The Legend of Zelda:

Castle of Dreams & Nightmares

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Developer(s) Darklight Studios 2
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Platform(s) 3DS, Visus Sphere
Age Rating(s)
OFLC PG rating
Genre(s) Action-Adventure, RPG
Series The Legend of Zelda
Predecessor The Legend of Zelda Triforce (Release)

The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks (Canonically)

The Legend of Zelda: Castle of Dreams & Nightmares is an upcoming 3DS game that is a continuation in the Legend of Zelda franchise. It is part of the Adult Timeline taking place after The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. The game follows the story of another Link, a young guard for the Royal Family who gets yanked into the tale of an Evil Sorcerer and their ambition to use the soul of the Princess of New Hyrule, Princess Zelda to corrupt the land turning it into a demented and twisted place.


The player follows the role of Link, a young Guard for the Royal Army. One day while on duty Link spots a mysterious figure lurking around the Palace rather suspicisouly. Link is instructed by his commanding Guard to trail the mysterious figure and make sure they don't intrude on the ceremony occuring inside the royal halls.

Link follows the mysterious stranger through the Castle's lower levels and even through the sewer and by the time he catches up with the individual he finds himself and the indvidual in the royal hall where the ceremony is taking place. The individual reveals themselves to be Malliko, Demon Sorcerer from The Beyond. He kidnaps Princess Zelda and summons a mighty Castle that eclipses New Hyrule's Castle. He then ascends to the highest point and summons 12 portals each shooting out a massive chain that digs into the land converting it into a twisted malicious form.


Gameplay is reminiscent of previous handheld Zelda Games. Link moves around with the Circle Pad and can attack with the A or B button and block with the alternate. In addition they can have itmes designated to the X and Y buttons as well as up to six items available through use on the Touch Screen.

The player must use their variety of items and abilties to navigate the landscape and progress through dungeons as well as defeat bosses. In addition he player will require exploration as this is one of few Zelda Games where the item the Boss is weak against isn't found in the dungeon of e boss. Littered throughout New Hyrule are smaller yet relatively complex dungeons that contain the items needed to tackle the main dungeons. There are also several items that must be bought or gained through the major side quests. The only exception to this is the First and Final Sword as well as the Light Arrows.



Boss Description Dungeon Weakness
Malliko, Demon Sorcerer
A Demon with extremely powerful magic capabilities, Malliko is a force to be reckoned with. His vile cackle strikes fear into the guards and his powerful gaze is capable of paralysing a target in place. He is able to use dark fire magic in close range and shadow lightning from a distance. To even hit him you have to be fast and smart. He appears to underestimate his opposition leaving him open to being countered. Hyrule Castle
Relosh, Continent Walker
A large monster seemingly constructed from the elements of the earth itself. The monster has large spikes protruding from is long fingerless hand. It also has large trunks that form its body structure. Relosh's body is made of an incredibly powerful moss that can deflect any attack. It is possible that Relosh's centre is its weakness however it's sheer height would make it impossible for anyone to reach its centre, unless here was a way to get into the monster from the inside. Ravaged Jungle
Boomerang TLOZ CODAN
Fifle, Coal Crab
it is believed Fifle was discovered when Gorons accidentally mined too deep into the Thousand Ore Volcano. The monster has become a serious threat to the the .goron society of the Fire Realm. Fifle has pulsating lava flowing through its body and is partially made of coal making it extremely resistant to damage. Even water is useless against the creature as it just evaporates before it reaches Fifle. Fifle also generates so much heat that it liquefies the rock it walks on in the volcano, making it impossible to attack the creature's weaker underside. Thousand Ore Volcano
Wind Claws
Hoton, Basin Manta
A large manta ray. Hot on is an extremely territorial monster with powerful water and ice attacks as well as blinding flashes. Hoton's back is covered in small bumps that not only act as luminous bulbs for Hoton. To blind its prey with but also for it to release jets of hot water that has been heated by the monster's incredibly warm blood. Hoton is described as being in essence an oven as his body causes water to turn into its gaseous form when he stays still for long enough. In addition Hoton's fins have small shards which he can use to shoot rays of icicles at its prey, which it commonly does in a spiral to make it hard for Hoton's prey to avoid the attack. His whip-like tail is possibly the most dangerous part of Hoton, it has been seen, able to flip and shake the chain platform that Hoton is known for resting in. It is believed however that Hoton's ability to jet water out of the bumps on its back may be its weakness as it would leave a direct path for something to hit Hoton's innards. Underwater Palace
Jirius, Cyclone Raven
This large bird monster is described by the Ritos as the Cloud of Death. It's huge purple wings are able to generate cyclonic wings and its bizarrely shaped tail hides a sharp blade of metal within. Its body has strange bumps on its back which have been described as large pockets of feathers that become sharp spikes when Jirius uses its cyclone spin, a technique in which it spins like a top around the top of the Floating Windmill, tearing up those caught in its feathers. Jirius has an armoured face however leaves the underside of its neck open as it spins. It is believed the monster's brain is interlinked with its armoured face. Floating Windmill
Blade, Cursed Paladin
One of the three cursed souls who were taken from the afterlife by Malliko. The soul of Blade was a renowned swordsman who originated from Whittleton, in old scripture it is said Blade could sever the giant trees of the Forest Realm in two with a single swipe of its sword. Now cursed, Blade's armour is what binds Blade to this world and fills Blade's mind with rage. There are few weak points on Blade's armour and if attacked incorrectly one can end up with their own weapons jammed in Blade's armour, allowing the cursed soul to use the weapon against them. Blade died during a fierce battle between the army of New Hyrule and the Monsters of the Great Sea when he was supposedly blinded and bled out from a sharpshooter. Inner Shadow Wall
Turrvar, Camouflage Serpent
Extremely dangerous and hard to detect, .turrvar is a massive, evil serpent capable of changing its pattern to élan in with its surfaces. It slithers so quickly that it can climb the round walls of its chamber. It charges at its prey with ferocity and speed and primarily attacks by crushing enemies in its huge jaws. In addition the creature can swallow sand and turn the sand into tough Boulder shaped projectiles that can roll along the room. Turrvar has show an aversion to water as it slows the creature down and as the creature is partly made of sand it becomes liquified. It's body hides its core within its skull. Turrvar can also block the light that enters the room with sand and rush around the room extremely quickly, using its green eyes to disorientate its prey. Sandfall Ruins
Hydro Rod
Cryose, Ice Demon
Its immense Ice powers made people believe Cryose was actually a giant Ice Demon as it would conceal most of its body in the thick snow except its dark blue eyes and mysterious symbol on its chest. Cryose's icy horns are capable of lifting those foolish enough to enter its domain far into the air. In addition the monster is able to quickly burrow underground and ambush its targets with its snarling jaws. It is even capable of unleashing a powerful roar that completely ices over its domain making it slippery allowing it to trap its targets. Cryose's feet can split apart to get better grip on the icy ground and pin its targets. The only way to even hurt the monster is to bring it down to the ground due to its size. Screaming Mountain
Jubbabla, Toxic Belly
Said to have originated from the natural poisons within the Venom Realm, Jubbabla is a notorious monster in the realm said to wreak havoc on the local settlements in the Venom Realm by poisoning the water. The monster has 10 lesser eyes and an eye that acts as the core of its body. In addition it is able to solidify parts of its body as a defensive tactic and also eject parts of body into blobs of highly toxic matter. It is able to disappear into the toxic water around its domain although seems to avoid sunlight as though its eyes are sensitive to sunlight. Swamp of Spirits
Solar Rod
Arrow, Cursed Hunter
Another of the cursed Souls, Arrow is described as being emotionless, cold and intimidating to most. In its life Arrow was a royal guard who would often patrol the border of the Snow and Fire Realms. Extremely experienced in archery, it has been said that the being that Arrow originally was, had shot monsters in the Snow Realm from the Goron City in the Fire Realm. Now cursed, Arrow is impossibly efficient and relentless in its attacks. Although some believe that Arrow's one weakness is its own weapons as the sheer power of the arrows fired is enough to pierce even the strongest armour and break walls. Central Shadow Wall Shield
Revenant, Soul Reaper
Originally believed to be the one who took the souls of the living to the afterlife, people now fear and despise Revenant as a demon from the shadows. Revenant feeds off the souls of those who wander into the Inverted Graveyard slowly taunting them and draining their life energy until they collapse. In addition Revanant is able to teleport to monitor multiple victims at once, however should one reach it's innermost defences, Revenant is capable of fighting them to their death. Wielding a massive Dual-Bladed Scythe, Revenant attacks with ferocity and confusing movements as the weapons bizarre structure makes anticipation difficult especially with his teleportation ability. Furthermore Revenant is able to dig its tail into the ground creating a portal to the Dark Realm and attempts to snatch its victims slamming them against the ground. Revenant is also able of summoning shadow spears to launch at its victims from a range should they prove too dangerous at close range. Revenant like other Shadow creatures is weak against fire and the mysterious eye symbol on the back of Revenant's Cloak may reveal a way to attack Revenant's true body. Inverted Graveyard
Fire Arrows TLOZ CODAN
Fire Arrows
Zorr, Mountainous Fighter
A colossal monster, Zorr is quite literally a giant among normal monsters. Zorr has giant fists made of compacted ice capable of releasing giant blasts of icy wind capable of freezing anyone in range when it punches the ground. The rest of the monster is made of a multitude of rock structures, Zorr is also covered in large portions of moss allowing the monster to blend in with its surroundings. The creature is able to to dig huge chunks of earth out of the ground and the ow them like projectiles. In addition Zorr is able to create tremors and fissures as well as climbing the walls of its chasm and bomb diving on its target. The creature seems to move rather sluggishly however and its legs are surprisingly short in comparison to the rest of its body. Furthermore Zorr has a large single eye that appears to be its vulnerable point, however reaching it would be no easy challenge. Coldfire Chasm
Ice Arrows
Crystal, Cursed Mage
Possibly the most dangerous of the three cursed souls, Crystal is described as being mysterious and is so heavily cloaked it is impossible to read their movements in combat. A master of magic in their lifetime the spirit that became Crystal is said to have helped allow expansion into the outer realms where the more dangerous monsters lie. Capable of channeling the powers of Fire, Ice, Electricity and Shadows in its cursed form Crystal is an extreme threat to the peace of New Hyrule. Survivors of Crystal's atrocities have described the land around them as being a blazing ball of fire and the ground as a life stealing cold creeps forward. It is believed that one of Crystal's most vile tactics is to take over the body of an individual and use them as a puppet to prevent others attacking them. Crystal's one disadvantage is their need to constantly keep their eyes locked on their target otherwise their magic is inaccurate. Outer Shadow Wall
Boomerang TLOZ CODAN
Poxlare, Parasitical Flower
A monster that has infested the Tree of Spores. Poxlare's roots dig far underground and deep into the tree. Poxlare is extremely intelligent and dangerous capable of using its roots to crush anything that attempts to harm it. The monster can release a deadly toxin to deter attackers directly and uses its giant tendrils to attack from a distance. In addition it remains rooted by large bulbs, these bulbs are also protected however if surpassed the bulbs can be crushed resulting in Poxlare's being uprooted. Its core is hidden within its petals which have to be flipped inside out to be hurt. The monster has been known to also tunnel underground to make it harder to attack the monster, it is believed if nothing is done to stop Poxlare it will soon completely take over all of the Amazon Realm. Tree of Spores
Deadly Hammer TLOZ CODAN
Deadly Hammer
Blaye, Flash Bat
A fearful monster that lurks in the Lost Hope Cave, this monster out beast flies around the cave at the night to its victims. It flies over its prey and then unleashes powerful blasts of light to disable the prey before striking. In addition the monster has a hooked tail capable of picking up or slashing at its prey. The creature can even store up energy in the light pouches on its belly to fire a laser of light to obliterate their prey. The monster is believed to be like Keese as such it likely has an aversion to light although likely only highly focused light. Should one be able to blind the monster it may fall, allowing for someone to attack it directly. Lost Hope Cave Mirror Shield
Irbber, Living Smelter
Said to have risen from the molten rock of the land itself, Irbber is a gigantic menace to the Refine Realm, it's hazardous body generates heat that ignites the ground where it walks. The monster is able to attack physically with its molten metal body which it gained from stealing the ores of the earth. Its huge metal body protects its heated core that while colder than the rest of it, is heavily guarded by metal that neither sword nor arrow can pierce. Irbber can release a breath of hot fire to burn its foes and is able to throw blobs of metal to create hazardous sections of the ground. This monster is even prepared to face ambushes from behind it as its large tendrils can slam anything Ito the ground and deal a painful burn. Bubbling Fire Pits
Dynamite Gauntlets TLOZ CODAN
Dynamite Gauntlets
Blade, Cursed Paladin
Despite seemingly having died between their last encounter. Blade was resurrected with an even greater sense of rage. Furthermore Blade was filled with an unquenchable desire for power, that had wrought fear into even the monsters that followed Blade. Blade has become even more dangerous with its sword techniques becoming chaotic, unpredictable and almost unmatchable. In addition, Blade has been given the gift of Teleportation to make it even more dangerous. The monster seems to also have defended its previous weak points and its armour is so sturdy that conventional arrows can't pierce it. It is now believed the only way to defeat Blade is to burn its desire for power out of the soul itself. Temple of Power
Fire Arrows TLOZ CODAN
Fire Arrows
Arrow, Cursed Hunter
Arrow has also been resurrected even more powerful than before. Arrow has been given more powerful arrows as well as arrows that deal special affects such as burning and freezing. Arrow has also become more erratic in its movements and has gained smoke bombs to confuse its opponents. Arrow has been further cursed with honourbound courage forcing Arrow to face anything that is in its presence until either it or the foe die. Arrow's armour is also strengthened so that even its most dangerous arrows cannot harm it. It is now believed the only way to defeat Arrow is to force the soul out by destroying the body with a mighty force. Temple of Courage
Deadly Hammer TLOZ CODAN
Deadly Hammer
Crystal, Cursed Mage
The last soul resurrected once more, Crystal has been further cursed as its robes appear to be choking to body into fighting. Crystal's magical capabilities have been increased ten-fold becoming extremely destructive to the point of being able to destroy the ground itself. Crystal has been cursed with an unbearable level of knowledge and the need to learn every battle tactic, this forces Crystal to slowly torture its opponents to learn as much about their battle styles before killing them. The only way it seems to defeat Crystal is to overwhelm its soul with indescribebly pure magic. Temple of Wisdom Mirror Shield
Alvil, Fused Soul
As punishment for their repeated failure; Blade, Arrow & Crystal were heavily morphed into a giant crystalline creature. This monster that was once three cursed souls acts in perfect unison in battle, extremely agile, capable of teleportation and casting long range magic. Alvil attacks in a relentless flurry of physical and magical attacks, throughout which one can hear the three souls within screaming in rage, fear and anguish. Only a weapon blessed with the power to undo a Demon's evil can truly set free the souls within. Castle of Demons
Sword of Healing TLOZ CODAN
Sword of Healing
Malliko True Form
Malliko, Demon Sorcerer
Unable to contain himself in a lesser demon form, Malliko unleashed his full power and wrought destruction on the Castle of Dreams & Nightmares. In his new body, his once sword arm has become a giant metal spikes capable of morphing into numerous shapes to suit his battle needs. His powerful arched legs are able to not only charge and jump at incredible rates but also work at kicking with enough force to punch through a shield. He now possesses dangerous levels of magical capabilities as well as his Fire spells can ignite most of the room while his Ice spells can nearly freeze someone to death in a single strike. In all this power he has become more instinctive however meaning that he will fight less strategically, the only way to harm him it seems is to attack the mysterious third eye near his heart. Castle of Dreams & Nightmares
Light Arrows TLOZ CODAN
Light Arrows
Dregadorr, Demon King
Malladus' successor after his exil, Dregadorr is the ruler of all demons. When his servant Malliko was unable to defeat the Hero, he was called forth to defeat the Hero, in the process destroying most of the Castle of Dreams & Nightmares. Dregadorr is even larger than Malliko and possesses incredible powers stolen from the Triforce. His six arms are able to channel different types of Magic; Fire, Ice, Electricity, Earth, Water & Darkness. The Demon King is even capable of Flight using it as a means to charge at the Hero, his huge tail can pierce the strongest armour and shields and is extremely fast. If threatened Dregadorr can summon the powers of the Triforce to enhance his fighting capabilities. The only way to defeat the Demon King is to drive out the Triforce and shatter his body with the power of the Godesses. Ruins of Dreams & Nightmares
Sword of Healing TLOZ CODAN
Sword of Healing

