The Legend of Zelda: Shadow's Whisperer is the twentieth official installment in the series, and the third Zelda title produced for the 3DS. 

The Legend of Zelda: Shadow's Whisperers
Developer(s) Nintendo EAD
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) 3DS
Release Date(s)
Japan - 4/26/2017

Everywhere Else - 5/17/2017

Age Rating(s)
ESRB: E10+

Shadow's Whisperer is the sequel to Link's Awakening and the indirect sequel to A Link to the Past. It features a similar overworld to A Link to the Past, gameplay, and music. 

The game was released on 5/17/2017 worldwide except for Japan which was released 4/26/2017. 


The game starts off with a cutscene of what happened to Link during Link's Awakening. He managed to escape the island and swim his way over to a boat on a stormy night, blacking out after that. It then changes to Ganondorf who used Link's vacation in the same game to conquer Hyrule and take the Triforce of Power. The Triforce of Wisdom was broken up into four parts hidden across Hyrule, nowhere to be found as Zelda disappears during this time period.

The cutscene ends. Link who is in Kakariko Village with a brown tunic is taking care of his horse, Epona, inside of a ranch. A Postman jogs over to Link who says that Princess Zelda - who resides in the Lost Woods with Impa - has requested the young boy. He leaves as Link hops on Epona, the gameplay starting.

You start to ride on Epona when your uncle stops you and asks where you're going. After a quick discussion, he hands you the Deku Shield. You are now ready to go. Riding off into the Lost Woods, you encounter Octoroks and Deku Scrubs in the foggy woods. A short cutscene commences, Link overhearing a conversation between Zelda and Impa somewhere nearby. A Deku Scrub attacks Zelda, Link jumping out into the way. Gameplay starts, you deflecting the seeds with your shield and knocking him out.

Impa then notices your courage as she says she's picked the Hero of Light, the player (or Link). She tells you of the events seen in the opening titlescreen and says that a hero must rise to stop Ganondorf. You are given the first piece of the Triforce of Wisdom and told that. Giving you the Hero's Clothes, Impa disappears along with Zelda.

A new trail opens up in the Lost Woods, leading to a rusty sword stuck inside of a boulder. After lifting it from the ground, the player heads off to Death Mountain when a Kokiri from Kakariko Village stops Link and Epona on the trail and talks to Link for a bit. You are then given a lantern which you can equip anytime throughout the game.

You return to your quest to retrieve the second piece of the Triforce of Wisdom as you climb up Death Mountain, large boulders rolling your way. Avoiding them, Epona runs off with Link into Death Mountain Cave. Using the lantern, Lizalfos appear and start to attack Link. Being chased throughout a maze, you find a bag of bombs with bombs inside of them and blow up an entrance to Goron City. King Dodongo is attacking Darunia! Using your bombs, you defeat the Dodongo and are given the Goron Bracelet to pick up heavy items. You can upgrade the rusty sword at Goron City into the Magical Sword.

The second piece of the Triforce of Wisdom is in Death Mountain Crater, spotted by Ganondorf. After having your first encounter with Ganondorf, you barely escape with the piece. Finding yourself lost in Eastern Palace, enemies start to attack. Inside of a treasure chest is a Bow and some arrows. Getting locked up in a room, Link targets the wooden door with any of his weapons (minus the Lantern) and escapes, finding the third piece high ontop of a pillar. Finding a treasure chest with Roc's Cape, Link jumps onto multiple pillars that get higher and higher each time, finally retrieving the last piece. The boss, , attacks Link who uses his items to defeat him.

Exiting Eastern Palace, Link finds a magical copy of himself, Shadow Link, at Hyrule Castle. Attacking him, Shadow Link drops the Flute of Ages. While in Hyrule Castle, Ganondorf's army captures Link, the screen blacking out. It returns to Link in a chamber with Ganondorf holding the four pieces of the Triforce of Wisdom (after revealed that Ganondorf had two pieces all this time) and about to take the Triforce of Courage which is revealed to have been with Link. Using the Flute of Shadows, Link travels into a shadow world, landing in the Lost Woods.

