The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Racers
Developer(s) Zodiac Games
Publisher(s) NintendoLogo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
July 2014
Hyrule Sweepstakes

Single Race Horseback Battle

Age Rating(s)
T for Teen
Genre(s) Racing
Series The Legend of Zelda
The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Racers is a racing game developed by Zodiac Games, and is a spinoff of the Legend of Zelda series. It features horseback races with similar riding mechanics to Ocarina of Time, as well as elements of the Mario Kart franchise. It also draws characters and tracks from all throughout the Zelda timeline.


The horseriding gameplay plays very similar to Ocarina of Time's horseriding. You have a meter with five carrots, which you can use up to speed up your horse, but use them up too quickly and you'll run out and your horse will get tired. Drawing from the Mario Kart series, there are also item chests littered around the track. Riding into one of these will give you an item to use against your opponents.


(Using a WiiMote on it's side)

D-Pad - Steer horse

2 - Jump

1 - Use item

B - Look behind you

Shake WiiMote - Speed up horse


The characters you can play as are drawn from all throughout the Zelda series, but all race on horseback. The individual horses you can chose have their own stats, but each character also has a weight category. Heavier characters are a little slower, but can't be knocked off the track as easily, and lighter characters are faster, but can be knocked around pretty easily. The weight categories are split into four groups; Feather, Light, Medium, and Heavy.

Character Weight Category
Link Medium
Zelda Light
Ganondorf Heavy
Impa Medium
Malon Feather
Sheik Light
Groose Heavy
Ghirahim Medium
Skull Kid Light
Midna Feather
Linebeck Heavy
Tetra Light
Ravio Medium
Sahasrla Heavy
Tingle Feather
Vaati Feather


There are 16 tracks, split into four cups. Tracks in a cup are played one after another in Hyrule Sweepstakes mode.

Power Cup

Track Game of Origin
Lon Lon Ranch Ocarina of Time
Kakariko Gorge Twilight Princess
Dragon Roost Island The Wind Waker
Rabbitland Rescue Spirit Tracks

Wisdom Cup

Track Game of Origin
Skyloft Skyward Sword
Talos Cave Four Swords
Lorule A Link Between Worlds
Minish Woods The Minish Cap

Courage Cup

Track Game of Origin
Clock Town Majora's Mask
Tal Tal Heights Link's Awakening
Isle of the Dead Phantom Hourglass
Subrosia Oracle of Seasons

Master Cup

Track Game of Origin
Hyrule Field Ocarina of Time
Black Tower Oragle of Ages
Hyrule Castle A Link to the Past
Level 9 The Legend of Zelda


Item Use
Bow & Arrow A standard projectile. Can be charged up to fly further.
Hookshot Can be used to hook onto terrain and other racers to pull yourself forward.
Bomb A projectile that explodes when it hits the ground.
Bombchu Similar to the bomb, except that instead of blowing up instantly, it will travel along the ground until it hits a racer, or a certain amount of time passes.
Bunny Hood Gives you a speed boost for an amount of time.
Fire Rod Sprays fire either in front or behind you. It is a constant spray while using it, instead of a quick burst.
Boomerang A projectile that flies forward and comes back to you, giving you three uses. Unlike Mario Kart 8's boomerang, it has a curved arc instead of straight forward and back.
Hylian Sheild Places a sheild on the back of your horse to protect your from projectiles.