Nightmare Stalfos Nightmare Moldorm Nightmare Mothula Nightmare Phantom Nightmare Gohma Nightmare Vitreous Nightmare Agahnim Nightmare Dethl Dethl, The Nightmare

A secret boss only fought after completing the game on both Regular and Master Quest difficulty, Dethl, the villain from Link's Awakening appears as the true final boss of the Master Quest in the final Dungeon of the game, The Labyrinth of Nightmares. A huge complex filled with many enemies and even a few bosses. Once the player reaches the bottom of the Labyrinth of Nightmares they will come face to face with the Nightmare itself.

During the battle, Dethl uses its ability to change into various forms to fight Link. This means the player will need to adjust their equipment accordingly as Dethl has several forms not previously encountered in the game. While his first form is always the Stalfos Form and his last form is always the True Form, the other 6 forms are random.

Dethl's Stalfos form attacks with a giant sword and protects itself with a giant shield, out manuevering this form is impossible due to its speed, one must use the Coldfire Lantern and Rod of Firestorms in conjunction to cause Dethl's Stalfos form to fall apart. From there the player must place bombs to further hurt this form.

One of the next forms to appear could be the Moldorm Form, to defeat this form the player must use the Whip to latch onto Dethl's tail and swing him around, once this is done the player must then use the Dynamite Gloves to strike Dethl's eye.

Another form Dethl takes is his Mothula Form, although unlike the Mothulas encountered in Castle of Dreams & Nightmares, Dethl's form is larger and has a different attack form. To defeat this form the player must use the Desertwind to ground Dethl and then crush both wings with the Seeping Hammer, after which Dethl collapses allowing for direct attacks.

Dethl also can take the form of a Phantom, unlike his Stalfos form the Phantom Form isn't as fast although is more aggressive and defensive. The only way to strike Dethl in this form is to use the Double Clawshot to tear his Shield away, then using the Flaming Tornado Claws to strike through his Sword.

A Gohma is another form Dethl can take during this battle. Similar to the Gohmas previously encountered, in this form Dethl must first have both front claws broken through with the Goron Diggers, followed by numerous hits to the eye with Solar Arrows.

One of Dethl's stronger forms, Vitreous from a Link to the Past may be a form Dethl takes. In this form the only way to damage Dethl is to destroy the surrounding shields with the Spiked Magnet Ball and then struck in the eye with Lunar Arrows.

Agahnim, the wizard is once again one of Dethl's forms, returning from Link's Awakening. Dethl's Agahnim form functions similarily to how it did in Link's Awakening however, Dethl's attacks can only be reflected by the Mirror Shield leaving him stunned for a short time to allow Link to strike.

Finally, Dethl's true form is revealed only after all 7 of his other forms are defeated. Unlike his Agahnim form, Dethl's true form acts quite differently to how it is fought in Link's Awakening. Dethl flies around the room and will shoot Dark Magic at Link several times in a quick bombardment. Dethl can also perform a head dive into the ground causing Dark Spikes to erupt from the ground. If Link is close enough, Dethl may even simply swipe at Link with his arms. The only way to disable Dethl is to shoot both of his arms with Light Arrows. Once this is done, Dethl will fall to the floor, causing him to begin spinning his arms around his body in an attempt to hit Link, while in this phase, Link must use the Lens of Truth in conjunction with the Desertwind to reveal and blow out, cores in Dethl's arms. Once this is done, Link must destroy the cores leaving Dethl defenceless, from here Link can strike Dethl in the eye with the Sword of Healing, however Dethl is capable of resisting the Sword of Healing and once one of his horns breaks he will regenerate his arms and force Link to repeate the process, requiring Dethl to be struck down 5 times at least to be fully defeated.

