The Legend of Zelda: Museum Temples is a game in the Legend of Zelda series. It is created by Omegaverse Corp.


12 years after the events of Zelda Spirit Tracks....

Link and Zelda were taking a train ride in the Snow Realm. Suddenly, a Phantom appeared right in front of him. Link slammed on the brakes, but it was too late. He crashed into the phantom, and the whole train exploded. Link and Zelda were on the ground, cold, and with hardly any stamina. They lay there... and the blizzard passed over...

2000 years later......

Link and Zelda's frozen bodies were in display at a museum. When suddenly, it melted. The tour guide of the museum was startled. But Link knew he had to leave this time. "These are real Hylians?" asked a young inquisitive boy. "Sure." said Link. Link ran out of the museum. But then he saw him. The mysterious, tall man stared at Link. "Fool." he said. "Hey-" shouted Link, but Vaati ran away. The museum guide walked out of the museum. "Um, if your, uh, the hero and princess of time.." "What?" said Zelda. "Well, see, erm...... the back of the museum, it's still closed up......... still closed up, and, some people say..... it's haunted." "What?" said Link. "Yeah, this is the Museum of Time.... and, erm, there are supposed to be ancient plane tickits in there, that will take you on the Jet of Time. And that....... well, the legends say will take you to one of the other museums. In each of the museums is a Triforce shard..... or so the legends say. They'll.... take you home. But all the museum's are haunted. And, erm..." Link knew exactly what he and Zelda had to do. Find the shards and the tickits, and get home. But where was Ganon?


Most of the items are new versions of old items.

  • Boomerang=shiny boomerang
  • Arrows=Mechanical crossbow gun
  • Bomb=TNT
  • Whirlwind=Electric fan
  • Bombchus=robots
  • Hookshot=grappling hook
  • Some new items will come too!


Only a few temples have been comfirmed

  • Museum of Time (serves role as the temple of the ocean king from PH)
  • Light temple (first or third temple)
  • Haunted Temple of the Blizzards (2nd temple)
  • Unknown goron-filled temple
  • Temple of Time (final temple)


  • Museum of Time Boss: Unknown, possibly either Ganon or Bellum
  • Light temple boss: Some electric creature that controls the electricity
  • Haunted Temple of the blizzards boss: A spinning blizzard witch that shoots freezing snowflakes.
  • Goron-filled temple boss: Robo-goron
  • Temple of Time Boss: Probably Vaati.

Not much else has been comfirmed.

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