This Zelda game is all about the FINAL Link (whooooo, original right?) and the fourth piece of the Triforce.  This is also meant to tie up the three story lines. (Please excuse me if I have plot holes, I haven't played all of the games so if I'm missing something just comment at the bottom of this article.)

Written by TohPengerk King

Story Line


You wake up in New Hyrule Village as Link, 12 years of age, and you have nothing but a raggedy tunic. Your parrents are not there because they went hunting and never came back (this is never resolved). But you walk out of your house and you are greeted by the only other child in the village, Tingle, and he says "Hi Link! The mayor is holding a town meeting! Can you come down to his house with me?" Then you go to the mayor's house because there is nothing else to do. He says to all the people in this town, "People, we have a serious problem! The Rupee Mines have caved in and we can't get our miners out! If someone doesn't do some thing about this they will be trapped down there forever!" After this little speech you go up and talk to the mayor and "talk" to him he says that he will not send a 12 year old into the Rupee Mines all by himself. You can try to go mines yourself, but the entrance is covered in vines which you need a sword to cut down. What you're suppoesed to do is go to the Enchantment Shop. The owner here is dressed in red and has a long white beard, (this is a cameo to the old man in Zelda 1). You talk to him and he tells you that you are going on a very long, very difficult journy, to save the world. But you must find two people to accompany you before you can do this, a very powerful young boy, and a very wise young girl, and the first step is to leave the village. So you go back to the mayor's house and talk to him again, this time he will let you go, because he knows the enchanter doesn't fool around. So he takes you downstairs and tells you that what you need is in the chest. When you open said chest, you get the Hero's Sword, which is the tier 1 sword of this game. You try to leave the house but the mayor stops you and says you cannot go without getting a shield first. You can buy a shield for 50 Rupees at the store in this town. Luckily, if you go into your house, there is a chest that holds a purple rupee, so you can buy it. Now you may progress to the Rupee Mines.


In this dungeon, there is no theme, like there is in most dungeons, it's just a mine, nothing more, and what you are trying to do here is save all of the miners. You have to find all of them because this is how you get your keys in this dungeon, kind of like the Fire Temple in Ocarina of Time. When you find the boss miner, he will give you a bomb bag, which is the item in this dungeon. But what you do with these bombs is blow-up a large rock that is covering the entrance to the boss room.

BOSS 1: Dark Mage of Wind, VERDRIMAL
This boss is pretty simple, just like most first bosses. What you do is, when he pulls out his staff and is about to shoot a blast of wind at you, just pull out a bomb and duck (which is the same button for the sheild) and it will fly back at him and blow him up. You do this a few times before you beat him and when you do, his staff flies into the air, lands on the ground, top first, and shatters, revealing that he had the had the Kokiri's Emerald within his staff for some odd reason. But before you Grab the Kokiri's Emerald, be sure to grab your heart container.

After you beat the Rupee Mines, you are back outside the dungeon and greeted by Tingle and he says "WOW LINK! You saved all those miners all by yourself? I wish I had as much courage as you do!" Now the mayor says that he is impressed by your bravery and skill. But he also tells you that he talked the enchanter, says that he will let you leave town if you want to, and that he instructed the guard to allow you to do so if you please. So now you are going to leave town, but you are stopped by Tingle and he says, "Link... would it be okay if I came with you so that I could learn to be brave?" Of course, you have to say yes to this, because if you say no, then he will respond with, "Oh please?" and the Yes/No choice box comes up again. So Tingle is coming with you. So you board the train that leads from New Hyrule Village to Clock Town, but as you are drving through, you hit a very large rock, you can try to bomb it, but it won't blow up. But as it turns out, this place that you stopped, is none other than (a very dead, very muddy) Hyule Feild. You can try exploring, but you can't get into anywhere but the Gerudo Swamp,  where there is nothing but a small farm with a family of three. You can talk to the parrents, and they will ask you if you came to play with their son, Ganondorf. If you go upstairs to his room, you will find him in there, 12 years old, lifting his bed and putting it back down, over and over again. Link, impressed and shocked by his power, realizes that this is the very powerful young boy the enchanter told you about that he had to find. You talk to him and he says that he will come with you, but only if you bring him something special, pretty, and valuable. You can try to show him the Kokiri's Emerald, but he will say, "No, I don't like THAT color." But he will tell you that he has a secret hideout  under the tree in the field, and there is only one tree, so yeah. What you are supposed to do is go to Hyrule Field and roll into this lone tree, and you'll open up the Hidden Cave.