Labyrinth of Nightmares
Coldfire Lantern TLOZ CODAN
Rod of Firestorms TLOZ CODAN
Dynamite Gauntlets TLOZ CODAN
Desertwind TLOZ CODAN
Seeping Hammer TLOZ CODAN
Double Clawshot TLOZ CODAN
Flaming Tornado Claws TLOZ CODAN
Goron Diggers TLOZ CODAN
Solar-Lunar-Light Arrows TLOZ CODAN
Spiked Magnet Ball TLOZ CODAN
Sword of Healing TLOZ CODAN



Miniboss Dungeon



Ravaged Jungle
Heatrow Thousand Ore Volcano
Crawjaw Underwater Palace



Floating Windmill



Inner Shadow Wall
Prymis Sandfall Ruins
Alpha Werewolfos Screaming Mountain
Padloon Swamp of Spirits



Central Shadow Wall
Reaper Poe TLOZ CODANReaper Poe Inverted Graveyard
Master Wizzrobe Coldfire Chasm
Stagnox Outer Shadow Wall

Toxic Gohma TLOZ CODAN

Toxic Gohma

Tree of Spores

Grave Teeth TLOZ CODAN

Grave Teeth

Lost Hope Cave

Flaming Moldorm TLOZ CODAN

Flaming Moldorm

Bubbling Fire Pits
Shrall Temple of Power


Dark Link

Temple of Courage
Lanmola Temple of Wisdom
Braizer Castle of Demons

Iron Knuckle TLOZ CODAN

Iron Knuckle

Castle of Dreams & Nightmares

Regular Enemies

Miniblin Bokoblin Moblin Big Blin Moblin Knight



Fire Bubble TLOZ CODAN

Fire Bubble


Ice Bubble

Blinding Bubble TLOZ CODAN

Blinding Bubble

Lightning Bubble TLOZ CODAN

Lightning Bubble



Crow Ravage Crow Bulbo Bokoblin Rider


Deku Baba


Boko Baba


Fire Baba


Ice Baba

Lightning Baba TLOZ CODAN

Lightning Baba




Fire Keese


Ice Keese

Shadow Keese TLOZ CODAN

Shadow Keese

Lightning Keese TLOZ CODAN

Lightning Keese

Geozard Geozard Warrior Geozard Archer Geozard Thief Geozard Chief





Frostoise TLOZ CODAN








Lobarrier TLOZ CODAN



Red Chuchu

Blue Chuchu TLOZ CODAN

Blue Chuchu

Green Chuchu TLOZ CODAN

Green Chuchu

Yellow Chuchu TLOZ CODAN

Yellow Chuchu

Fire Chuchu TLOZ CODAN

Fire Chuchu


Ice Chuchu

Electric Chuchu TLOZ CODAN

Electric Chuchu

Metallic Chuchu TLOZ CODAN

Metallic Chuchu

Mini Freezard TLOZ CODAN

Mini Freezard



Freezard Tower TLOZ CODAN

Freezard Tower


Like Like

Rupee Like Like TLOZ CODAN

Rupee Like Like









Blue Octorok TLOZ CODAN

Blue Octorok

River Octorok TLOZ CODAN

River Octorok

Ocean Octorok TLOZ CODAN

Ocean Octorok

Giant Ocean Octorok TLOZ CODAN

Giant Ocean Octorok




Big Rat



Horned Rope TLOZ CODAN

Horned Rope

Snapper Harpie Snapper





Stalchild Stalfos Stalfos Warrior Stalfos Knight
Gibdo Redead TLOZ CODANRedead

Green Spinut TLOZ CODAN

Green Spinut


Red Spinut

Tektite TLOZ CODANTektite

Water Tektite TLOZ CODAN

Water Tektite







White Wolfos TLOZ CODAN

White Wolfos

Werewolfos White Werewolfos



Ceiling Vengas TLOZ CODAN

Ceiling Vengas

Clicking Vengas TLOZ CODAN

Clicking Vengas









Blastworm TLOZ CODAN




Fraaz Spirit TLOZ CODAN

Fraaz Spirit



Cargle Bomber TLOZ CODAN

Cargle Bomber

Cargle Detonator TLOZ CODAN

Cargle Detonator

Hardhat Beetle TLOZ CODAN

Hardhat Beetle

Big Hardhat Beetle TLOZ CODAN

Big Hardhat Beetle

Explosive Hardhat Beetle TLOZ CODAN

Explosive Hardhat Beetle

Lightning Rod Beetle TLOZ CODAN

Lightning Rod Beetle



Flowery Moldorm TLOZ CODAN

Flowery Moldorm

Aquatic Moldorm TLOZ CODAN

Aquatic Moldorm

Wizzrobe Sandrobe Duskrobe

Skulltula TLOZ CODAN


Skullwalltula TLOZ CODAN


Golden Skulltula TLOZ CODAN

Golden Skulltula



Skull Hinox TLOZ CODAN

Skull Hinox


Ice Hinox


Iron Hinox

Resegog Chanting Resegog
Norassis Golden Norassis Masked Norassis Clawed Norassis Yipah TLOZ CODANYipah


The Centrelands

Hyrule Town

The largest and central most settlement in New Hyrule, Hyrule Town is named after the origin of the Hero of Winds and Princess of the Oceans. It contains many buildings and houses as well as the impressive Hyrule Castle. Stories of the heroes of old are kept in memory in the Temple of Ages.

Places of Interest

  • Hyrule Castle
  • Weapon Smithy
  • Bomb Shop
  • Boomerang Target Practice
  • Item Shop
  • Wishing Well
  • Guard Training Ground
  • Temple of Ages
  • Old Sewers
  • Ancient Grove
  • Challenge House

Tower of Spirits

The Tower of Spirits is a massive ancient relic of the times well before Hylians, Gorons and Anouki arrived at New Hyrule. The building was a lock for the old Demon King Malladus, who was vanquished by the Hero of Spirits. The Tower of Spirits provided the lock to keep the Demon King sealed away for many years however was shattered by a Demon known as Cole.

Places of Interest

  • Tower of Spirits Station
  • Tower of Spirits Shop
  • Tower of Spirits Dungeon

Forest Realm

Aboda Town

Aboda Town is a quiet little Port Town that was the home of the Hero of Spirits when he was young. Aboda also served as the first settlement in New Hyrule by the Hylians. Aboda Town has grown considerably since the Hero of Spirits left its safety, developing into the major gathering and trading location in the Forest Realm.

Places of Interest

  • Hero of Spirits Shrine
  • The Great Station
  • Aboda Marketplace
  • The Alfonzo School of Engineering
  • Port Aboda

Rabbitland Reserve

Home to the many Rabbits that wander the Forest, Snow and Ocean Realm, the Rabbitland Reserve provides a place for them to call home. Protected by the Bunny Knights, a group of Knights who have sworn an oath to protect the rabbits of the realms and stop evil from infesting the Rabbitland Reserve.

Places of Interest

  • Forest Cottage
  • Rabbitland Office
  • Hare Mountain


Awarded the Manliest Settlement Award 10 Years Running (by themselves), the residents of Whittleton pride themselves on manual labour and living through hardships without showing weakness. The settlement is mostly comprised of men however the few women there are in Whittleton are also considered the most manly people in Whittleton.

Places of Interest

  • Tent Shop
  • Whittleton Market
  • Chief Twig's house
  • Mighty Redwood

Oink Farms

The Oink Farms are a group of 12 Farms that specialize in Bullbo Farming, the residents are a diverse group ranging from the calm and collected, Mama Jude to the possibly insane, Mr. I. The Bullbos are mostly friendly except for one boar by the name of Gruff who has a tendency to charge at visitors.

Places of Interest

  • Jude's House
  • Visitor's Home
  • Muddy Hill
  • The Storage Silo

Forest Sanctuary

The Forest Sanctuary is one of the 5 ancient relics of the battle between the Hero of Spirits and Demon King, Malladus. The Forest Sanctuary used to provide power to the Forest Realm's Spirit Tracks and although this purpose is no longer needed it has become a place of serenity to all those who visit. Very few are ever allowed within the chambers of these Forest Sanctuaries but those who are will find one of the 5 instruments used to help imprison Malladus away.

Places of Interest

  • Foodle's Shop
  • Sanctuary Chamber
  • Pedestal of the Forest

Fire Realm

Goron Mountain

Grown from the humble Goron Village, the Goron Mountain is a massive complex of Goron homes and cavern passages that lead to a diverse and complex array of housing for the rock eating species. The Goron Mountain also acts as the Gorons main way of accessing their nearby friends in the Stone and Refine Realms.

Places of Interest

  • Goron Rock Shop
  • Goron Market
  • Dongoron's House
  • Goron Smithery

Goron Mines

The Goron Mines are where the Gorons mine most of the precious metals they use in their lives, as well as to trade with other species. The Goron Mines occassionally become overrun with Tektites and Rocktites forcing the Gorons to evacuate until the problem is fixed. It is said there is a mystical object in the lava dome area of the Goron Mines that makes one immune to fire, however no one has found it.

Places of Interest

  • Goron Shop
  • Jade Vein Chamber
  • Star Vein Chamber
  • Fossil Vein Chamber
  • Lava Dome

Boilpoint Village

Boilpoint Village is the main Hylian settlement in the Fire Realm, it provides great trade between Hylians and Gorons and is luckily situated away from the more violent parts of the Fire Realm. Boilpoint Village is known for providing Mystical Fire, a material capable of staying lit even in cold climates and underwater.

Places of Interest

  • Boilpoint Gate
  • Mystical Fire Shop
  • Boilpoint Marketplace
  • Boilpoint Well
  • Boilpoint Rock Shop

Ends of Earth Station

The Ends of the Earth Station is one of several, still standing Stations of the Spirit Tracks. The Ends of the Earth Station has become its own settlement providing a stop for explorers of the surrounding Realms as well as food, water and supplies. One of the Linebeck Brothers owns the Station acting as the head of the Marketplace.

Places of Interest

  • Fyrus Linebeck's Office
  • Ends of Earth Marketplace
  • Heatwave Inn
  • Overheat Water Well

Fire Sanctuary

The Fire Sanctuary is another ancient relic of the time of the Hero of Spirits. It stands proudly over its surrounding land and resonates the echoes of the drums within that were once played long ago. The Fire Sanctuary is much more open than other Sanctuaries although getting to the Fire Sanctuary itself has proved to be the real challenge as between the hostile temperatures, seekers of this Sanctuary must cross through the very active, Red Cave Volcano.

Places of Interest

  • Red Cave Volcano
  • Firdle's Shop
  • Sanctuary Chamber
  • Pedestal of the Fires

Ocean Realm

Papuchia Town

Papuchia Town is a large group of houses built on the coast on the Southern section of New Hyrule. A Large portion of the town is built on top of the water itself using stilts to hold it above ground. The townsfolk have a very relaxed way of life and seem to mainly have jobs that involve patience.

Places of Interest

  • Papuchia Fish Market
  • Papuchia General Store
  • Papuchia Docks
  • Mansion De Linebeck
  • Shellcove School

Rito Peaks

Rito Peaks is a settlement made by the Ritos, a race of Bird-Humans. The settlement was made partially to allow the Rito to fish in the vast Ocean Realm but also provided a sturdy defence against raiding parties and territorial birds. The settlement contains many holes in its clifface where Rito roost as well as providing windows to the main hall inside the cliff.

Places of Interest

  • Rito Post Office
  • Burrow Hall
  • Hangside Spire
  • The Perch

Iguana Atoll

This bizarre set of islands is home to numerous Iguanas ranging from palm-sized to palm-tree sized. The Atoll is also home to a few residents who look after the Iguanas as well as provide tourism to the Atoll.

Places of Interest

  • Great Iguana Statue
  • Tourist Center
  • Hotel Iga
  • Gold Iguana Island

Seaside Fishery

The Seaside Fishery is a coastal Fishery renowned for catching a multitude of Coastal creatures including oddities like the Hexastar and Chibyorg. The Seaside Fishery's rival, the Oceanic Fishery often causes it to boast about the unique species only found on the coast.

