The Legend of Zelda: Guardian of Clime
FEB Studios
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
November 18th 2016
Campaign, Multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) RPG, Adventure
Series The Legend of Zelda
Media Included Wii U Optical Disc

The latest installment in The Legend of Zelda series! Taking place a fully 3D environment, where a new threat terrors Hyrule in the form of Elemot who has destroyed the Weather Systems, meaning that Link, joined with Teru, must restore each Weather Type in order to save Hyrule.


The player is to choose their own name at the start of the game, but in this, they will simply be referred to as "Link"


The game starts off with a scene in some sort of temple area, where a pale man holding a staff walks up to the main platform where a large circular monument is holding 6 different jewels, dotted around the ring. As the man approaches, a woman of the same species bravely rushes in front of the ring to protect it. "Please Elemot! Don't do this!" the woman says. The pale faced "Elemot" grins "You are foolish to stand against the very power in which you protect... I can already feel it; a aging storm is soon to come... and you will shall be part of its aftermath!" Elemot then creates an outburst of power from his staff, which traps the woman in a bright light as she is slowly shrunken down by size and flung off the side of the temple. The pale finally walks up to the large ring structure...

Greenbay Village

Link lazily wakes up while someone calls him outside "Hey Link!". Link then snaps out of it and gets out of bed to get dressed. Once ready, you get control of Link, and head out your house to meet your supposed friends outside. They are Ceo, Fina, Leeta and Bolk. "Morning sleepy head!" Leeta giggles. Ceo then tells you that they‘re all heading over to their “hideout “north of the village, above “Ivy Shrine”. After Bolk wittily says “Don’t chicken out!” to link, a middle-aged bearded man, stops the group; “Now just where do you think you’re all heading off to so quickly? I hope you’re not going to that ridiculous hideout of yours!?”. Ceo crosses his arms “Aww, you always ruin all the fun Gurge!”, “Yeah, it’s not like anything’s going to happen!” Fina adds. “Now, now, you never know what could happen, and plus, not thinking only about you lot, Ivy Shrine is supposed to be a peaceful sanctuary for wildlife! You messing around isn’t exactly gonna make it more peaceful now is it? I’ll trust that you all do the correct thing...” Gurge then walks off confidently.

Leeta then thinks for a second “Maybe he has a point, perhaps we should find a different hideout maybe?”. Bolk laughs at this idea “Hahaha! Now you’re scared as well? Nah, that old geezer as lived by the sword so long he’s always paranoid about “danger” or “Hazards”! Baah! It’ll be fine, come on!” Everyone then follows Bolk, while Leeta hesitates slightly, but follows anyway. So, you head up to the top of the village where the Shrine is, however, the main entrance is blocked off by a large wooden door. But, the “secret hideout” is located at the top of the shrine, which can be reached easily by heading up the sloped path that leads up to it. Here, you might your friends who greet you, except for Bolk who idiotically remarks “Ah, so you ain’t so chicken after all?”. Fina then begins talking about a rumour she heard; “Hey, I heard that inside the Ivy Shrine, there’s this pale old man who protects something secret”. Though Leeta is interested, Ceo boasts “Pfff, that’s ridiculous! Where’d you even hear that? Don’t tell me you believe in that rubbish!”. These words slightly hurt Fina who then shuffles back and bows her head in suppressed anger, but then looks up at a tall tree near them with vines coming down from it... The group continues talking when suddenly, a voice shouts “D’ya think this is ridiculous huh?”. It’s Fina! Climbing the vines of the tall tree, meters off the ground. Suddenly though, a large gust of wind causing Fina to lose grasp of the vine and fall down, just managing to grab onto a stable branch.

Hanging from a mere branch so high up, Leeta panics and tells Bolk to do something. Bolk looks up and despite his confidence before, gulps and hesitates. Link then gains some confidence and quickly jumps onto the vines and begins climbing up. Seeing Link’s sudden courage, Bolk rushes up to the vines to climb as well. So, you quickly climb (If Bolk catches up with you, he will try to grab you and pull you off). Once at the branch where Fina is hanging, Link reaches for Fina. Bolk then gets mad that Link is ahead of him and tries to make a jump, but fails and falls down near the bottom, only just catching a vine before hitting the ground. Link then grabs onto a long hanging vine, which, once he has Fina, slides down the vine, safely to the bottom of the tree.

