The Legend of Zelda A Tale of Two Heroes is an upcoming 2014 videogame. Its gameplay is just like Ocarina of Time 3D but with a character switch mechanic. A new character named Arye is a failed hero of time and serves as a minor protagonist and later a minor antagonist.


Link walks through the market looking for a weapon shop; when he does he finds it's out of stock so the owner sends him off on a quest to find a sword the owner's been looking for. When he finds it he mistakenly unleashes Arye, a failed hero of time. Arye wants to keep the sword he was trapped in but Link fights him for it and wins. As Arye and Link walk back to Castle Town they find it in flames. Link finds the Seven Sages fighting and joins but is soon slain by a unknown monster.

Later a funeral is hosted for Link but before his casket can be closed a white spirit brings him back to life. Days later the Seven Sages along with Link and Arye travel to White Towers to find out where Ganon is. While they walk through the outside bridge Arye and Link get into a fight about who is the better hero; finally Arye says he doesn't want to be a hero and wants power and jumps off the bridge.


Link: The brave hero of time who would kill himself to save the world

Arye: The failed hero of time who is power hungry

Saria: The forest sage and Link's best friend

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