Places of Interest

  • Seaside Gift Shop
  • Floating General Store
  • Mini Pools
  • Mossy Cove

Oceanic Fishery

The Oceanic Fishery is a floating platform chained to shallow waters the provides produce from the vast and deep sea. It prides itself on the mysterious creatures the lurk deep beneath the water like Trench Octorok and Subyorg. It is a rival to Seaseide Fishery.

Places of Interest

  • Oceanic Gift Shop
  • Tower General Store
  • Abyss Whirlpool
  • Blossom Coral Reef

Ocean Sanctuary

The Ocean Sanctuary is one of he 5 Ancient Sanctuaries at used to protect the land of New Hyrule from Malladus. It has partially sunk into the Ocean and is the least visited of all due to occasional pirate attacks, however, those who reach its inner sanctum will be able to hear the resonating music from the flute within.

Places of Interest

  • Flooded Ruins
  • Oceedle's Shop
  • Sanctuary Chamber
  • Pedestal of the Ocean

Wind Realm


Ritopolis is the main settlement of the Rito, it is a huge complex of high peaks and nests made specifically to house the Rito as effectively as possible. It was not for several years after the Hero of Spirits that Rito appeared in New Hyrule, having flown from the Great Sea. They have been able to keep in touch with their family and friends in the Great Sea although evidently the species has evolved to become more taller and with significantly larger wings.

Places of Interest

  • Grand Elevator
  • School of Flight
  • Grand Rito Hall
  • Statue of Valoo
  • Ritopolis Marketplace

Temple of Gales

The Temple of Gales is a Temple built by the Rito as they believe it will make the winds strong and favourable. The Temple is comprised of a complex array of pipes and wind turbines which when the Wind blows in the right direction causes the Temple to create a deep, bellowing rendition of the Earth God's Lyric.

Places of Interest

  • Wind Chime Shop
  • Main Chamber
  • Bell Tower

Cirrus Village

Cirrus Village is a small settlement situated in the center of the Wind Realm, it is mostly inhabited by Hylians however there are several Rito who make this place their home. The Village thrives on its ability to farm clouds at such a high altitude for Sky Crystals.

Places of Interest

  • Cirrus Marketplace
  • Shooting Gallery
  • Dr. Soar's Laboratory
  • Hoverpad

Resonating Cavern Village

This Village built itself into the side of a cliff, it has been able to make great trade with the rest of New Hyrule by exporting rare gemstones taht were in the cliff. The villagers seem to have an odd obsession with Jades. The Village has two entrances, the opening on the side of the cliff that can only be accessed by Rito and the stairwell at the top of the Cliff.

Places of Interest

  • Resonating Shop
  • Bomb Flower Farm
  • Potion Shop

Cloud Seed Farms

This bizarre farm is able to grow plants on clouds. It appears to be heavily impacted by the weather as the clouds normally only rest when there's no storm. The farmers are quite peaceful and very laid back although seem to all have a fear of lightning causing them to rush inside and lock their doors when it storms.

Places of Interest

  • Cloud Seed Storage
  • Cucco Ranch
  • Flying Windmill

Sand Realm


A quiet settlement in the vast deserts of the Sand Realm. Stillshade is surrounded by large rock formations that provide coverage from the harsh desert sun, its inhabitants wear elegant attire that makes them stand out from most residents of New Hyrule. Stillshade is regarded as the largest settlement in the Sand Realm.

Places of Interest

  • Stillshade Marketplace
  • Ruppee Refinery
  • Glistening Wall
  • Ancient Tower

Igni Village

Sometimes referred to as the swaying village, Igni Village is located in one of the hottest parts of the Sand Realm and is residents are regarded as some of the most sturdy people in all of New Hyrule. Few people live in Igni Village however those who do survive on the rich Cactuses that have grown in the harsh desert heat.

Places of Interest

  • Igni Well
  • Gigante Cactus
  • Igni General Store
  • Red Stone Tower

Rough Rock Town

Rough Rock Town is a rugged settlement in the Sand Realm, built on a sturdy massive boulder the town has a strong balance of agriculture and mining, the residents are somewhat divided however on what to honour more. Rough Rock Town has had issues with pirates in the past which has caused some distrust with its residents towards ships.

Places of Interest

  • Fort Farms
  • Dusty Mines
  • Rough Rock Market Place

Malgyorg Farms

The Malgyorg farms are a set of specialized desert pits that have many Malgyorgs that take residence in them. The farmers to care of the Malgyorgs and harvest them for their scales and meat. The farmers also appear to have been able to teach the Malygorgs many tricks to perform like a circus.

Places of Interest

  • Malgyorg Fountains
  • Visitor House
  • Secret Cave

Sand Sanctuary

The Sand Sanctuary is a curious Sanctuary, not visited often due to the intense heat of the surrounding area, the Sand Sanctuary is argueably harder to hear its resonations as sand has seeped into its walls blocking off some of its windows.

Places of Interest

  • Saandle's Shop
  • Sanctuary Chamber
  • Pedestal of the Sands

Snow Realm

Anouki Village

The Anouki Village is a village of the Penguin-Human-Reindeer hybrids, while simple-minded these creatures of the frigid cold have proven extremely resilient to their surroundings. The Anouki are a bit dim-witted as well as lazy putting minimal effort in and often requiring the help of other races to perform even the simplest tasks, however their ability to survive in the harsh cold climate allows them to survive and harvest the resources of the Snow Realm.

Places of Interest

  • Snowman Hill
  • Anouki Market Place
  • Anouki Fish Shop
  • Anouki Bomb Shop
  • Globe of Ice

Slippery Station

Slippery Station is one of several surviving Stations in New Hyrule, its isolation initially proved a problem for its inhabitants as they were wtihout communication with the outside lands. Paths were opened up through the Caverns to the West however to provide access and the Slippery Station became a major Tourist attraction due to its Ice Skating Rinks. One of the Linebeck brothers owns the station acting as its head of the Marketplace

Places of Interest

  • Chiltor Linebeck's Office
  • Slippery Marketplace
  • Radiant Ice Rink
  • Swirly Ice Rink
  • Sharp Ice Rink
  • Slip'n'Slide Inn

Snowfall Town

Snowfall Town is a settlement in the Snow Realm region that started out as one Goron's ambition to discover the frozen wonder of the Snow Realm. With the help of Hylians and Anouki alike, the town of Snowfall quickly developed into a diverse and large settlement with many individuals from the three races that made it was it is.

Places of Interest

  • Snowfall Museum
  • Statue of Connection
  • Snowfall Marketplace
  • Three Hand Palace

Snow Sanctuary

The Snow Sanctuary was seemingly lost to the ages after the Spirit Tracks disappeared for good. The Sanctuary was buried under layers of snow and wasn't rediscovered until recently. It has proven just how sturdy the structures are as not only were the walls completely in tact but the inner features remained untouched, possibly indicating the mystical power that surges through the Sanctuaries.

Places of Interest

  • Snow Veiled Path
  • Snoodle's Shop
  • Sanctuary Chamber
  • The Pillar of the Snows

Venom Realm

Bwag Town

Bwag Town is a large settlement of stilted houses in the boggy marshes of the Venom Realm. Constantly under threat from the dangerous monsters that lurk in the swamps the citizens have become experts at crafting Anti-Venoms as well as dangerous hunters of these monsters. The residents are mostly civilized despite this necessity to hunt.

Places of Interest

  • Fur Shop
  • Anti Venom Shop
  • Bwag Marketplace
  • Hunting Hut

Insect House

This lone house in the middle of the marshes houses a strange family obsessed with certain kinds of insects, the family collectively longs to have Golden Skulltula shells and will reward those who give them this gift. Interestingly their house is also surrounded by numerous Skulltulas that seem to make getting to the house itself a tricky situation.

Places of Interest

  • Skulltula Statue
  • Cotton Woods
  • Insect Museum

Misty Lake Village

Misty Lake Village is a small settlement situated on the West Coast of New Hyrule. It is renowned for its almost constant mist making it difficult for travellers to find the village without knowing the hints to get there. The village is known to collect rare treasures that wash up on shore.

Places of Interest

  • Misty Market
  • Natural Treasures Shop
  • Misty Docks
  • Cloaked Lighthouse

Old Fishing Spot

The Old Fishing Spot provides travellers a place to relax in the, at times, relentless Venom Realm. The Fisherman who lives inside the main hut will lend Fishin Rods to fish for the numerous creatures that inhabit the waters around them. They have a strict policy about lending the Fishing Rods however as they cannot be taken out of the Old Fishing Spot.

Places of Interest

  • Fishing Rod Hut
  • Ancient Log
  • Quiet Cave

Ruins of the Dark Realm

The old ruins of the passage into the land where Demons roamed freely, said to be chaotic and wild, only a few individuals have ever entered and fewer exited. However after the defeat of the Demon King, Malladus the Portal to the Dark Ream crumbled and fell into the Venom Realm where it lies to this very day, still whispering dark words to those who pass by it.

Places of Interest

  • The Greater Ring
  • The Lesser Ring
  • The Demon Rail
  • The Spire of Shadows

Shadow Realm

Rotting Graveyard

The Rotting Graveyard is an ancient graveyard that for a long time had been neglected and unmaintained allowing numerous fungi to grow and inhabit it. In adition many undead Stalchildren and Stalfos roam the area, however recently a new Gravekeeper called Dampe has cleaned the Rotting Graveyard and while it still has a faint layer of the spores of the fungi, the Stalfos and Stalchildren tend to stay away.

Places of Interest

  • Dampe's Hut
  • Grave Path
  • Red Mist Graves
  • Blue Mist Graves
  • Royal Tombstone
  • Royal Crypt

Salvage Town

This town emits an eerie sensation of fear and dread. The towns inhabitants seem to constantly out to get each other in some sort of mass revenge, in addition the townsfolk are very suspicious of newcomers.

Places of Interest

  • The Alleys
  • Rundown Marketplace
  • Shifty Shop
  • The Rusted Docks
  • Lord's Mansion

Lucky Grove

Lucky Grove is a surprisingly clean and fertile section of land in the Shadow Realm, it is completely littered with Clovers hence where it got its name. There are a few people who rest here due to the difficult travels ahead to get out of the Shadow Realm.

Places of Interest

  • Massive Clover
  • Twin Boulders
  • Red Clover

Perspective Mine

Perspective Mine is a very odd location, it appears that depending on which way you enter the mines will result in the path changing, this has lead to several individuals getting lost.

Places of Interest

  • Pink Gate
  • Cream Gate
  • Green Gate
  • Maroon Gate

Silence Temple

This ominous temple seemingly appeared out of nowhere, it appears to drown out all noise that enters it. It is suspected that there may be a monstorous creature that lives inside it as people have reportedly gone missing in the nearby area.