Relieved, Leeta thanks you for saving her sister, and Ceo apologises for his childish remark. Link smiles and turns around to see Bolk who is still cocky in remarking “Er, just a graze, I would I have done fine if you hadn’t tried to be little mr. Hero!”. A voice then emanates from the hideout entrance; it’s Gurge “What did I tell you eh? Foolish children! I’ll admit, I was once like you, cocky, fearless, but it is for that reason that I MUST protect this village from incidents like this!”. Ceo bows his head in shame and apologises. “Hmmm” Gurge wonders “I watched the whole thing, Link... that quite some bravery I saw there! I must thank you, but even so, you all came up here knowing the danger I warned you about... I’m just wondering... what made such a sudden and powerful gust of wind just come out of nowhere like that? ...hmmm, the weather... why has it been so unpredictable lately?” he mumbles.

Leeta and Fina apologise, but Bolk seems to have learnt nothing “Hmff, whatever, it all ended up fine anyway, so it’s not like it matters now”. “FOOLISH CHILD!” Gurge shouts “Are you really that blind? Who knows? If Link hadn’t made his sudden move, Fina could be seriously injured right now!”. Bolk cringes and turns around, with his head facing down. “Come on, let’s all get off this “hideout” of yours” Gurge leads the way as Leeta, Ceo and Fina follow. Link then goes to follow, but Bolk walks past, nudging his shoulder aggressively, whilst giving Link a mean look, as he leaves the hideout. With that all out the way, Link heads back into the village where Gurge stops him for a moment; “Say, that was quite some skill and courage I saw back there; even Bolk didn’t seem confident until he saw your bravery. I am quite impressed for sure... Hmmm, say, I have a bit of a chore for you... tell you what, meet me at my house and I’ll tell you there, it’s just down there on the beach, in the side of the cliff”

So, once ready, you head down to Gurge’s house on the beach where you meet him. “Ah, there you are, okay, so how about this, you run me a quick errand and I’ll give you a little something in return? What is it? Well, you’ll have to do my errand to find out! All I need is for you to pop round to Lumberman Jack’s house, just near the centre of the village, and ask him if I can borrow an axe of his. You see, as a swordsman, I do enjoy sometimes crafting my swords and such, so just head to Lumberman Jack’s house and ask him if I could borrow an axe! Chop, Chop!”. With that, you head of to Jack’s house where he is cutting up some wood. However, when you ask him about the axe, he replies “Haha! If that guy thinks he’s getting another axe from me, he’s gonna have to pay for it! 30 Rupees I say! He never returned the last one I lent him!”

So, you return to Gurge’s house to tell him about his “missing axe”. “Oh! Argh, I completely forgot about that... I have no idea where that axe went, and I’m completely out of rupees! Darn... say, do you think you could go out and rack up some rupees to pay him off? And I PROMISE, that I’ll pay you back later... in fact, I’ll pay you back 3 TIMES AS MUCH!” with that, you have to go out and collect at least 30 rupees from things such as bushes and rocks. Once you’ve collected enough Rupees, talk to Lumberman Jack again and he’ll give you the “Lumber Axe” in exchange for the rupees. (You’re not able to use the axe yourself since it’s not for you). Once you give Gurge the axe, he thanks you and then gives you his “little something” he talked about.

“Alright, I guess I need to keep my end of the deal, so here we go! Link, when I saw that courage, there was something about it... it reminded me of how I once was, and look at me now: a skilled swordsman and protector of this village! So... how would you like me to teach you a thing or two about using a sword?” Link agrees (or not if you want to choose the other dialogue option) and with that, Gurge lends you a wooden sword and the “Hero’s Tunic” to wear. “All my students must wear this tunic; just like the hero of legends once did” Gurge explains. When ready, Gurge will take you into his combat area, which a sort of, mini dungeon, with dummies set up everywhere to test on. In each room, Gurge will explain a different aspect of sword fighting. At the end of it all, Gurge is quite proud.

