This is a listing of objects utilizable in The Legend of Zelda: Forge of Creation's editing mode. Objects are delivered in days, much like the original setup for Super Mario Maker. However, players may also accelerate a day forward by playing and completing a play-through of the Ganon's Tower mode.

Day 1

Element Object Type Description
Link Forced Element The hero of the Zelda series. There can only be one Link in any dungeon, and his position determines the player's starting point when they begin the level. Shake to remove Link's sword, which will fall onto the tile next to him and can then be manipulated.
The Legend of Zelda Graphics Style An art style players can give their dungeon, based off of the original The Legend of Zelda for NES.
Triforce Heroes Graphics Style An art style players can give their dungeon, based off of The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes for 3DS.
Grass Dungeon Theme A theme for a dungeon set in a grassy area.
Castle Dungeon Theme A theme for a dungeon set inside a castle.
Ganon's Castle Dungeon Theme A theme for Ganon's lair. A dungeon with this theme must have Ganon as a boss and will always be the final level in a round of Ganon's Tower.
Ground Tile Tile A tile of the floor. Changes appearance between graphic styles and themes. Shake to turn into an alternate tile.
Block Tile A heavy metal block that works as a blockade. Shake to turn into a Pushable Block, which can be pushed in a chosen direction.
Chest Object A treasure chest that items can be dragged into to put them inside. Any type of item or enemy can be placed inside.
Pot Object A pot that can have an item placed inside it, which will come out when Link attacks it. Shake to turn into Grass, which serves the same purpose but is damaged by slightly different things.
Rupee Drop Item The currency of the Zelda series. Rupees in this game act as a completion percentage, with a higher ranking being achieved depending on how many Rupees were obtained. Drag onto enemies to make them drop Rupees upon death. Shake multiple times to create higher value Rupees, or even longer for Rupoors, which act as negative Rupees.
Heart Drop Item An item that restores Link's health. Drag onto enemies to make them drop hearts upon death. Shake to turn into a Heart Container, which increases Link's hearts by one for the dungeon's duration.
Moblin Enemy The most simplistic enemy in the game, Moblins simply walk back and forth, attacking Link if he gets within range. Shake to give the Moblin a shield, which blocks attacks from the front.
Octorok Enemy A slowly-moving squid enemy that shoots rocks at Link. Shake to turn the Octorok into a Blue Octorok, which does not shoot rocks like normal, but instead fires rocks in a + shape when it sees Link.
Bubble Enemy Flaming skulls imbued with fire magic, the poorly-named Bubbles bounce around rooms dealing damage on contact. Shake to turn the Bubble into a Blue Bubble, which makes it harmless but lets it curse Link on contact.

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

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