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There untold part of the story...
Prologue, The Legend of Zelda: Restoration 64 -A Compilation-

The Legend of Zelda: Restoration 64 -A Compilation- is a 3D adventure-action title released in May 2007 along with Majora's Mask 2: The Untold Legend of the Fierce Deity for the Nintendo GameCube. The events are explicitly stated to be the "complete adventure", including all of the vintage N64 games piled into a single adventure, along with a new addition: Ura Zelda.


Most of the players who bought this game remarked that they expected the storyline to be some random combination of the two games Majora's Mask and Ocarina of Time. However, each of the games' storylines were tweaked to fit more closely together, and with the addition of Ura Zelda, Ocarina of Time's storyline was extended by a good deal.

The story is the same as the originals. Ocarina of Time dealt with the king of evil, Ganondorf, trying to take over Hyrule by taking the Triforce. He only manages to steal the Triforce of Power and our hero is sealed in the sacred realm for 7 years so he can better defend the land of Hyrule, but when he awakes he finds a completely different world.

The Story of Majora's Mask is when Link was searching for his long lost friend that left him after he completed his destiny, he is ambushed by a Skull Kid who has stolen Majora's Mask, a powerful and dangerous artifact. Link learns soon after that he is trapped in a doomed world - Termina will be destroyed by its Moon if he doesn't interfere. On the third day, Link gains his Ocarina and uses it to reset time so he can defeat Majora.

Ura Zelda's story starts out exactly as Ocarina of Time's, but instead of following the normal flow of Ocarina's storyline, there are quite a bit of extra dungeons and boss battles before Ganondorf is finally battled.


The games play almost exactly like the original versions, although some actions are adapted to fit the GameCube's controller itself. See below for more details.


As is the same with other GameCube titles, this one uses the controller.

A Button - Perform an action (i.e., open a door, pick up an item)/Put away current item

B Button - Use/Swing Sword (Short Ranged)

R Button - Use Weapon set to R Button

L Button - Target an Enemy

Start Button - Pause/Open Inventory

X Button - Use Weapon set to X Button

Y Button - Use Weapon set to Y Button

Control Stick - Move/Walk/Run


This game stars all of the dungeons in Majora's Mask and Ocarina of Time.


All of the same Bosses are featured.


The overall reception was fairly positive for this compilation. The game failed to match the sales of Majora's Mask 2: The Untold Legend of the Fierce Deity, but still managed several million copies across the globe. What seemed to accentuate the game's overall success was the addition of Ura Zelda, an extenstion on to Ocarina of Time's original adventure storyline. However, fans were pleasantly surprised by the additional dungeon and the defferent storyline. One of the other features that determined its success was the improved graphics and characters. It was criticized, however, for its lack of inspiration. It won Nintendo Power's "Best Zelda Compilation" award recently, as well as scoring a fairly good 9.2 on its review.


  • This compilation exists as one of only two compilations, the first only available to players who pre-ordered The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.
  • This compilation would actually be the first title to actually feature Ura Zelda, an extenstion to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

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