The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Time
Tumblr m2cbyw0mng1qit5xio1 1280
Studio(s) Flash-Studio
Type CGI
Genre(s) Adventure/Action
Age Rating(s)
Budget 2.000.000
Runtime 2 hours
Series The Legend of Zelda
The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Time is a theatrical film released in 2020 based on the Legend of Zelda franchise, more specifically Ocarina of Time, released as part of the first phase of a new Nintendo movie universe similar to Marvel's known as FANCU.

The film went through many phases and was practically passed on from studio to studio until reaching in the hands of the, at the time new, "Flash-Studio" in 2018, one year before development had started on the film. Though many fans expected it to be similar to the one leaked pilot out of the hundreds that were made, Flash-Studio decided to take risks and completely redesign the artstyle to make it seem more fresh and original.


A young Kokiri Elf with the name of "Link" lives peacefully in the village with a crush on his best friend Saria until one day he's assigned by a fairy to save the magical tree of his village from a deadly bug, which is killed easily, but the tree still dies, but not before giving Link one of three magical stones and sending him on a quest to open up a secret temple and save the world from an evil warlord known as "Ganondorf"!



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