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The Legend of Zelda: Pandora's Box (ゼルダの伝説パンドラの箱, Zeruda no densetsu Pandora no hako) is a game in the Legend of Zelda series and follows the quest of Link in his efforts to close The Great Box after Pandora opened it. The games place in the Legend of Zelda Timeline is currently unknown but is speculated to take place in a third reality after Ocorina of Time.


The Story for The Legend of Zelda: Pandora's Box is devided into 15 Chapters all named after the evils that escaped Pandora's Box in the real story. The finale Chapter, Chapter 15, is called "Hope", after the final spirit to leave Pandora's Box in the original legend.

Chapter One: Greed

A young child, Link, and his sister Eudora are hiding in forest. Eudora is sheltering the the young child from the rain as tears run down her face. Eudora looks up to the moon through the trees and looks back down at her necklace, rubing off some dirt and tucking it back into her shirt. Eudora notices a light in the corner of her eye. A man, holding a glowing lantern, confronts the children and takes them out of the forest to a village called Curishin. He cares for the children and heals their wounds, years pass and the man is no longer with them. Eudora and Link now own a Dairy Farm. "Link!? Link! You need to go get the bread from the Bakers! Link!?" shouts Eudora. A young man in his late teens emerges from his small room. "Link, go get the Bread, here." Eudora passes the boy 5 Rupies "The Tac collecter will be here soon so could you hurry it up? And don't work Epona too hard, she hasn't been doing too well recently." Link heads off the the bakery only to find that the prince has been up'd to 10 Rupies. Confused, Link sets off in a search for more Rupies. Coming back to buy the Bread he finds the price had been up'd even more now at 15 Rupies. Giving up Link heads back home on his horse Epona to confront his Sister only to find her being harrassed by the Tax Collecter about her shortage of Rupies "Look this is all we have right now, we can get you more when our Cow starts to make more Milk, please we just need more time." Eudora pleads the man "We'll take your Cow then" he says. "You can't take Belle! Look, just give me a day and I swear we'll get the money!" Eudora cries "I've given you long enough, I'm taking your Cow, I want real money next time or we'll have to take this further." the Tax Collecter leaves with the Cow. "Oh Link, they took Belle. Now how will we get money, ugh some people are so greedy! Hey, where's the Bread?" Link explains how all the prices have been raised. more coming soon...

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