“Haha, excellent! Did I not say it would be worth it? If you want, you can keep the sword and tunic for awhile, after all, a wooden sword isn’t exactly gonna do much harm, so go ahead. BUT, this doesn’t mean I’m excusing what happened earlier. I feel a sword might make you more confident, but not in the sense that you should get cocky again, I just want you all to be safe okay?”. With that, you leave Gurge’s house where you see that it’s getting quite dark outside, as black clouds start to appear in the sky, with a bit of thunder. Anyway, you head up to the main part of the village where you meet Ceo, Fina, Leeta and Bolk. Everyone seems intrigued by Link’s appearance except for Bolk who taunts “Ha! You think just having a sword makes you strong? Pfff, and that Tunic looks pathetic!”. Link angers slightly while he continues to taunt.

“Tell ya what, you think you’re so man? Head up to the village gate near the forest’s edge and destroy the trees blocking the path with your sword! That is of course, if you’re not too chicken to go in!”. “This is stupid Bolk!” Leeta interrupts. Bolk ignores and tells Link to meet him at the entrance to Baralstra Woods. Leeta tells link “Hmmm, he’s really starting to get on my nerves! I would say don’t go, but, considering his unpredictable mood right now, it might be best just see him and talk it over? Don’t worry, We’ll all come too!”. So, you and the group, head over to the edge of the village near Baralstra Woods where Bolk is waiting. “Alright, go on then, cut down those thin trees!”. Leeta tries to persuade Bolk to stop but he ignores her and just continues to taunt Link. Here, you can either not go through with it, or do it. (If you don’t do it, then Bolk will snatch the sword of you and do it himself), either way, the sword isn’t actually strong enough to cut down the trees... Bolk then (takes the sword if you did it yourself prior to this), begins hacking at the trees with the wooden sword when, rain begins chucking it down, the sky is black with the occurring thunder strike and suddenly, a loud galloping noise is heard in which Bolk stops to listen, as does everyone else. But as the noise grows louder, suddenly, a huge group of Moblins quickly bust through the trees in which everyone leaps out the way as they are surrounded by the Moblins. Bolk looses it here and begins screaming out loud.

Link quickly picks up his swords and gets ready to battle the Moblins. With that, a short battle with a few Moblins begins, as the first real battle in the game. However, after taking out a few Moblins, a calm but sinister voice is heard from above “Quite a brave one are we? Interesting... but it will get you nowhere!” everyone looks up to see a dark silhouette on top of Ivy Shrine where the “Hideout” was. “Seize him!” the voice says. Moblins then begin swarming Link, too much for him to handle, in which he is pinned down to the ground. But then, Link’s hand begins glowing brightly, revealing the sign of the Triforce of Courage. A close up of the silhouette then shows that they are surprised “Could it be?”. As the Moblins pin Link down, and all his friends scream, Link’s consciousness begins to fade as he shortly sees Gurge in the distance, running to help, trying to fight off the Moblim swarm. But then Link passes out...

Main Characters

Name Description
The main hero and protagonist of the game. He comes from Greenbay Village and is on a quest to restore the weather to the way it should be, by learning the Songs of Clime.
Was once the guardian of the weather before being transformed into a small doll by the villain: Elemot. She is working with link to retrieve her powers so she can restore the weather systems to the way they should be. She can also use the winds to whistle, making her the musical instrument of this game.
Gurge A skilled swordsman who helps train link in combat. He also patrols Greenbay village, making sure it's safe. However, he is shown to have a larger role later on.
Zelda As the princess of Hyrule, she Is not seen for most of the first half of the game, but is later revealed to also be trying to

restore the weather, but is also on the move, as Elemot attacks Hyrule Castle.

The main villain. He is the same species as what Teru used to be, and purposely destroys the weather system for reasons explored later on. He also has a past with Teru...


