The Legend of Zelda: Rift, is an alteration of the timeline, were in OOC neither Good or Evil wins, and a

The Legend of Zelda: Rift
Developer(s) Fanon Crazy Coders
Publisher(s) Fanon Crazy Wiki
Platform(s) Wii U


Release Date(s)
Genre(s) Action/ Adventure
dimensional rift opens in Hyrule Feild, releaseing aliens that want to destroy everything in Hyrule, from Hyrule Castle, to Ganondorf himself.


In The Legend of Zelda: Rift you can play as Link, Ganondorf, and Zelda. Each has a special power that upgrades another character. Becuase Ganon has the Tri-force of Power, he is more fighting based, and Zelda being Wisdom does more of the puzzle aspect of the game.


Main Article: The Legend of Zelda: Rift (Story)

Characters (Playable)

Name Main Abilities Special Picture


Sword, Shield Make Zelda Invincible
Ganondorf Dark Ball, Sword Turn Link into Dark Link
Ganondorf (Twilight Princess)


Zelda Phsycic Ball, Light Arrows Turn Ganon into Beast Ganon
Project Universal Zelda


Name Description
Lost Woods Navigate through the Lost Woods by listening to the music.
Burning Forest Slow time and take your route slowly through the falling debris.
Forest Temple Ruins Several puzzles and filled with spiders.
Kokiri River Float along a river that opened up, dodging enemies.
Hyrule Field You crash your raft on a rock at Hyrule Field and see the chaos ensue.
Hyurle Crater The area is hit by a massive meteor and you must fight your way out.
Death Mountain Trail Use Ganondorf`s brute strength to climb the steep drop dodging boulders.

Death Mountain Summit

Find explosives and rig the mountain up with them. You must get inside and ask the Gorons for help.
Goron Refuge Inside the mountain, the Gorons think Ganon is still evil, and attack you with a giant mechanical Goron.
Goron Mines Search the mines for an exit, as you have been trapped.
Landslide Fall down a landslide avoiding enemies.
Lake Hylia Look for Zelda all throughout the lake.
Water Temple You explore the temple looking for clues on how to get to the Rift World.
Waterfall Fall down a waterfall dodging enemeis.
Zora Palace Explore the palace, taken over by aliens, for the Rift Stone.
Crater Battle Come back to Hyrule Crater and battle aleins to get into the Rift Portal.
Rift World Fight aliens, solve puzzles, and kill the alien queen.
Sky Dive Fall from the sky into the Lost Woods to destroy the Rift Stone with the Master Sword.

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