The Legend of Zelda: Quest of the Elements is an upcoming game for the 3ds to be released August 2014. It is similar to Ocarina of time 3d as you visit Hyrule once again in a beautiful 3d environment!


Link, born and raised by the zoras after the death of his mother, follows a fairy to a strange cave hidden behind a shop in the nearby town of Kakrioko Village. He is suddenly attacked by spider like creatures and sees a vision of an evil lord. Link wakes up, realizing it is just another nightmare, but sees the Zora King fleeing the domain. When the Zora King is reported missing, the zoras recognizes Links strength as a warrior and his courage, and gives his first quest to find the zora king. Link is taught how to swim, wield a sword and shield and various other training exercises, and Link sets off to the strange cave first to conquer the monsters inside, called the Lost Cavern. After defeating the boss, Tektita, a vision appears to Link of King Zora, stating that a strange entity has threatened all of Hyrule, and even threatened the king that Zoras domain would be forever frozen, with all the Zoras trapped under the ice. Link returns to Zoras Domain and sees that the threat has come true. Link's childhood friend from Kakriako Village, Gorn, rushes to Link, and seeing his anger, goads him into a quest for revenge on the dark cloud, and that you will soon find the way defeat it. Gorn leaves after telling Link that he should visit the Great Fairy's Fountain near Zoras Domain. Link visits the Great Fairy's Fountain after climbing the Tower of Trials hidden underneath Zoras Domain, and is told by the first great fairy of three, Din, that he must gather the elements to defeat the Dark Cloud. She also tells him that he must visit the 3 temples across Hyrule in order for this to be possible. Full plot summary up to the final battle against the dark cloud coming soon.


Kakariako Vilage: A lively town located in the southernmost part of Hyrule. It has many shops, including Gran's Magic Potion Shop, Bazaars and a huge happy Mask store. There is also a well, leading to the Underground Chambers, and the entrance to the Lost Cavern is accesed through an abandoned house, furthemore being the only location to have access to two dungeons.

Hyrule Field: A huge, sprawling field, split into four areas, which has access all the communities in Hyrule. In the southern part of the field, there are two giant windmills, one of which serves as a dungeon, and the other is operated by Guru-Guru.

Gerudo Desert: A large desert with towering sandy cliffs, which Link must traverse through and face the many treacharous tasks, such as the vast sea of sand, and the many challenging enemies. The third great fairy, Nayru, is located near the lone tree in the centre of the desert. The gerudo desert also contains many bridge and odd pillars, and has access to the Pillar Temple.

More locations, list of dungeons, items and the new world map coming soon!

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