A reimagining story of the classic series of videogames that we all love. This time, I'm writting what I imagine that happened in Mario Bros' history.


(Some of the characters will be added as they appear)

Mario Series Characters

  • Mario (Formerly Jump Man): The main character. Luigi's brother. Yoshi and Toad's close friend.
  • Luigi: Mario's brother, co-protagonist.
  • Yoshi: Luigi's "pet", Toad's best friend. Co-protagonist.
  • Toad: Mario and Luigi's counselor and Yoshi's best friend. Co-protagonist.
  • Princess Peach Toadstool: Mushroom Kingdom's ruler and Mario's crush. Co-protagonist.
  • Princess Daisy: Princess Peach's best friend and Luigi's enemie. Co-protagnist.
  • King Bowser Koopa: The story's antagonist.


  • Carressa: A 8 year-old girl, whose biggest dream is finding who she is.
  • The mother: Carressa's mom.
  • The storyteller, the father: Carressa's dad and the one who tells the story.


There was a girl. Her name was Carressa, she was playing with her pet, Omel, when her father arrived home with her mother. She was 8, so she ran as fast as she could to hug her parents.

"I missed you so much" she didn't wait for anything to said that.

"It was only one hour" her mother said nicely and peacefully.

"It was like a year for me"

The mother looked into her father's blue eyes as Carressa started crying.

"Carressa," the father said "let me tell you a story—"

The little girl stop crying and looked to her father.

"Once upon a time there was a boy, actually, two boys. They were brothers, so everyone used to told them the Mario Brothers...


Chapter One - The Jump Man

To be posted: December 14, 2013 

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