Places of Interest

  • Calm Garden
  • Main Chapel Hall
  • Glimmering Room

Stone Realm

Grantone Town

Grantone Town is a rugged settlement in the odd Stone Realm. It has a huge quarry that provides it with most of the materials it trades with other settlements for. In addition it has quickly growing rocks called Starocks that they farm and sell to the Gorons of New Hyrule who regard the rocks as a deliquacy. The town has recently gained attention when it hosted an event celebrating its foundation by using crystals to project colourful lights into the sky.

Places of Interest

  • Starocks Farms
  • Grantone Marketplace
  • Mayor Igno's Office
  • The Crystal Dome
  • Stonelight Tower

Peak Springs

Peak Springs are a group of naturally heated springs found in the Stone Realm that provide relaxation for many travellers who visit it. There are a few houses that provide basic necessities to the location as well as a Guard post due to the high number of Tektites that roam the nearby mountains.

Places of Interest

  • Resting House
  • Peak Guard Tower
  • Peak Supply Shop
  • Skygrip Springs
  • Rugged Cavern
  • Godesses' Spring

Rolling Mines

The Rolling Mines are a unique group of mining shafts found in the Stone Realm. They were initially dug out by the Gorons looking for food however were overtaken by Hylians who mined the deposits for their coal providing most of New Hyrule with a huge source of power. The Rolling Mines are named as such due to the curvy nature of the main shafts as the Gorons who mined them out had no sense of direction or depth and thus just mined all over the place with no cohesion.

Places of Interest

  • Rolling Shafts
  • Sparkling Pit
  • Omega Core Strain

Gel Village

This village specializes in hunting and farming Chuchus for their Jelly. Their village's name was given due to them using the Jelly as an adhesive in their buildings giving their buildings a faint colour change at night due to the jelly glowing. One can tell what Chuchus were used to make a building based on its glow and the Village has been given the nickname, "The Rainbow in Grey".

Places of Interest

  • Red Chuchu Fields
  • Green Chuchu Cave
  • Blue Chuchu Lake
  • Yellow Chuchu Mountain
  • Jelly Shop
  • Gel Village Shop

Standing Stones

These odd standing stones emite a faint resonance that sounds like a Harmony however no ones deciphered what it means yet. A few people have dedicated their life to trying to crack the code and they have become known as the Stonesmen.

Places of Interest

  • Red Obelisk
  • Green Obelisk
  • Blue Obelisk
  • Stonesmen Office
  • Stonesmen Sleeping Quarters
  • Cryptic Pedestal

Amazon Realm

Treetop Village

Treetop Village is a settlement in the Amazon Realm that is unique in that the entire settlement is off the ground located in the trees above. This has worked in their favour as it has made it impossible for most monsters to reach them. The Treetop Village has numerous fruit that grow on the trees that they harvest and use the trees to create the numerous platforms and buildings in the village.

Places of Interest

  • Treetop Market
  • Temple of Fruits
  • Vine of Fruits

Undil Town

Undil Town is a marshy town whose inhabitants have a variety of rather "unique" individuals. Some people who live in Undil Town are regarded by most as Witches and use Magic for mischevious uses. The town has been questioned in the past why they don't have the witches leave, however the towns populace has shown that the witches actually provide fertility and stability ot the surrounding land allowing the farmers to harvest their crops as well as using the various plants around the town as a defence against attacking monsters.

Places of Interest

  • Di's Tower
  • Faoe's Shop
  • Nyr's Spring
  • Undil Well
  • Undil Marketplace

Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens are a large grove of greenhouses and garden beds constructed many years ago by an unknown individual. Their name has been lost to time however this tranquil little place in the middle of the dense and wild Amazon Realm has been remembered and preserved by some sort of ancient magic. A stone ring around the Botanical Gardens has seemingly kept Monsters and the Jungle seeping into the Botanical Gardens and the stones are extremely deeply rooted in the ground. At the center of the Gardens is a massive Flower known as the Flower of Twilight which is known to blossom once every 5 decades and only at night where it emits a powerful blue glow and glowing golden seeds into the air.

Places of Interest

  • Magical Stone Ring
  • Pyramid Greenhouse
  • Flower of Twilight
  • Hero's Garden

Tower of Vines

The Tower of Vines is a massive stone structure that is seemingly held together by the vines of the plants surrounding it. It is unknown how old the building is however it is estimated to be much older than any other structure built in New Hyrule since the Hylians arrived. The Tower of Vines is home to an array of extemely dangerous monsters although treasure that is written to be at the bottom of the Tower has lured many Adventurers to their death in the past.

Places of Interest

  • Coiling Entrance
  • Main Hall
  • The Glass Room
  • The Silence Room
  • The Pit

Taranillow Village

Taranillow Village is a settlement in the Amazon Realm that is known for the numerous birds that inhabit it. These birds create a diverse harmony in the village and have supproted the village by bringing seeds of fruits and grains as well as removing leaves from the canopy to allow for sunlight to filter through. The town has erected a monument to the birds as thanks for their generosity as well as numerous facilities to keep the birds healthy.

Places of Interest

  • Flock's Statue
  • Great Drinking Fountain
  • Taranillow Arrow Shop
  • Taranillow Cuccoo Farm
  • Taranillow Market

Shining Realm

Astral Village

The Astral Village is a small hilly settlement that utilizes the night sky to direct its decisions, it has specific guidelines for hwat must happen when something happens in the night sky such as the moon disappearing or a shooting comet passes by. The villagers have a much smaller development of their area than most other villages with large open spaces between each building.

Places of Interest

  • Lunardial
  • House of Stars
  • Moonrock Farms
  • Astral Marketplace

Electro City

This surprisingly large settlement has utilized a device that's able to create electricity to power the rest of the city, possibly the largest living location other than Hyrule Town. Its citizens are somewhat gloatful about their electricity claiming to be the new hub of Hyrule, although other colonies tell them that their reliance of Electricity will be their folly.

Places of Interest

  • Lightning Tower
  • Great Dividers
  • Electro Bomb Shop
  • Electro Marketplace
  • Electro Shield Shop
  • Magnetic Fountain

Abstract Hill

This bizarre hill has been investigate by man researchers in the past although an explanation behind its bizarre shapes and seemingly gravity-defying features. It seems whatever is affecting the hill applies to whatever is placed on the hill as a few trees, some rocks and a house have warped in bizarre shapes.

Places of Interest

  • Curled Crest
  • Shrink House
  • Coiling Trees
  • Shapely Rocks

The Observatory

Built atop a short mountain, the Observatory is constantly monitoring the stars, the observatory has several trials to get to it although the astronomer inside gladly gives individuals who make it inside a reward for surpassing the trials. It is unknown how long the Observatory has been there.

Places of Interest

  • Trials Entrance
  • The 1st Trial
  • The 2nd Trial
  • The 3rd Trial
  • Starlight Staircase
  • Lunar Telescope

Serene Waterfall

The Serene Waterfall is a quiet location huddled up against a nearby mountain range, the waterfall makes very little sound and the few people who have made this place their home have maintained the locations tranquility and peace.

Places of Interest

  • House of Melodies
  • Tranquility Pond

Refine Realm

Coppon Town

Coppon Town is a Mine and Town mixed together. The mine is a natural smelter allowing the smithies of the town to turn the raw metals into materials and ingots for further use. The town mainly uses Copper which has affected the appearance of their buildings making it more orange in colour.

Places of Interest

  • Great Copper Mine
  • Coppon Marketplace
  • Coppon Well
  • Red Water Creek
  • Blue Fire Furnace
  • Lava Smelters

Tingsten Village

Tingsten Village is a small settlement in the Refine Realm. Its villagers specialize in crafting extremely refined weapons and equipment, the village is under constant threat from the nearby volcano erupting however causing concern for some villagers.

Places of Interest

  • Boiling Mountain
  • Tingsten Shield Shop
  • Tingsten Market
  • Talon's House

Golinium Village

This village located in the more rugged areas of the Refine Realm is mostly inhabited by Gorons who moved here from the Fire Realm, the village is extremely wealthy due to the enormous Gold deposit located beneath the village, this has caused most of the City to be supported on a massive Metal Platform as the ground below has been completely mined through.

Places of Interest

  • Golinium Mine
  • The Below
  • Golinium Bomb Shop
  • Golinium Market
  • Grand Gold Elevator

Liquid Mines

These extremely dangerous mines are home to highly dangerous Fire Enemies, the mines are partially filled with Lava making some areas completely unacessible. In addition several adventurers have lost their lives as there are said to be lost treasures located throughout the mines.

Places of Interest

  • Liquid Mines Entrance
  • Adventurer's Resthouse
  • Magma Dome
  • Platform of Death

Silver Beacon

Said to be a construct of an extinct species, the Silver Beacon is a bizarre object, it seems to serve no purpose although looks similar to a Lighthouse, however why there would be one this far inland is unknown. Records have shown that it is impossible to determine what the Refine Realm used to look like as the Lava and Magma beneath have consistently torn away at the old stone.

Places of Interest

  • Azure Steps
  • Chain Door
  • White Light Orb


Dungeons are located throughout all the realms of New Hyrule, aside from the Main Dungeons where the Realm's Boss is encountered there are also Sub-Dungeons and Mini-Dungeons where the player may find secret treasures or items necessary to access certain locations.

The Centrelands

  • Castle of Demons- A large, foreboding structure summoned by the Demon Sorcerer Malliko, it completely eclipses Hyrule Town and the surrounding area leaving a stain of darkness on the land. Many residents fear the noises coming from within the Castle and suspect it to be kidnapping people in the night.
    • Dungeon Themes:Fire ThemeShadow ThemeSand ThemeTriforce Theme
  • Castle of Dreams & Nightmares - ???
    • Dungeon Themes:Light ThemeShadow ThemeSand ThemeTriforce Theme
  • Old Sewers - The old sewers beneath Hyrule Town connect the city together in a secretive way. Commonly infested with Rats, Keese, ChuChus & Skulltulas, most people warn their children to avoid the Sewer Entrances at all costs. There are secret passages with hidden treasures that are only accessible to those who know how to figure out the puzzles hidden in plain sight.
    • Dungeon Themes:Plant ThemeShadow ThemeWater Theme
  • Tower of Spirits - Once known to be the pinnacle of New Hyrule, the Tower of Spirits stands as a testiment to remind everyone of the challenges of the past and provides comfort in knowing old evils have been subdued. Its walls are inscribed with many words in Ancient Hylian as well as telling the story of the Lokomos.
    • Dungeon Themes:Light ThemeSand ThemeShadow ThemeSpirit ThemeWind Theme
  • Cave of Relics - An old and strange cave from a long time in the past. Previously a grove, North of Hyrule Town, the Cave of Relics had slowly grown over many years to become a mysterious cave, at the bottom is supposedly an item that allows one to speak with those who have long since passed onto the afterlife.
    • Dungeon Themes:Mineral ThemePlant ThemeSand ThemeShadow ThemeSpirit Theme
  • Challenge House - A Building that offers anyone who enters to test their skills in combat by passing through a series of mini rooms that delve into more powerful enemies and even some mighty bosses. The owner of the Challenge House offers secret prizes to anyone who can conquer each of its Trials.
    • Dungeon Themes:Sand ThemeShadow ThemeSpirit ThemeTriforce Theme

