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The Legend of Zelda:
Darkness Within
Platform(s) RiiVolution Advance, Pyrohedron (ported)
Genre(s) Adventure
Age Rating(s)

The Legend of Zelda: Darkness Within is a Legend of Zelda fangame. It is currently being developed as a collab project between Phazonworks and Pyro Enterprizes.


A grown-up Link returns to the Land of Hyrule after the events of Majora's Mask, with his new companion Skull Kid of masks in tow. Taking a job at the Lon Lon Ranch, he manages to do very well - before Ganondorf returns and kidnaps Zelda. Link must once again set forth to defeat the King of Evil, but must fight his own demons, as the power of his Fierce Deity's Mask tempts him throughout his journey...

Main Plot:


Main Characters:

Image Name Story Background
LinkHW Link

After his long journey beyond the borders of Hyrule, we find the Hero of Time working at Lon-Lon Ranch, at least until Ganondorf returns. Then he is forced once again to take up the Master Sword in battle.

Skullkidassist Skull Kid

Now free of the evil within Majora's Mask, Skull Kid certainly doesn't mind wearing a replica that the Happy Mask Salesman made.

ZeldaHW Zelda

The Princess of Hyrule and Link's hinted soulmate throughout the story. Somehow when Ganondorf kidnapped her, she escaped and came into possesion of the original Majora's Mask, which gradually corrupts her kind and true self and forces Link and Ganondorf (as much as they loathe the idea) to temporarily team up in order to combat the fully-possesed Zelda.

GanondorfSSB4Render Ganondorf

Even though he's mainly the primary villain of the Zelda series, Ganondorf takes a backseat this time around; now hiding in the deserted Ikana Canyon, the bearer of the Triforce of Power strangely comes out of hiding when the menace of Majora's Mask comes out of hiding once again and posseses Zelda to take over Hyrule, not to mention that Majora forces the Hero of Time and the King of Evil to team up against the new menace.

Hyrule Warriors Impa Artwork Impa

Zelda's bodyguard and the general of the Hyrulian forces, Impa is  the last of the Sheikah tribe and a former resident of Kakariko village. She gets along well with the Happy Mask Salesman for some reason...


Hyrule is very similar to past Legend of Zelda titles, having many different locations, as well as some referrences to past games. (More Coming Soon)

Hyrule Field:

Hyrule Field is often considered the hub for many Zelda games and is the land you must traverse in order to 

  • Overview
  • Morning to Hyrule:
  • During the Day:
  • Nighttime FallsDuring the night in Hyrule Field you'll often have to contend with pairs of Stalchildren, who have limitless respawn potential.
  • Terror at 2:00 AM: Remember those Cow-abducting ghosts (or aliens as they are more commonly known) from Romani Ranch? Well, they're back, and looks like they plan to abduct Link for some reason. He can fight them off until dawn (5:00 AM) or run to a building and wait them out. If they do get Link, he will end up in the middle of Hyrule Field, depleted of all item ammo, bottled items, and rupees.
  • Sunlight Rises:

Side-Quest The 20-Mask Conundrum

Remember the 20 normal masks from Majora's Mask? The Happy Mask Salesman brought these masks back from Termina, but Ganondorf's minions took them and scattered them across Hyrule; now he needs Link to retrieve them.

Image Name Description
All-Night Mask All-Night Mask
Blast Mask Blast Mask
Bremen Mask Bremen Mask
Bunny Hood Bunny Hood
Captain's Hat Captain's Hat
Circus Leader's Mask Circus Leader's Mask
Couple's Mask Couple's Mask
Don Gero's Mask Don Gero's Mask
Garo's Mask Garo's Mask
Giant's Mask Giant's Mask
Gibdo Mask Gibdo Mask
Great Fairy's Mask Great Fairy's Mask
Kafei's Mask Kafei's Mask
Kamaro's Mask Kamaro's Mask
Keaton Mask Keaton Mask
Mask of Scents Mask of Scents
Postman's Hat Postman's Hat
Romani's Mask Romani Mask
Spooky Mask Spooky Mask This creepy wooden mask earns its name pretty well, as it strongly resembles those ghoulish Redeads to a strong capacity. Not surprisingly, that one tombstone in Kakariko Graveyard seems to hold a Redead as well. Wait, didn't he have a second face in his hand?
Stone Mask Stone Mask

Return all 20 of these mystic masks to receive a special reward.


To Be Redone


Image Name Where Description
Odolwa Lesser Odolwa Lost Woods
Goht Lesser Goht Snowhead
Gyorg Lesser Gyorg Lake Hylia
Twinmold Lesser Twinmold Gerudo Desert
Phantom Ganon DW Phantom Ganon Spring Temple
Volvagia DW Volvagia Summer Temple
Gohma Artwork Gohma Fall Temple
Morpha Morpha Winter Temple
Majora (Zelda) Hyrule Castle Grounds
Beast Ganon (Darkness Within) Ganon Hyrule Castle Grounds

New Features:

Online Multiplayer

A new form of online play has come to a Zelda game for the first time ever: up to 8 players are allowed to roam around an expansive version of Hyrule Field accomplishing various goals in whatever mode they choose.

Rupee Gather Collect as many Rupees as you can carry! Attack your opponents to collect the Rupees they carry!
Enemy Hoarde Slay as many enemies as possible to rack up as much points as you can before time runs out. The Lesser Masked Guardians are worth tons of points.
Battle Royal Battle to be the last Hero of Time standing! Use a select amount of items to bring them down!




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  • Gerudo Valley
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  • Desolate Forest
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