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The Legend of Zelda: Fire Prophecy and Ice Prophecy are two Zelda games released on the same date, July 18 2017, and act as both sequels to The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds and spiritual successors to The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons/Ages.


After the events of a Link Between Worlds, Link begins a journey to discover the past of Hyrule and the Great Hero. Upon his quest he comes upon an ancient ruin, while searching through this he comes upon a large room with two large pillars and a strange inscription, however upon trying to read the inscription Link suddenly passes out and wakes up to find himself in a world unfamiliar to him.

Link eventually comes across an alter where the monarchy and people of the land are praying. The king takes notice of Link and welcomes him as an outsider, informing him that he is now in Kingdom of Igniem. The king tells Link that they are honouring Karos, their protective deity who watches over the kingdom and grants upon them the Sacred Flame of Fire and Sacred Flame of Ice, the elements that keep their world in balance. Link also meets the two children Icles, the shy bookish prince and Fiara, the energetic and passionate young princess. All is going well until both the Dark General Onox and Sorceress of Shadow Veran appear. Link weaponless and taken by surprise is thrown aside by the two as they assault the king and leap to action. Onox, laughing steals the Sacred Flame of Fire as well as Fiara while Veran steals away the flame of ice and Icles and they both vanish as well. Chaos then ensues as the kingdom begins to split apart and Link ends up on one of the two sides (depending on what games you’re playing).

Unconcious yet again Link wakes up on either side of the torn apart Kingdom of Igniem. During the time with which
Onox Lame Sketch

Flame Infused Onox

he Link has been out half of the Kingdom is now turned to a Firery world of chaos by Onox, who infused with the sacred Fire is now ruling the side of the kingdom with the fist of tyranny. Whereas the opposite side is now a harsh and cold wasteland being ruled by the manipulative and vain Queen of Ice, Veran, now infused with the Sacred Ice. Link soon meets Kalvaros, a small white bird who informs Link that he is one of the guards of the great Karos and that it is his duty to help the people of Igniem and that in order to restore it to balance Link must gather 8 Ice and Fire relics of each land. What makes the situation more dire is that Link then learns from Kalvaros of Icles and Fiara, the young royals who were blessed by the Guardian Karos at birth and are now being used by the two tyrants to extract the last bits of sacred energy in order to gain the power of Karos themselves.  And so Link and Kalvaros join together with Kavalos guiding Link through his journey, however upon nearing the presense of a relic Kalvaros gains the power of Ice or Fire allowing him to aid Link in Combat and reach areas normally inaccesable.

And so Link and Kalvaros set off and slowly but surely gain the Fire relics in the ice World and the Ice relics in the Fire world, thus bringing balance back to the land and infusing within himself the power to defeat Onox and Veran. By gaining the 16 relics Link is able to defeat both of the villains however fails both times to save the Prince and Princess. And so after defeating both he journey to the Fused temple where the villains and hostages remain, but upon reaching the end of the dungeon Onox and Veran with their remaining power extract all of the power out of Icles and Fiara, putting them in a state near death. With the full control of the flames the two summon Karos to steal his almighty power, however it is then revealed that Kalvaros was actually a weakened Karos the whole time. Link must then fight the ultimate evil that is the merged Onox/Veran in order to save his freind. Link is victorious and Onox and Veran are destroyed, it is then that Kalvaros now under his proper name Karos the Guardian Deity appears before Link bearing the form of a great Phoenix. Karos thanks Link for his amazing courage, wit and strength aswell as his freindship and companionship. And then with his great power restores the young Prince and Princess to full strength and power, afterwhich Link and Karos say their final goodbyes. With the powers of the land of Igniem finally restored the Monarchy and people of the land are forever in the debt of Link the Hero of Prophecy and peace falls over the Kingdom.


Ice Prophecy

  1. Ice Shrine
  2. Desolate Manor
  3. Katsuto Lake Sanctuary
  4. Zora Powerstation
  5. Temple of Wind
  6. Forgotten Tomb
  7. Galmetra's Labyrinth
  8. Darknut Fortress
  9. Veran's Tower

Fire Prophecy

  1. Fire Shrine
  2. Anouki Palace
  3. Tree of Purity
  4. Temple of Illusion
  5. Haunted Sewers
  6. Desert Temple
  7. Arrito's Castle
  8. Magma Ocean
  9. Onox's Tower

Linked Game

  1. Realm of Karos

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