Forest Realm

  • Ravaged Jungle - The Ravaged Jungle is a large growth of trees that is seemingly always damaged, what cuases this damage is unkown however most people assume it to be an evil creature that lurks deep within. Many people fear going near the jungle as Moblins, Skulltulas and other monsters have been sighted guarding it for some peculiar reason.
    • Dungeon Themes:Mineral ThemePlant ThemeWind Theme
  • Serpent's Pass - It is unknown who dug the Serpent's Pass, some believe that its name indicates a large Rope did it. The tunnels seem to connect large proportions of the Forest Realm together with it having exits near the Centrelands, Snow Realm, Venom Realm & Ocean Realm. The tunnels are only used by some miners and the true depths of the Serpent's Pass are unmapped and unrecorded by any Hylian, Goron, Anouki or Rito.
    • Dungeon Themes:Plant ThemeShadow ThemeWater Theme
  • Forgotten Forest - The Forgotten Forest is an almost completely unnoticed patch of land in the Forest Realm, it has a bizarre aura about it that makes people often forget of its existence. The Forest seems to have rumors that speak of it housing a treasure from the times long, since past. Some people believe that the Forgotten Forest houses the Lokomo Sword deep within it, while others believe that it tells a forgotten tale involving the Lokomo Sword.
    • Dungeon Themes:Plant ThemeSand ThemeSpirit Theme
  • Tree of Life - The largest Tree in all of New Hyrule, comparable to some of its mountains, the Tree of Life is said to be the origin of all life in all the realms of New Hyrule excluding those who came to New Hyrule from the Great Sea. The Tree of Life emits small lights from its leaves for an unknown reason and seems to ward off evil from lurking into the Tree itself. People fear what is inside the tree however as its natural defences have kept people from living near it or harvesting it.
    • Dungeon Themes:Light ThemePlant ThemeSpirit ThemeWind Theme

Fire Realm

  • Thousand Ore Volcano - The largest Volcano in all of New Hyrule, the Thousand Ore Volcano got its name for its seemingly endless supply of ores that keep appearing. This however was proven to be the work of evil spirits biding their time in the Volcano until someone allowed them to escape. The Volcano and its mines have since been blocked off to minimize the amount of evil monsters that escape the Volcano as well as stop anyone foolish enough from entering.
    • Dungeon Themes:Fire ThemeMineral ThemeSand Theme
  • Mt. Eruptor - Mr. Eruptor as its name suggests is a large Mountain with many vents, known to spew liquid earth out of them quite frequently, the Mountain itself is a massive climb to the peak and has a large sprawling dungeon within that twists and turns until one gets to the Mountain's Magma Dome. Fire-Based Creatures commonly take residence in the Mountain to protect themselves from the occasional landslide that occurs on teh outside.
    • Dungeon Themes:Fire ThemeMineral ThemeWind Theme
  • Red Cave Volcano - This cave is a direct Passage to he Fire sanctuary, although is in itself a trial of its own. The cave radiates heat from within its walls giving it an intimidating glow. While the cave isn't very large it has several dead ends and some bizarre traps that send the cave's victims back to the entrance. No one really knows what force is at work controlling the cave.
    • Dungeon Themes:Fire ThemeMineral ThemeWind Theme
  • Steam Pits - The Steam Pits are a large underwater lake that is constantly heated by the magma dome beneath, people say that they fear the pits will erupt in a violent way once the Water completely dissipates and the area has been abandoned for many years. The jets of steam allow navigation through the pits although many monsters inhabit the area making it difficult for those not prepared.
    • Dungeon Themes:Fire ThemeWater ThemeWind Theme

Ocean Realm

  • Underwater Palace - The Underwater Palace is an ancient structure from before the arrival of the Hylians, some believe that it is a memory of Zora's who tried to migrate to New Hyrule far before the Great Flood. The Underwater Palace is filled with Traps and many dangerous Water-based monsters and is almost inaccessible to people unless they have a Zora Tunic, even then the Palace has degraded significantly since it was last used and has become a complex maze of corridors and rooms in utter ruin. Very little light filters into the Underwater Palace as well making it hard to see in some of the deeper levels.
    • Dungeon Themes:Mineral ThemeWater Theme
  • Ancient Dungeon - This ancient maze of rock and ruin supposedly held a terrifying monster that the Hero of Spirits had to conquer in his quest. The dungeon is mostly flooded although the entrance is above ground, making access simple. The Dungeon is littered with enemies, some who have endured living in the dungeon since its destruction. It is said that a treasure from long ago is buried at the bottom of the Ancient Dungeon waiting to be claimed by those who seek it.
    • Dungeon Themes:Light ThemeSand ThemeSpirit ThemeWater Theme
  • Pirate Ruins - The ruins of an old Pirate Base run by Miniblins and Big Blins. The Pirate Ruins have since been abandoned and are now infested with Skulltulas, Redeads and numerous other monsters. The ruins are said to have treasures that were lost when the Pirates abandoned it, held deep in the bottom of the island it's situated on. The Base however is not without its traps as numerous puzzles revolving around the surprisingly functional Minecarts pose a blockade between anyone and the treasure.
    • Dungeon Themes:Electrical ThemeShadow ThemeWater ThemeWind Theme
  • Flooded Ruins - Ruins of the area surrounding the Ocean Sanctuary, the Flooded Ruins have numerous monsters lurking within its shallow waters. The player must navigate the few remaining islands to get to the Ocean Sanctuary, however a combination of puzzles requires the player to lower the various bridge sections to reach the Ocean Sanctuary itself.
    • Dungeon Themes:Mineral ThemeWater Theme
  • Southern Cave - This cave near the border between the Ocean Realm and Wind Realm is very peculiar. It appears to be mostly frozen over despite the climate indicating otherwise, the cave is very slippery and is said to house a secret weapon capable of stopping monsters in their tracks. The Cave has attempted to be explored in the past although success has been minimal and very little has ever been obtained from the cave.
    • Dungeon Themes:Ice ThemeSpirit ThemeWater ThemeWind Theme

Wind Realm

  • Floating Windmill - This Windmill is oddly flying in the sky, yet there is no indication of flight or things holding it up. The Windmill's origin itself is unknown although it emits an eerie sensation to those who approach it. It is often avoided by Rito as there are Crows and Bubbles that guard the outside of it. The Windmill is also often covered by clouds forcing people to use items that can clear away the clouds to even get around it.
    • Dungeon Themes:Light ThemeWind Theme
  • Cliffside Caverns - These dangerous Caverns face out towards the sea winds and oceans. Carved by these very forces, the Cliffside Caverns are a nesting ground for various monsters and are particularly dangerous for those traversing it without some way of protecting themselves from the bellowing winds that jet out of the inner caverns.
    • Dungeon Themes:Electrical ThemeWater ThemeWind Theme
  • Bluff Grove - This low lying dungeon is situated right next ot the ocean at one of the islands, it is heavily overgrown as few creatures and fewer people have touched the place since it was found. The Bluff Grove appears to have ancient contraptions that cause the place itself to be much larger inside than it should be, thus making navigation a hassle for most, resulting in the place's neglect. No one is sure why monsters have taken an interest to this place although there is the possibility they are protecting something.
    • Dungeon Themes:Plant ThemeWater ThemeWind Theme
  • Cloud Castle - A Huge floating mass of Clouds and stone in the sky, partially frozen over, the Cloud Castle is a huge complex said to house a treasure that only the Skies can appreciate, the castle is the highest location in all of New Hyrule, far above any Mountain or Volcano. The Rito say that its attempts to get closer to the heavens is only a testiment to the greed of the monsters that lurk within.
    • Dungeon Themes: Ice ThemeSpirit ThemeWind Theme

Sand Realm

  • Sandfall Ruins - An Ancient Ruin of the past, recently unearthed. When people first discovered the Sandfall Ruins it was believed there were treasures held within and that the monsters were merely guarding it, however whatever lurks within the Sandfall Ruins has proven to be an unseeable monster of destruction and fear. Few have seen the creature said to make the Sandfall Ruins its home, however accounts say the creature could blend in with the huge waves of sand in the lower chambers and possibly turn invisible.
    • Dungeon Themes:Sand ThemeWater ThemeWind Theme
  • Skull Cave - The menacing entrance to this cave is made out of white marble and has been worn down by the elements and monsters that lurk within to make it appear like a giant monster's skull. The place inside is said to be a massive maze of twisting tunnels making the cave virtually impossible to properly map it out. In addition the cave has numerous levitating platforms and puzzles that have left areas completely unexplored.
    • Dungeon Themes:Mineral ThemeSand ThemeShadow Theme
  • The Great Pyramid - Once the prison for an Ancient Demon, the Great Pyramid was for a time believed to be the next logical large settlement for the realms and the main Sand Realm settlement, however time passed and few people showed interest in moving to a place that had previously been inhabited by monsters, thus the Great Pyramid was abandoned. Unfortunately this led to it being overrun yet again, however posing much less of a threat than when the Ancient Demon inhabited it, incredibly its traps still work after all this time.
    • Dungeon Themes:Fire ThemeSand ThemeSpirit ThemeWind Theme
  • Secret Cave - Supposedly filled to the brim with the riches of the Sand Realm, the Secret Cave has become an elusive and desirable location for fortune hunters to seek out. It's main problem is that it's location is unknown and the only thing agreed about its location is that it's somewhere in the Chaotic Sandstorm. It is said to also house some powerful monsters within, making it not only a challenge to find, but a challenge to escape with one's life.
    • Dungeon Themes:Electrical ThemeSand ThemeShadow Theme
  • Acidic Chambers - The extremely dangerous passage between the Sand and Refine Realms, no one is quite sure how it formed but the cave has dangerous pools of acid as well as numerous monsters lurking throughout. It is one of the few ways to access the Refine realm however, making it often a common spot for traders and merchants to meet up.
    • Dungeon Themes:Mineral ThemePlant ThemeSand ThemeShadow Theme

Snow Realm

  • Screaming Mountain - The largest mountain in the Snow Realm, the Screaming Mountain got its name from the numerous Werewolfos that inhabit it as well as the lost souls that wander its treacherous peaks. There is a huge cave system inside that is said to be home to the leader of all the Wolfos, it is also described as being a maze of slippery ice and bizarre mechanisms. Some believe there used to be a mine that existed in the Screaming Mountain, explaining the mechanisms and suggest that the Werewolfos that are abundant in the area are the old miners, forced to continue living in agony.
    • Dungeon Themes:Ice ThemeMineral ThemeWind Theme
  • Palace of Ice - A massive Crystal maze of cold rooms with Icy ornaments. Light refracts of all the surfaces to create heavily unique and diverse arrays of colours. There are numerous puzzles involving the refracted light and various moveable ice ornaments. The palace houses many rooms making it difficult to truly appreciate the sheer magnitude of the building as parts of it are underground and thus impossible to see from the outside.
    • Dungeon Themes:Ice ThemeShadow ThemeSpirit ThemeWind Theme
  • Snow Veiled Path - A path leading to the Snow Sanctuary, it is normally fairly safe, however at night the path is meant to be avoided at all costs as many monsters will ambush those who try to cross through. The Path has guards at both ends and there is said to be an old outpost for people to rest at in case they are caught in the path during the night.
    • Dungeon Themes:Ice ThemeSand ThemeWater ThemeWind Theme
  • Slashed Forest - A haven for Wolfos & Werewolfos, the Slashed Forest is an utter maze of confusing trees. The Wolfos appeared to have marked the several trees with their claws possibly to indicate territory although some believe it's an indication at a secret they're hiding within the Slash Forest.
    • Dungeon Themes:Ice ThemePlant ThemeWater Theme

Venom Realm

  • Swamp of Spirits - A place were the souls of the deceased from the surrounding area oddly gather. It is speculated that something of great importance rests inside this swamp and that the spirits will show anyone who wishes to delve into the Swamp of Spirits the path. However within the swamp also lurks the spirits of malevolent monsters who will attempt to obstruct any adventurer's progress and take their souls away.

