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The Legend of Knuckles: Emeralds Unleashed is a Sonic game for the Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 by Shroobz Inc. and Twenty-Second Choice. It'll feature over 44 playable characters and many alternate forms.


Every playable character in the game corresponds to a different Emerald, and that Emerald is also playable.


The game's storyline involves all emeralds (Chaos, Super, Master and Sol) coming to life, and partnering with a corresponding Sonic character. For instance, Knuckles' counterpart is the Master Emerald (who happens to be female).

Since the Master Emerald comes to life, Tikal and Chaos are revived, and a dark spirit possesses Tikal, which causes her to go evil. Tikal is the main villain of this game.


Each character has a unique gameplay, as well as a different one for their alternate forms (Knuckles' game play is more classic while Werechidna's is treasure hunting). There is also a Chao Garden in the game.

Other Features

Almost all characters have were-forms (even the Emeralds become Weremeralds), while some have similar transformations (Rouge the Bat becomes Rouge the Vampire)


  • There is a lot of shipping between Knuckles and the Master Emerald.

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