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The Legend of Zelda: Quest for the Radiant Shards

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The Legend of Zelda: Quest for the Radiant Shards is an upcoming Legend of Zelda game being made by Blecki Hearts. The game plays like Four Swords Adventures with some new features.

New Features



It was a normal day in Hyrule, Princess Zelda was having a party with friendly Hylians and other residents of a certain area. Link, Medli, and Makar were walking together, talking about how exciting Zelda's party will be. When they made to Hyrule Castle, they saw a bunch of people passed out as if they were attacked. Zelda ran to Link, saying that a mysterious man came and smashed an important object that was hidden in the castle. The important was the Radiant Crystal, a crystal so powerful that an unamed evil man was trapped in it. The man is now free and the shards of the crystal are scattered everywhere, causing Hyrule to be in serious trouble. Link started getting angry and decided to go get the Radiant Crystals. Zelda stops him and tells him that she is going with him. Makar and Medli wanted to come as well to assist Link and Zelda if they need help. The crew then ran out of the castle to start their new journey.



Image Name Description
LinkSTPlayingFlute Link Link is the hero of Hyrule and the wielder of the Master Sword. Link is the most balanced out of all the characters.
Toon Zelda (7) Zelda Zelda is the princess of Hyrule and a friend of Link. She may be slow, but the amount of magic abilities she has is incredible.
Medli (2) Medli Medli is a member of the Rita and one of the Sages of the Master Sword. She's the weakest of the bunch, but she can carry more items in her inventory.
Makar (2) Makar Makar is an energenic Korok and one of the Sages of the Master Sword. He is fast and has swift and powerful attacks, but he has the lowest inventory space and is frail.


Special Moves



There are a total of 9 worlds in this game.

Name Description Bosses

Hyrule Grasslands

A beautiful meadow with thick forests and clear water. Despite its radiant looks, Octoroks lurk around, attacking anything in their path. TBA
Goron Peaks TBA TBA
Zora Waters TBA TBA


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