The Legend of Kyu
Developer(s) DDP logo
Publisher(s) Nin
Platform(s) 3DS Logo
Single Player
Genre(s) RPG/Episodic
Kyu was created among many others to match Kirby's Strength, Speed, and Combat skills. When he realizes this, he tries to stop his creator, but end up with his memories being taken. He wakes up in a strange town with one on his mind; Who am I?


I am using Zario and Mint, two characters by Lumoshi and LumaNin. They both gave me permission for the original, so I hope they are okay I used them for the remake.



Picture Description Debut
Kyu (By White)
Kyu is the hero of this story. He is a Kirby Doll created by Derek and he fights with his claw. Chapter 1
Gloome is the shopkeeper in the game, and only playable in Chapter 3. He fights with hand-to-hand combat Chapter 3
Mint is a ninja who protects Moonville. He helps Kyu, and he fights with his sword and Shurikens (ninja Stars). Chapter 4


Picture Description Chapter
LEvid Remake
Levid is the first boss you fight. He fights with fire-based moves and is easy. Chapter 1
Stargazer is the second boss you fight. He is a sorceror who fights with night and space-based magic. Chapter 3
Mint?! Before you can play as him, he is boss. He fights with ninja-like moves, and is hard. Chapter 4
Birky KYU
Birky is the fourth boss. He fights with Wood and Trees. He is harder than Mint Chapter 5
LEvid Remake
Levid again?! You fight Levid again, and he is pretty hard. He fights with more advanced fire attacks. Chapter 6
(No Image Available) Derek, the creator of the Kirby Dolls is a boss. He fights with science-based attacks and very hard. Chapter 6
King DeDeDe is the final boss. He fights with his hammer, but it can use fire, ice, and lightning based attacks. He is extremely hard. Chapter 6


Chapter 1: Beginning

Derek is in a Dark Room, and he picks up teal felt. He picks up red felt, a purple little claw glove, black felt, and a sewing kit. He sews it all together, and then puts his creation on a window that has moonlight streaming through it; the creation is Kyu.
Kyu opens his eyes, and sits up. Moonlight is streaming in, and he notices 2 other Puffs. He asks them where he is, and they inform him that they are all Kirby Dolls, living dolls who were created to match Kirby’s strength and one day defeat him. Each Kirby Doll has their own special abilities. Kyu wants to know his, so he spars with Levid. This would be the tutorial, where you learn how to fight. Kyu finishes off Levid with a blast of darkness.
Kyu wakes to a weird noise, and he sees King DeDeDe walk into the lab. Now you would play as Kyu and follow King DeDeDe. You eventually get a room where King DeDeDe and Derek are talking. Kyu hears that Kirby is actually good and Derek is evil, so Kyu invades and attacks. Derek sends out Levid and Birky, and you have to defeat them as Kyu. After the fight, Levid knocks Kyu out with fire. Derek says Kyu now knows the secret, and he is too much of a danger. So Derek takes the unconscious Kyu into a room and places him in a machine, and the screen turns black…

Chapter 2: Where am I?

Kyu wakes up in an alley and he has no memories. The only thing he remembers is his name. He blindly walks through the streets, when someone asks what he is doing. It turns out to be Zario, and Kyu responds he doesn’t remember anything. Zario invites Kyu to his house, and Kyu follows. Zario explains that all he knows about Kyu is the tag on him that says KD-13. Kyu asks if it says anything else, and Zario mentions it saying Derek Co. Kyu thanks Zario, and sets off to find Derek Co. On his way, the village is attacked by Slimes. Now you would play as Kyu and defeat the slimes, and then make your way into the woods.

