During the final battle between Link and Ganon, in a planet far, far away, a man named Proffesor E. Gadd is working on the DERPS (Destructive Epic Random Planet Splicer) device.

Proffesor- "Okay, were ready for the test people!" Apprentince- "Are you sure this is safe Proffesor?" Proffesor- "What was that, I can`t hear you!" Apprentice- "I said--" BOOOOM The DERPS Machine exploded. Proffesor- "Oh my shroomz!" Apprentice- "The DERPS! It is destroyed!" Proffesor- "That means it worked!" Apprentice- "What a waste of time!" Proffesor- "Waste, you may say, but this was a complete success!" Apprentice- "Yeah, whatever. I QUIT!" The apprentice storms out of the room. Proffesor- "I was about to give him his paycheck. Oh well!"


Link wakes up in the middle of the Lost Woods to the faint scent of buring trees. No idea of what happened or how he got there, he gets up, picks up his sword, and makes his way through the Woods.

After a few minutes of walking, he comes to the exit. He can see the rest of the forest is burning. "What has happened here" he thinks. Debris is flying and falling everywhere, and he must dash through it to exit the forest.

Link finally reaches the exit and there is a newly formed stream running into Hyrule field. He floats on a raft down the river, which already has been infested with evil creatures.

When Link gets to Hyrule Field, he sees it has been ravaged by aliens that are coming out of a portal in the middle. Link fights through hoardes of aliens to get to the portal, but he is stopped when a huge meteor falls from the sky. While the aliens are distracted, he rushes towards Death Mountain to seek help from the Gorons, and finds...