Again, this dungeon has no theme, it's just a cave and not much else. There are no keys in this dungeon, instead there are small shovels, which break after one use. However, the boss key replacement is a normal sized shovel that doesn't break, so it doubles as your shovel in this game, which I guess is nice, but that isn't the dungeon item, the dungeon item in here is the slingshot. But anyways, onto the boss.

BOSS 2: Dark Mage of Fire: ROMARITAK
Again, a very straight-forward boss. All you have to do is dodge his fire blasts, and hit his force field with your slingshot until it breaks, then you go up and slash him with your sword, rinse, and repeat. When you beat him, his staff flies into the air, just like the other one, and the top shatters, revealing the Goron's Ruby. However, once again, pick up your heart container before you grab the ruby.




Rupoor (black): -10 Rupees
Green Rupee: 1 Rupee
Blue Rupee: 5 Rupees
Yellow Rupee: 10 Rupees
Red Rupee: 20 Rupees
Purple Rupee: 50 Rupees
Silver Rupee: 100 Rupees
Orange Rupee: 200 Rupees
Gold Rupee: 500 Rupees
Huge Rupee (white): 1,000 Rupees


Hero's Sword
Gotten from the Mayor of New Hyrule Village
Master Sword
In the Temple of Time
Giant's Sword
Hidden behind a statue in Ikana Canyon that you put seven rings (one found in each temple, on a statue that  resembles the statue in Ikana) on the fingers of the statue, it opens up, and you go in, where the Giant's Sword is sitting in a pedestal.
Sword of the Sages
Given to you by Hylia
Leather Gloves
Pre-equipped with Ganondorf
Silver Gauntlets
In a chest outside of the Temple of Time in the second time period
Golden Gauntlets
Awarded for enchanting 10 items
Shadow Gauntlets
If you throw your Leather Gloves into the Fairy Queen's Fountain, then she will give you them.
Bombos Medallion
Pre-equiped with Zelda
Ether Medallion
Given away from the Medallion Salesman
Quake Medallion
Find all four hidden medallions (Love Medallion, Blade Medallion, Knight's Medallion, and the Medallion of Truth) through out the world
Gold Skull Medallion
Fight the Giant Gold Skulltulla that appears in New Hyrule Village in after you beat Hylia's sanctuary


1. Bombs: Rupee Mines - blows thing up
2. Slingshot: Hidden Cave - allows you to shot things form a distance (child)
3. Boomerang: Clock Tower - allows you to hit multiple targets abd bring them all back
4. Forrest Bow: Forrest Temple - allows you to shot thing from a distance (adult)
5. Fire Hammer: Fire Temple - allows you to hit things with great force
6. Water Trident: Water Temple- weapon that allows you to open certain doors and break ice
7. Spirt Staff: Spirt Temple - allows you to be control the sand
8. Shadow Crystal: Shadow Temple - lets you become a wolf
9. Light Cape: Light Temple - allows you to be a wolf
10. Wind Waker: Farore's Sanctuary - allows you to control direction of the wind
11. Longshot: Din's Sanctuary - a hookshot with greater reach
12. Thunder Ring: Nayru's Sanctuary - allows you to conjure lightnig
13. Deku, Goron, Zora, and Giant Masks: Giant's Sanctuary - Deku Mask allows you to be a Deku, Goron Mask allows you to be a Goron, Zora Mask allows you to be a Zora, Giaint Mask allows you to be a giant
14. Roc's Cape: Hylia's Sanctuary - allows you to ride the winds
15. Dark Arrows: Oni's Prison - arrows that shoot darkness


Heirloom Ocarina/Ocarina of Time: Given to Link by Zelda
Minnish Cap: given to Link by a Minnish if you find him in Hyrule Field as a child
Hookshot: Gotten in by exploring the lost woods until you find an area with nothing in it except a White Wolfos, kill it and a hole will open in the ground, where you will have to go through a short mini-dungeon, where in the end, you will obtain the hookshot.
Telescope: gotten for herding all of the goats in Ordon Village

HEART PIECES ( I would greatly appreciate ideas for these, could you please post your ideas in the comments?)

1. Go to the ruins of Hyrule Castle, and blow up the remains of the target from Bombchu Alley.
2. ???
3. ???
4. ???
5. ???
6. ???
7. ???
8. ???
9. ???
10. ???
11. ???
12. ???

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