Dungeon Themes:Plant ThemeShadow ThemeSpirit ThemeWater Theme

  • Temple of Wisdom - One of the great 3 buildings of the godesses, the Temple of Wisdom used to be the greatest shrine to Nayru, the Goddess of Wisdom. The temple was corrupted however by evil the remained in the land and monsters began overrunning the Temple turning it into a maze of Poisonous Water and Blessed Water. It is said that only those who posess the ability to solve such a puzzle are able to access the innermost shrine.

Dungeon Themes:Triforce ThemeWater Theme

  • Cotton Woods - A massive forest of twisting no turning pays, riddled with stick, impassable webs that stick to the cotton wads located on the various trees. The webs are created by the dangerous Skulltulas that inhabit the area and have often deterred people from delving into its depths.

Dungeon Themes:Electrical ThemePlant ThemeShadow ThemeWind Theme

  • Vile Grove - A mass of plants creating a cavernous dungeon, the place is filled with malicious monsters and toxic fog, navigation is heavily limited without the proper equipment and only a few have seen the treasures held within the Vile Groves, entangled mass of plants.

Dungeon Themes:Plant ThemeShadow ThemeWater Theme

  • Quiet Cave - A bizarre cave system, seemingly devoid of sound, the cave has a strange feeling to it, as thoug something is hiding deep within. People are unsure why the cave is so quiet as it seems to just fall completely silent once you actually enter the cave. Some believe that the cave has a magical barrier around it that makes everything inside impossible to hear, this has proven to make it very difficult for adventurers as he monsters tend to sneak up in the darker sections of the cave.

Dungeon Themes:Mineral ThemePlant ThemeSand ThemeShadow ThemeWater Theme

  • Dark Portal - A tear in the dimensions, connecting the vibrant New Hyrule with the eerily distorted Dark Realm. No one is sure how long the Dark Realm has existed for and suspect that it is New Hyrule's equivalent of the original Hyrule's Dark World. Evil energy seeps out of the mysterious portal and some of the fiercest monsters in New Hyrule gather around it protecting the mysteries inside. No one has braved themselves against the monsters and made it into the portal, some say however that he portal likely would curse those who enter it, or corrupt them and turn them into monsters.

Dungeon Themes:Sand ThemeShadow ThemeSpirit Theme

  • Prison Ruins - Built many years ago, the Highridge Prison held criminals and monsters who posed a threat however a riot broke out some years ago and the prison was heavily damaged, the men were corrupted into monsters and used the prison as a fortress to wreck havoc on the surrounding area. The prison has become a labyrinth due to the crumbled walls throughout of the prison.

Dungeon Themes:Ice ThemePlant ThemeShadow ThemeWater Theme

Shadow Realm

  • Inverted Graveyard - The Inverted Graveyard is a deserted location that once was used to honour the deceased of New Hyrule; Humans, Ruto, Gorons and Anouki would pray here for their beloved, however monsters have infested the graveyard and turned it into a warped and frightening display of power simply to scare the residents. People fear the spirits of the deceased will come back to haunt them as they were unable to defend the graveyard from the monsters invading.
    • Dungeon Themes:Sand ThemeShadow ThemeSpirit ThemeWind Theme
  • Temple of Power - One of the great 3 buildings of the godesses, the Temple of Power used to be the greatest shrine to Din, the Godess of Power. The temple was corrupted however evil seeped into the land around and monsters began overrunning the Temple turning it into fiery abyss of molten rivers with fierce creatures lurking within. It is said that only the most powerful and determined heroes are able to reach the innermost shrine.
    • Dungeon Themes:Fire ThemeTriforce Theme
  • Royal Crypt - A special hidden graveyard for the Royal Family, the Royal Crypt has been extremely well hidden as it is masked by a magic fog that can turn travellers attempting to pass through it without knowing its secret back the way they came. Monsters lurk in the fog and in the graveyard itself as guardians of the Royal Crypt and some believe that these monsters are actually the spirits of the Royal Family brought back to life.
    • Dungeon Themes:Ice ThemeSand ThemeShadow Theme
  • Forest of Faces - A mysterious and disturbing forest, the forest of faces has many trees that appear to have their trunks warped by dark magic to. Look like faces in agony. No one knows what causes this and many people say that the forest is a cursed and disturbed place. There are bizarre floating fires situated throughout the forest that are believed to bring unfortunate souls to their doom.
    • Dungeon Themes:Light ThemePlant ThemeShadow ThemeWater Theme
  • Perspective Mine - A bizarre mine situated in a seemingly useless location for a mine, the mine has multiple entrances and it seems no matter which way you traverse the cave you end up at the same exit for every entrance. There is said to be an a,axing treasure in a hidden exit but no one has found said hidden exit and thus the treasure remains concealed from those seeking it.
    • Dungeon Themes:Mineral ThemeShadow Theme
  • Silence Temple - A temple known far and wide for its disciples who practise silence to enhance their senses. The temple has a very unearthly atmosphere and monsters lurk on the lower levels, it is said the only way to make it to the secrets at the bottom is to be silent like the disciples who live in the temple.
    • Dungeon Themes:Sand ThemeShadow ThemeSpirit Theme
  • Blue Fire Dungeon - This ominous and foreboding construct of the Shadow Realm, the Blue Fire Dungeon has many bizarre flames that seem to disobey common conventions of fire. No one knows how to reach the lower levels and people have reported explorers going into the dungeon only to return dumbfounded by its unnatural mechanics.
    • Dungeon Themes:Fire ThemeShadow ThemeWater Theme

Stone Realm

  • Coldfire Chasm - A frighteningly dark set of caverns, the Coldfire Chasm has faintly glowing fires located throughout, ignited by the gases in the area, oddly however is that the fires are freezing to he touch, creating sheets of ice from the water vapour in the air. It is said that the only way to solve the Coldfire Chasm is to fight Fire with Fire.
    • Dungeon Themes:Fire ThemeIce ThemeMineral ThemeWind Theme
  • Gravel Canyon - The Gravel Canyon was once a massive quarry where Hylians once found rare stone and precious stones and believed that the place was filled with them. However after several miners struck loose gravel held within the canyon's walls, the entire place caved in. Some say that the cave in releases monsters that were also inside the walls as they still here odd noises coming from the Canyon at night.
    • Dungeon Themes:Mineral ThemeSand ThemeWind Theme
  • Blackstone Stalagmites - this odd cave got its name from the bizarre stalagmites that's row throughout it. No one knows why the stalgmites are black as the stone throughout the cave is otherwise lime in colour. Some people believe that it is the ruins of an old underground town however mentions of the location are rarely mentioned in old texts.
    • Dungeon Themes:Mineral ThemeShadow ThemeWater Theme
  • Dead Forest - Not an actual forest, the Dead Forest is a massive maze of huge rocks that are uniquely shaped in such a way that they look like trees in a forest. Some people have heard evil monsters lurking behind these massive boulders although it is said they guard a treasure that only the stones themselves can tell reveal the path to. Many have inspected the rocks however only come up empty handed.
    • Dungeon Themes:Fire ThemeMineral ThemeShadow ThemeWind Theme
  • Secret Tower - An easily missable structure, the Secret Tower was bored straight out of the ground and stands as a warning of the power of the monsters that lurk within. The Secret Tower is extremely difficult to navigate as it has bizarre and mysterious traps scattered throughout it making very few people even approach it, let alone enter the tower itself.
    • Dungeon Themes:Light ThemeMineral ThemeSpirit ThemeWind Theme

Amazon Realm

  • Tree of Spores - A massive Tree that is said to be extremely important to the ecosystem of the Amazon Realm. It is said over a million species are affected directly by the tree of spores. Its branches have large bulbs that float to the ground becoming new trees. It has been infested with numerous monsters and it is said that one day a glowing red seed was thrown into the tree and has caused its recent discolouration.
    • Dungeon Themes:Plant ThemeWater Theme
  • Temple of Courage - One of the great 3 buildings of the godesses, the Temple of Courage used to be the greatest shrine to Farore, the Godess of Courage. The temple was corrupted however by the remaining evil in the land and monsters began overrunning the Temple turning it into a tangled mess of vines and poisonous traps. The ominous monsters that lurk inside test the courage and bravery of heroes who seek the innermost shrine.
    • Dungeon Themes:Plant ThemeTriforce Theme
  • Vineway Maze - A large maze of convoluted vines and stone ruins, his multi-levelled, dangerous maze proves to be a true trial to anyone seeking to access the depths of the Amazon realm. The Vineway Maze is said to be inhabited by sneaky and stealthful monsters.
    • Dungeon Themes:Plant ThemeWater ThemeWind Theme
  • Marsh of Destruction - A large marsh filled with a dangerous explosive gas. The gas leaks out from openings in the ground making it extremely hazardous to use fire in he marsh. The Marsh of Destruction also houses a lot of monsters with very sturdy bodies making them resistant or straight up immune to the explosions of the marsh's gas.
    • Dungeon Themes:Fire ThemePlant ThemeWater Theme
  • Flooded Cave - A cavernous dungeon said to house a mysterious treasure, the Flooded Cave is impossible to navigate properly for those without a way of breathing underwater as the cave is riddled with puzzles both above and below land. Some believe the cave was once inhabited by Zoras as many cave paintings and ancient writing are found throughout the caves.
    • Dungeon Themes:Mineral ThemePlant ThemeWater Theme
  • Tower of Vines - A large tower, said to original be constructed by an ancient clan of Hylians that lived in the Amazon Realm long before the original Hylians Pirates arrived. The tower is covered in ancient Hylians scripture although large proportions of he tower have been crushed by the vines that surround it. Instead many suggest using the vines to climb into her higher levels, however it has been noted that skulltulas and moblins infested the tower a while ago supposedly using the tower to steal treasures from those who wander nearby.
    • Dungeon Themes:Plant ThemeShadow ThemeWind Theme
  • Aviary Complex - A massive complex of Glass, Rock and Trees, the Aviary Complex is filled with numerous birds found throughout new Hyrule including at least 60 species not found anywhere else. The complex is filled with monsters however and navigating it is no easy task as numerous traps and obstacles block the path of those who hope to reach the top where an ominous and mysterious light flickers from the inside.
    • Dungeon Themes:Plant ThemeWind Theme

