The Legend of Zelda: Born again is a game from the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS it starts off with link the legndary hero who once again rises in action but this time with a new villian, who is mysteriously unknown he wants to concer the whole land and it's up to link to save Zelda and everyone else from the dangers of him and his plan to take over the entire land and rule all the world as we know it.
The Legend of Zelda: Born again


Link starts off with Zelda where they last where left but little do they know that there is danger ahead.

A mysterious man whyo is yet to be unknown has the power to reborn all of it's mutants and create a large empire to take over the land.

Link notices a white shadow appearing close to where he and Zelda are going the white shadow then quickly turns into a dark ghost and claims to take control over the land the villian legend says was born like any ordanary human along time ago in A.C times but there was a curse that nobody could talk about the only one that knew about this was him, still the god claimed to never tell nobody about that secret or even think about when there are people around you or close to you or a dark evil spell will break. Years past many gods and goddeses fighting untill one day the same god came back and told him that he needed to memorize the information that he is telling him to memorize or the spell won't break and a bad thing may happen to the young man, But it is controlled by a dark mysterious ghost who today is still said to be hiding watching the present legendary hero Link and his every move mysteriously still hiding.

The young man who in present days is known as only Q back in A.C times, The young man almost by luck was able to memorize his every word but the young man failed then is when the young man who is then only known as Q.