The Legend of Zelda: Rise of the StarS


Developer(s) Fantendo EAD
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii
Release Date(s)
TBA 20011
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platformer
Media Included Unknown

The Legend of Zelda: The Sun King is the direct sequel to Spirit Track. It is set for the Wii for a 20011 release. The game features a cel-shaded art style similar like the previous ones. Zelda, the protagonist of Spirit Tracks, traveled across the game's overworld using a cannon-equipped steam liner much like the steamboat in Phantom Hourglass. The player is also able to control Phantoms, one of the more difficult enemies from Phantom Hourglass, and play instruments which are owned by different playable characters in each.


Hyrule Kingdom is the country that ruled over by the Spirits of Good, who were responsible for sealing the land's tyrant, Malladus, into the earth after the concourse of the Spirit War with the railroad tracks called Spirit Tracks that spiral and work their way all over the vibrant landscape. After the legendary heros defeated Malladus, the peace was once back to the kingdom. One day, Princess Zelda, the princess of Hyrule Kingdom, runs in to a fairy named Ciela. She told her that in the next "meteor shower of century", the train "Twilight Express" would lead stars to their origin in the galaxy, as the spirit tracks rising to the sky. But at the same time, the power of meteor shower also wakes up the embodiment of darkness, Ganondorf, who was sealed under the Great Sea. To save the world, the only clue is "the train ticket to Galaxy Terminus", which was kept by Zelda's rumored pirate ancester in a corner of the world. She must get on the "Twilight Express" and navigate into th galaxy and defeat Ganondorf once again.


  • Zelda : Princess of Hyrule Kingdom, a kindhearted girl who wants to travel outside like her brave great-great grandmother, the legendary empress of pirate and the founder of the kingdom. She investigates the treasure maps left by her and goes on the trip with her new partners to save the world. She seems to have somewhat love interest in Link.
  • Link: An apprentice of a master engineer in the royal spirit railway, had traveled with Zelda to defeat Malladus. He wants to confirm whether he should be Zelda's knight, or fulfill his dream of Royal Engineer in the new trip.
  • Ciela : A fairy came from Mercay Island and assisting Zelda in her trip. She is in fact the Spirit of Courage, and had assisted Zelda's ancesters built the kingdom.
  • Alfonzo : The royal engineer of spirit tracks and Link's mentor, tough in most time but has a considerate aspect. He joins Zelda in halfway in order to take Twilight Express a look. He seems to have a crush on Ilia, but keeping denial.
  • Pinkle : The daughter of the Grand Fairy of the Fairy Garden, and a familiar friend of Ciela. She wants to save her mother from Ganondorf and helps Zelda. Her charming appearance and mature thoughts make Zelda admire a lot.
  • Lineback III : The owner of the Linebeck Trading Company. He accommodate Zelda and her partners on his liner, S.S. Linebeck V while he keeps business transactions overseas. His grandfather is also an assistant of Zelda's ancester.
  • Aryll : A little girl who lives wit her grandmother in the capital of Hyrule, and a crazy fan of Zelda. She wants to confirm whether Link is her seperated brother decade ago and goes along with Zelda. Her telescope and good sight help a lot in their sailing.
  • Tingle : An attendant of Pinkle, who is a talented map maker and claimed to be the reincarnation of a fairy. His bizarre behavior and unique speech are just little pieces of his vibrant personality, though provokes Alfonzo more often.
  • Ilia : Link's childhood friend living in the near village. She shows like everyone's elder sister and cares about Link while his days of apprentice. During her chef time in S.S. Linebeck V, she seems to have a hostile thought to Zelda, but more a complex one to Alfonzo.
  • Vaati : A mysterious boy saved in Zelda's trip, seems to have lost his past memories and just keeps calm and silent, but gradually cheered up by Zelda and Aryll. He can make some wind magic such as blizzard to defeat villians.
  • Midna : She is a fairy resident of the Twilight Realm and a descendant of the ancient Twili people. Her ancestor set up the Twilight Express and she is the only candidate to operate it in the world, but she seems very grudging to help Zelda.
  • Ganondorf : The evil king who wanted to destroy and take over Hyrule century ago, but sealed by Zelda's ancestors under the Great Sea. Once his revival in the meteor shower of century, he determines to occupy the world again and get even with Zelda.
  • Saria : A fairy from Kokiri forest who helps Ganondorf interference Zelda with her magic ocarina. Her wish is to take over the Twilight Express and perishes human who always harm her tribe.


Twilight Tickets

The passes to get on Twilight Express and were possessed by Zelda's ancester, and were hidden in different corners of the world. If holding them in the meteor shower on century, the Twilight Express would come and stop at the station where you are.

Starry instruments

Legendary instruments on the world, that have different magical abilities in needs. In the fable, the owners of them are rumored to be the heros who can save the world by playing the Starry Orchestra.

  • Wind Waker : a conductor's baton kept by Zelda, who inherited it from her legndary pirate ancester. It can cause wind within a beat of swing.
  • Spirit Flute : from the protector of the Tower of Spirits and kept by Link. It can summon many different natural power.
  • Guitar of Waves : a guitar that kept by the tribe of Zora. Alfonzo got it when he plays the guitarist in thir carnival.
  • Harp of Ages : the instrument kept in the Fairy Garden, and took out by Pinkle. She uses it to recover ruins to the past.
  • Ocarina of Time : sold to Lineback III in his foreign trading site. It has the power to change the daytime.
  • Howling Stone : a sample made from Gossip stone by Aryll. She use it to frighten people who suffer from mental diseases.
  • Drums of Sleep : kept by Tingle when he traded it with maps. He uses it to hypnotize when he wants to get alone.
  • Horse Call : Ilia's item to call her love horse Epona. It can also gather other different creatures.
  • Sea Ukulele  : the item that Vaati had when he lost memories. It can summon ocean waves even in desert.
  • Pipes of Awakening : Midna's item to make Twilght Express switch on. It can also wake any sleeping people whether they got curses.