Shadow World

The same trail from before leading to the rusty sword (or now Magical Sword) is closed, requiring Link's bomb to open up the trail. It leads to a shrine with the Master Sword, with Link forcing it out of the boulder. Now equipped with the Master Sword, Link travels to Desert of Mystery in hopes of learning combat skills to fight off against Ganondorf. (Past) Impa attacks Link at the Desert of Mystery until Link stops her and makes her apologize. Revealing to Link that Ganondorf is returning, she hands Link the Din's Fire and teaches him how to jump higher with Roc's Cape. She tells Link to travel to Lake Hylia to receive some more spells from the Old Man.

Upon traveling to Lake Hylia, Link stops by The Great Swamp where a relative of the Old Man teaches Link the Thunder and Life spell before he is killed by , . Link finds the Boomerang in the Old Man's relative's house and uses it to defeat , , and leaves with it. Searching the house for more items, he finds the Grappling Hook. Going to Lake Hylia, the Old Man invites Link and gives him Nayru's Love and Farore's Wind. Using the Lantern, the whole entire Shadow World is revealed and is destroyed, leading to Ganondorf who was under control of the Shadow World to die.

Back to Hyrule

Traveling back to the present, Link is still in Lake Hylia where the Old Man (now in the present) upgrades Link's Flute of Ages to the Flute of Winds.

Teleporting to Hyrule Castle with it, the ultimate battle between Ganondorf and Link begins. All of Link's items (except the Flute and Lantern) and spells can be used to battle Ganondorf who is killed when Link stabs Ganondorf with the Master Sword, fully destroying Shadow Link, the Shadow World, and killing off Ganon.



Shadow's Whisperer has 2.5D gameplay that is a traditional mix between Orcarina of Time, the DS games, and A Link Between Worlds. Gameplay is non-linear except for the beginning dungeons of the game. 

The top-screen shows the gameplay, while the bottom screen shows the map, Rupee amount, items (equiped to X, B, and Y); a button for the items show all items (up to 20) where you can switch between any item (similar to the Minish Cap). The bottom screen's touch screen is the same one from ALBW but organized more. The B button serves as the sword or any other weapon, X being the lantern or any other item, and Y being the same as X. R controls the shield and the D-Pad controls the camera.

The 3D resembles ALBW's.

Game Information


The game was originally a remake of the Oracle series but got scrapped when BotW was announced. It was officially announced on April 1st, but most people had assumed it was an April Fools joke. Trailers were made for the game, showing mostly gameplay.

The game took inspiration from prior Zelda titles with the plot being based slightly off of OoT.

Timeline Placement

This is a direct sequel of Link's Awakening, taking place almost 30 years after the game. The game returns to Hyrule where it's slightly modified to resemble ALBW's map. This Link is different from the one seen in Link's Awakening.

It belongs in the Downfall timeline where Link loses to Ganon, resulting in the timeline. This title takes place 30 years after Link's Awakening and roughly centuries before A Link Between Worlds. It features different incarnations of Link and Zelda, but in the past it features a much, much younger version of the 'Old Man' and other characters from previous games.


The game takes place in Hyrule, resembling ALttP and ALBW's world. It is slightly modified from both versions but resembles ALBW's more.


Being a sequel to ALA and indirectly ALttP, music is inspired from those games and ALBW's. There is original music in the game and a few remixes of other music such as the Opening Screen being based off of the original Legend of Zelda's Opening Screen.








  • This is the twentieth LoZ game.
    • The game wass inspired by a lot off of the previous entries in the series.
  • It is official that the BS games are non-canon as Link is titled 'The Hero of Light' and no events from the BS games appear.
  • BotW (if it is taking place in the same time as Shadow's Whisperer) is deemed non-canon.