following The Legend of Zelda U (name unconfirmed).

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This game plays much like The Wind Waker, for the most part. You can walk around freely, pick up and throw certain objects, attack enemies with your sword or other weapons and interact with characters. You can learn a variety of sword attacks to spice up your battle style.

Sometimes the game will play more akin to A Link Between Worlds and Spirit Tracks, with a top-down view. While most elements from the afore mentioned gameplay style appear, this one severely lacks in other elements.


A variety of transport modes are used in-game. While most are borrowed from previous games, this includes some new ones. These include sailing, flying, conducting a train, riding a minecart, flying with balloons and more.

Real-Time Elements

Many real-time elements have been incorporated into this game.

  • Granny's dress changes per season


See here for information about customisable modes of transport

Link has various modes of transport to assist him in his journey.

Sailing returns from The Wind Waker and has been changed very little. Wind is no longer an issue, but creatures are in the water. Most act as enemies which can be taken out by putting down your anchor and shooting them with your bow. While this is the least efficient attack method, boats have the highest amout of hearts out of any basic mode of transport. By anchoring near a friendly sea-creature, you can interact with them. Anchoring allows you to explore the ship and talk to the crew members. Zelda will always be located either on the lookout porch or below deck, in the main hallway.

Flying returns from Skyward Sword and maintains no changes whatsoever. Link now rides on a smaller Loftwing (most of the time) which vary in colour. Link does not own these, but can train them by feeding them seeds. Other characters may be seen on their own Loftwings while flying. You can slow down to talk with them. Zelda will always fly not too far behind you, constantly trying new tricks on her Loftwing.

Trains return from Spirit Tracks and undergoes the most changes. Firstly, new switches have been added. There are now 3 speeds and an emergency break. The emergency break stops you almost as soon as you press it, but has disadvantages. If it is used on or nearing a bend, the train will skid off the tracks and reappear at the last station it left off at. Using it at any other time wil remove 1 heart of health. While you can brake, you can only explore the train while stopped at a station. Zelda will always be found at the front of the train, pretending to conduct it.

Minecarts appear very seldom; only in a select few dungeons and mountains at that. These travel a high velocity, usually on rails going down (or up) a steep slope. No real controls are involved in this, though you can use your bow to shoot enemies and targets for extra rupees. Zelda is always in the minecart with you, usually scared out of her mind.

Balloon flight functions very differently from Loftwing flight. This is much slower and usually used for small tasks. Movement is extremely slow; walking is much faster. Link can drop bombs from here or simply use this to traverse gaps or dangerous terrain. Strong drafts will blow Link upward (or in any other direction) and he will stay at that level until another gust of wind blows him to another level. Zelda will always be in a barrel below Link, often admiring the view.


A Meeting With The Princess

Link wakes up in Outset Village and goes outside for some fresh air. He explores the village for a while, until he encounters his frantic sister, Rene, at the foot of Outset Mountain. She tells you that Granny sent her out to find you. When you return home, Granny is waiting for you outside. Granny thanks Link for coming and asks if he knows why he was called. Link shakes his head, confused. She informs Link that his grandfather is in need of assistance delivering a parcel. Granny goes inside the house and you follow her in. She fumbles through a drawer and pulls out a set of bright green clothes. Link, rather confused, takes the clothes. You got the Hero’s Clothes! They’re a bit chilly, to say the least... Granny urges you to try them on and the screen fades to black to show Link wearing his new outfit when it returns. He doesn’t seem very pleased. Granny pulls out a scarf and gives it to Link. You got Granny’s Scarf! That’ll keep you warm! Link puts on the scarf and heads outside.

Link wanders around for a bit until Rene catches up with him (before he reaches the Post Office). She calls your name several times, before asking if you know where the Post Office is. She smiles and pulls out a map with the location marked on it, then proceeds to remark about how she is the greatest sister ever. You got a Map! Now you’ll never get lost!

When Link gets to the Post Office, he sees many workers putting items into parcels, stamping them and more. Grandpa turns around and greets Link. He states how late you are then sighs and tells you about how busy he is. He is supposed to deliver a parcel to Hyrule Castle but must stay in the Office and watch over the workers. He then asks you to deliver it to Hyrule Castle on his behalf. Hyrule Castle is marked on your map and Grandpa gives you the parcel. You got the Postal Parcel! As tempting as it is, it’d be an invasion of privacy to peek!

Link leaves the Post Office and heads for Hyrule Castle. In Outset Mountain, basic mechanics such as rolling, crouching, sidling, throwing items and collecting Rupees are introduced. Near the end of the dungeon, a Moblin appears. Link begins to run back to Outset Village and the Moblin throws a spear at Link. A mysterious figure pushes Link out of the way and shoots a ball of lightning at the spear, destroying it. She looks at Link and orders him to run, which he does. Link stops suddenly and remembers the parcel, which he dropped when the girl pushed him. Link runs back and picks up a piece of wood to use as a shield. The girl screams at him, saying he's out of his mind, but Link ignores her. You must now retrieve the parcel while shielding any incoming attacks. The girl will occasionally attack the Moblin with spells from her book, stunning him. When you retrieve the parcel, the girl notes how it is shaped like a sword. Link unsheathes it and engages in his first battle. After defeating the Moblin, the girl exclaims how courageous that was of him. She introduces herself as Lana, Princess Zelda's right-hand woman.









Plot-Relevant Items










See here for a collection of quotes


  • Two of Granny's dresses contain references
    • Her Autumn dress has a Super Leaf from Super Mario
    • Her Summer dress is very similar to Link's tunic. If you talk to her in Summer, she even remarks about how they are wearing near-identical clothes
  • Some quotes reference previous Legend of Zelda games
  • Most notably, Zelda references Tetra sometimes when you speak to her on a boat

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