Shining Realm

  • Lost Hope Cave - Considered one of the most dangerous locations in all of New Hyrule the Lost Hope Cave has earned infamy from e numerous people who went missing never to be seen again who entered the cave. Some believe a mysterious monster lurks in the cave although no one knows just how deep the cave is, some say they can hear water flowing from the mouth of the cave, possibly meaning there is an underground river in he cave. The cave also has glowing insects surrounding its entrance at night, possibly trying to ward away travellers.
  • Dungeon Themes:Ice ThemeLight ThemeMineral ThemeShadow Theme
  • Crystal Chasm - a huge maze of intricate and puzzling floors, the Crystal Chasm is very dangerous as the luminous treasure at the bottom is nearly inaccessible. Due to the dungeon having invisible bridges in some areas and maze-like corridors filled with the crystals from which the dungeon gets its name making the place even more difficult to navigate. If that wasn't enoug, several puzzles involve redirecting the light in the maze corridors to checkpoints to open new paths. Lastly there are large stalactites of crystal dangling just barely on the ceiling of the main chasm.
  • Dungeon Themes:Light ThemeMineral ThemeSand ThemeWind Theme
  • Frozen Jaws - The skeleton of an extremely old fish, the Frozen .jaws is a frigid location that has an eerie sense of magic emitting from it. Some believe that it is a portal to the afterlife for spirits while others believe it's a gateway for Hylians to be turned into monsters. Rito have stated feeling more in tune with the winds at Frozen Jaws and this may mean the skeleton belonged to a creature that evolved with the Zoras from long ago. The dungeon itself has dangerous ice puzzles and wind puzzles throughout, mostly fixated on sound, updrafts and downdrafts.
  • Dungeon Themes:Ice ThemeLight ThemeSpirit ThemeWind Theme
  • Magnetic Depths - The Magnetic Depths are an interesting location for researchers, seemingly capable of defying gravity the rocks in this cave have magnetic metals in them that are repulsed by a massive metal ball at the bottom of the cave. The ball seems to be the core of a small planetoids that struck new Hyrule many hundreds of years ago. The monster's that roam in the cave however seem to have converted the ball into a defensive mechanism to ward of adventurers as it is believed there is a massiv hoard of treasure at the bottom of the Magnetic Depths.
  • Dungeon Themes:Electrical ThemeLight ThemeMineral Theme
  • The Observatory - A mystical location sound to house books of unfathomable knowledge. The observatory is guarded by trials that test an individual to see if they possess the qualities of the three virtues of Power, Wosdom and Courage. It is said that the Observatory's walls reflect its surroundings and at night it shines from the vivid stars in the sky.
  • Dungeon Themes:Light ThemeShadow ThemeSpirit ThemeWater Theme
  • Deadly Waterfall - The cave behind this waterfall is the least of a traveller's worries when wandering these parts. The water flows extremely fast and the dangerous rocks scattered about hint at an old structure once standing where the Waterfall is, possibly from an old race that once inhabited the area. It's traps are still active however and many monsters dwell in both the cave and the surrounding area making it tough to navigate.
  • Dungeon Themes:Light ThemeShadow ThemeWater Theme

Refine Realm

  • Bubbling Fire Pits - Warnings cover the entrance to these fiery molten caverns. Said to be the origin of all the land of New Hyrule, the Bubbling Fire Pits are so hot even Gorons stay away. Only someone who was equipped with an incredibly powerful clothing could withstand such heats. Few monsters inhabit this location although the ones that do are some of the most ferocious found in New Hyrule. In addition sections of the cave require adventurers to use hot jets of steam and untouched bodies of water to reach the deepest levels.
    • Dungeon Themes:Fire ThemeMineral ThemeWater ThemeWind Theme
  • Blast Furnace Cave - Believed to be a smelter for the Gorons in the past many years ago, the Blast Furnace Cave is filled with supports from the constructs that used to hold the place from caving in. Nowadays the molten ores have seeped through and formed natural supports for he cave. At the bottom is said to be a rock that burns a constant fire. In addition a bizarre flow of air passes through the multiple levels of the cave connecting them together.
    • Dungeon Themes:Electrical ThemeFire ThemeMineral ThemeWind Theme
  • Hyper Liquid Cave - an incredibly bizarre location. No one is quite sure what forces allow he cave to exist. It's Glass walls are surrounded by hot, molten rock that should by all means melt however some believe a great spirit rests within the cave protecting the cave from being destroyed. Even more confusingly is the water puzzles that make navigation through the cave difficult as often breaks in the glass walls will require adventurers to redirect water currents onto he breakages to progress further.
    • Dungeon Themes:Fire ThemeMineral ThemeSpirit ThemeWater Theme
  • Glass Magma Dome - Believed to be one of the most incredible sights natural locations in New Hyrule the Glass ?Magma Dome is a massive complex of mysterious cavernous rooms all visible from a massive glass ball filled with molten rock. The magma in the ball fills and empties over the course of a day allowing one to see the various tunnels during the day while the tunnels are illuminated during the night. It is believed there is a secret room only accessible when the magma fills the glass completely.
    • Dungeon Themes:Fire ThemeMineral ThemeSand ThemeWater Theme
  • Liquid Mines - Originally a mine, highly prized by the Gorons they would describe it as a present from the goddesses as it would spill liquid metals out from many veins, however the Gorons mined too deep into the mine and their greed got the better of them as they uncovered a large horde of monsters which quickly overtook the mine, driving the Gorons out. Now heavily guarded people still whisper about a horde of ores said to dwell at the bottom of the mines.
    • Dungeon Themes:Fire ThemeMineral ThemeWater Theme


Item Base Form Item First Form Item Second Form
Ancient Sword TLOZ CODAN
Ancient Sword
Sword of Healing TLOZ CODAN
Sword of Healing
Shield Royal Shield Mirror Shield
Boomerang TLOZ CODAN
- -
Wind Claws
Flaming Tornado Claws TLOZ CODAN
Flaming Tornado Claws
Big Bombs
Fire-Ice-Lightning Arrows TLOZ CODAN
Fire Arrows|Ice Arrow|Lightning Arrows
Solar-Lunar-Light Arrows TLOZ CODAN
Solar Arrows|Lunar Arrows|Light Arrows
Hydro Rod
Rod of Floods TLOZ CODAN
Rod of Floods
Solar Rod
Rod of Firestorms TLOZ CODAN
Rod of Firestorms
Double Clawshot TLOZ CODAN
Double Clawshot
Deadly Hammer TLOZ CODAN
Deadly Hammer
Seeping Hammer TLOZ CODAN
Seeping Hammer
Dynamite Gauntlets TLOZ CODAN
Dynamite Gauntlets
- -
Power Gauntlets TLOZ CODAN
Power Gauntlets
Giant's Mitts TLOZ CODAN
Giant's Mitts
- -
Roc's Cape
Roc's Cloak TLOZ CODAN
Roc's Cloak
Coldfire Lantern TLOZ CODAN
Coldfire Lantern
Fire Tunic
Goron Tunic TLOZ CODAN
Goron Tunic
Tunic of Power TLOZ CODAN
Tunic of Power
Water Tunic TLOZ CODAN
Water Tunic
Zora Tunic
Tunic of Wisdom TLOZ CODAN
Tunic of Wisdom
Sand Tunic
Gerudo Tunic TLOZ CODAN
Gerudo Tunic
Tunic of Spirit TLOZ CODAN
Tunic of Spirit
Snow Tunic
Anouki Tunic TLOZ CODAN
Anouki Tunic
Tunic of Hope TLOZ CODAN
Tunic of Hope
Magnet Ball TLOZ CODAN
Magnet Ball
Spiked Magnet Ball TLOZ CODAN
Spiked Magnet Ball
Iron Boots - -
Hover Boots - -
Whirlwind TLOZ CODAN
Desertwind TLOZ CODAN
Zora Flippers TLOZ CODAN
Zora Flippers
Zora's Fin
Sand Rod
Rod of Quicksand TLOZ CODAN
Rod of Quicksand
Lens of Truth TLOZ CODAN
Lens of Truth
- -
Thief's Cane TLOZ CODAN
Thief's Cane
- -
Iron Claws
Mining Claws TLOZ CODAN
Mining Claws
Goron Diggers TLOZ CODAN
Goron Diggers
Wind Sail Glider Rito Wings
Wolfos Pouch Wolfos Armour -
Silver Ring Jeweled Ring Skulltula Ring


Like previous Legend of Zelda Games, Castle of Dreams & Nightmares uses Rupees as its main currency. Like previous entries, Rupees can be used to by ammo and items to help the player. A new factor into the Rupees is their degredation, Rupees, due to the influence of the Demons degrade over time, thus the player's Rupee count goes down by 1 per minute. In addition Like Like's now have the ability to steal any item the player has equipped (except their swords) and if the Like Like is able to escape then the item will become available to be bought from the markets in towns and settlements.


  • The Legend of Zelda: Castle of Dreams & Nightmares is the Third Zelda game made by Darklight Studios (5th if Spin-offs are counted)
  • The Legend of Zelda: Castle of Dreams & Nightmares has the longest Legend of Zelda Title
  • The game is the first game made by Darklight Studios to take place in the Adult Timeline and the first not to take place in Hyrule (instead taking place in New Hyrule, the setting for Spirit Tracks)
  • The game features several items that have not appeared in the Adult Timeline yet like the Clawshot & Power Gauntlets (Roc's Cape as well if the Unified Timeline is ignored)
  • The Boss' heights are as listed below;
    • Malliko First Form - 2.2m
    • Relosh - 11.3m
    • Fifle - 5.1m
    • Hoton - 6.5m
    • Jirius - 5.7m
    • Blade - 1.7m
    • Turrvar - 26.4m
    • Cryose - 3.1m
    • Jubbubla - 7.5m
    • Arrow - 1.9m
    • Revenant - 3m
    • Zorr - 15.8m
    • Crystal - 1.7m
    • Poxlare - 14.5m
    • Blaye - 5.9m
    • Irrber - 11m
    • Alvil - 9.7m
    • Malliko Second Form - 10.6m
    • Dregadorr - 14m


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