Key Items

Equipable Items

Item Description Method Location
An old lantern that with some oil, can be used to light up areas or burn things such as spider webs. Swing the Wii Remote. Greenbay Village
Lumber Axe
A small axe which can be used to cut down specific trees to then create a bridge or do other things such as destroying debris. It also had good use in battle. Swing the Wii Remote, similar to a sword; the angle you swing it at will effect how it cuts down your target. Ivy Shrine
A collection of bombs which can be used to blow up large rocks or weak walls. The bombs can only be stored with a Bomb Bag (can carry up to 30 Bombs), but Bombs can be refilled by picking up bomb plants and storing them. Either press A to throw overhead, or hold the Wii Remote downwards and then press A, to roll the bomb across the ground. Press B to store a bomb when picked up. Death Mountain
Weather Bow
Fire Arrow
Fire Arrow
Water Arrow
Water Arrow
Wind Arrow
Wind Arrow
Lightning Arrow
Lightning Arrow
Ice Arrow
Ice Arrow
Complete with a quiver and arrows, the bow can be used to hit far away targets at a range such as switches or enemies.
  • Fire Arrows can burn or melt things like ice or wood from a distance.
  • Water Arrows are able to put out fire from a distance as well as being able to work under water.
  • Wind Arrows can spin wind powered switches at range as well being able to carry items across a long distance.
  • Lightning Arrows are able to power generators from a distance. It can also light up dark rooms for a short period of time.
  • Ice Arrows can freeze bodies of water at range as well as turning enemies into blocks of ice, which can then be used as a platform.
Point the arrow with the Wii Remote and then press B to fire. To use each type of arrow, you must equip it on the menu screen on the Gamepad. Sun Temple
A high-tech device which can be used to traverse waters freely and quickly. It can also fire small missiles to damage enemies. Use the Joystick to control Link's movement while using the Wii remote to aim missiles. Press B to fire them. Rainfall Temple
A metal hand device which can be used to latch onto far away objects and either pull yourself towards it or pull it towards you. Aim with the Wii Remote and Press B to launch Clawshot. Wind Temple
Beam Rod
Beam Rod
A high-tech wand which can connect small generators to each other with a beam, to then power it, making it active. Aim with Wii Remote and press B and hold to then drag beam across to a different generator. Thunder Temple
A compact battle-mace which can be used to pound objects or destroy large but fragile things such as ice. It can also be swung around a lobbed at enemies. Swing the Wii Remote to attack. To swing mace round in a circle motion, swing the Wii remote in a similar circle motion and press B to throw the end of the mace forwards. Press B again to retrieve. Snowfall Temple
Light Orb
Light Orb.
A portable sphere of light used to fight away darkness in the form of enemies, dark areas and puzzles. It can be tossed around and will teleport back to link when ordered to. Use Wii Remote to aim where to throw and press B to throw. The Light Orb can be retrieved by pressing B again. Fog Temple

Weather Jewels

The Weather Jewels are the main item which the player must collect from each dungeon. Each jewel embodies a different weather type to help keep said weather type stable. However, the jewels were scattered after Elemot destroyed the Weather System, and now the Jewels must be returned to the Weather Wheel.

Image Jewel Location
Sun Jewel
Sun Jewel Sun Temple
Rain Jewel
Rain Jewel Rainfall Temple
Wind Jewel
Wind Jewel Wind Temple
Lightning Jewel
Lightning Jewel Thunder Temple
Snow Jewel
Snow Jewel Snowfall Temple
Mist Jewel
Mist Jewel Fog Temple



Outside Areas

Location Description Connecting Areas Map
Greenbay Village A peaceful coastal village where the player starts their journey. Notable villagers include Lumberman Jack, Gurge, Bolk, Leeta, Ceo and Fina.
  • Baralstra Woods
  • Ivy Shrine
  • Snow Loch
Greenbay Village
Baralstra Woods A peaceful but supposedly "dangerous" Forest. However, the forest gets raided by Moblins, meaning various wooden huts and interconnecting bridges between trees have been built.
  • Greenbay Village
  • Hyrule Fields
Baralstra Woods
Hyrule Fields
  • Baralstra
  • Castle Town
  • Kakariko Village
  • Lake Hylia
  • Shroud Forest
Kakariko Village
  • Hyrule Fields
  • Death Mountain
Death Mountain
  • Kakariko Village
  • Goron Tower
  • Sun Temple
  • Gerudo Desert
Goron Tower
  • Death Mountain


Dungeon Description Item Boss Map
Ivy Shrine A peaceful sanctuary where an old man called Borza is said to live who is a Guardian of Clime. However, when the dungeon gets attacked, the enemies lock up the children from Greenbay Village in which Link must locate them all during the dungeon. Lumber Axe Arachade
Ivy Shrine.
Sun Temple Weather Bow
Rainfall Temple Aqua-Pod
Wind Temple Clawshot
Thunder Temple Beam Rod
Snowfall Temple Mace
Fog Temple Light Orb

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