Chapter 3: The Witch in the Woods

Kyu walks through the woods when he is attacked by Ghosts! After the fight, you see Gloome sitting in a tree. Kyu asks Gloome what he’s doing, and Gloome says there are rumors that a Witch is in the woods, and he’s trying to find it. Kyu and Gloome team up to find it. After exploring the woods, you and Gloome find a weird, creepy house. The two go inside, and Gloome vanishes! After you explore the house, and the doors shut and lock and a warlock named Stargazer comes down and has Gloome as her prisoner. She threatens to kill Gloome, and you have to fight her. After you defeat her, you and Gloome escape the house. They get out of the woods and Gloome becomes the shopkeeper, and now you can buy things wherever you are.

Chapter 4: Shinobi Village

Kyu enters a village at night, and it is silent. He knocks on doors, but no one answers. But from one of the rooftops, he is being watched. One door opens and the owner tells Kyu to leave the town. Now you make your way to the exit, but you are stopped by a small creature hiding under a cloak. The creature tells Kyu that all evil that enters must be killed, and the creature cuts the cloak with a sword, revealing Mint. After you defeat Mint, you tell him you’re just passing through so you can go to Derek Co. Mint tells Kyu not to go there, because it is too dangerous. Kyu says okay, but leaves in the direction for Derek co.

Chapter 5: An Old “Friend”

Kyu walks on the path when he is attacked by three Derek Guards. You now have to fight them, and after you defeat them Kyu is attacked by two more. After another fight, Kyu realizes Derek Co. will still send guards after him, so Kyu flies up into the sky. He flies toward the building, but Winged Guards block his path. Now you play as Kyu and you have to control him and dodge the Winged Guard while flying through the air. Kyu lands on top of the building, when Levid and Birky knock him over. They say that no one will stand in Derek’s way, and that all who do shall be killed. Levid vanishes with a big spark, and Birky reveals his power; Trees. He knocks Kyu over with a small tree growing where he was, and the battle begins. After you defeat him, Birky falls off the edge of the building, and he hits the ground and stuffing comes out of a hole. Kyu apologizes, but says he had too. Kyu then uses his claw to rip open a hole in the roof of the building, and he goes in.

Chapter 6: Artificial Life

Now you play as Kyu and make your way to the bottom floor of the building, fighting Derek Guards along the way. When you get to the bottom, you see Levid crying over Birky’s body. Levid screams that Kyu killed him, and that Kyu will pay. Fire surrounds him, and the battle starts. After defeating him, Kyu claws Levid’s face, and Levid covers his eye and says that Kyu took his eye. Kyu looks in his claw, and in it there is a fake eye. He is disgusted and drops it, and tells Levid that it’s a fake eye. Levid gets angry and mentions that everything was fake; their bodies, feelings, lives, everything about them are fake. Levid runs to the window and jumps out, after telling Kyu they will meet again.
Entering a pair of doors, Kyu is in a dark room. A hand grabs him and ties him to a chair leg. Derek appears, and says he always knew Kyu would come back. Kyu thinks about his name, and then all the memories come flooding back, and Kyu tries to escape. Derek takes out a lighter, and holds it close to Kyu. Derek says Kyu is going to die, when something kicks Derek and knocks him over. Mint lands on the floor and cuts the threads keeping Kyu on the chair leg. Mint says he’s here to help, and the two face-off against Derek. After you defeat Derek, he falls onto the ground and takes out a walkie-talkie, and asks for help. King DeDeDe comes in, and says that no one will stop him. Now you play as Kyu and Mint and you must defeat King DeDeDe.

Chapter 7: Epilogue

King DeDeDe runs out of the building, followed by Kyu and Mint. Mint states that he destroyed all of the machines so Derek can’t make any Kirby Dolls. King DeDeDe escapes and is gone. Kirby and Mint return to Mint’s Village; called Moonville. Kyu gets his own house, and is sleeping there.
The game says “The End” and the credits start rolling with screenshots from the game. At the end it has picture of Kyu standing in front of a black screen, and on his left is Moogle balancing on a basketball, and on his right is Mint covered a cloak. Words then appear saying, “Thank you for playing!”


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