The Legend of Mario: Mario under Pressure is the first game in the The Legend of Mario series. It follows Mario, a young man who is dragged off into a world of pain and suffering, where a comet with the strange universe's most prized possestion, the Royal Cup, and a horrible monster onboard is hurtling towards them. Mario has 5 days to find out who did this and how to save the cup before the world is destroyed by the monstrosity onboard

== 5-Day Cycle

The five-day cycle is essential to the game. It shows how long Mario has left until the world is destroyed. Also, special events happen on each day. Here is a list:

First Day: The special event is the grand opening of the Machine in the North of town.

Second Day: The special event is the Zombie party in the Great Canyon Graveyard from 7:00 pm on the Second Day to 4:00 am on the Third Day. Mario needs to go here if he wishes to get a special item, the Cup of Life, which gives mario 3 free health refils in every Temple.

Third Day: The special event is the flight of Zargar, the blacksmith's pet Gigeagle (a giant eagle). Zargar flies around from dawn until Dusk dropping coins onto anyone who can answer his questions.

Fourth Day: The special event is the Milk farm on the North plains closing down. However, if Mario visits and completes a quest for the farm owner on the Second Day, the farm will stay open. If Mario visits the farm on the Fourth Day. he will recieve a bigger bag for his coins that he can keep even if he travels back through time to the First Day.

Fifth Day: The special event is the large crowd surrouning the Royal Cup's pedestal in the Royal Garden. The crowd stay there and after 7:00, light candles and wave them in the air until the comet falls at Midnight.

== Grandma's Secret Sidequest==

Grandma's Secret Sidequest is quite possibly the best sidequest in a mario game to date. It involves Mario helping an old woman meet her family again before she dies. Mario must find the members of the family before the fourth day's sunset or else you will fail the task. Here's grandma's speeches over the course of the four days:

First Day: "Grandma has one wish before she dies. That is to see my family once more before I go to visit the lord in the sky. Please, go and find the 4 of them... For grandma..."

Second Day: "Grandma feels much weaker... *Cough*.... Please get my family together... Please! *COUGH*..."

Third Day: "Please...........*Heavy cough*"

Fourth Day (If you do not have the family at Sunset) " You don't have my family.........I guess I'm going to die alone then.... Ugh.....I never thought I'd die alone......*Cough*.....*Grandma dies*

If, however, you manage to get the family to her, she will reward you with the bottomless coinpot, a pot of coins that can never run out, giving you infinite money (the bag stays with you when you go back in time). Bear in mind that this sidequest is infuriatingly difficult.

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