The Legend of Jamie
Developer(s) GG Games
Publisher(s) GG Games
Platform(s) Super Nintendo
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone
Genre(s) Platforming Adventure
Media Included Cartridge

The Legend of Jamie is a game developed by GG Games for the Super Nintendo. It is very similar to that of The Legend of Zelda, just with improved graphics, new characters and a darker tone of gameplay.

Game Play

The gameplay of The Legend of Jamie is very similar to that of The Legend of Zelda. It incorporates elements of action, adventure, role-playing, and puzzle games altogether. The player controls Jamie from a flip-screen overhead perspective as he travels in the overworld, a large outdoor map with varied environments. Jamie begins the game armed with a small torch, but a sword becomes available to Jamie after he an old man who lived in a cave. Throughout the game, merchants, fairies, townspeople, give Jamie the option to rob them all and work up a few rupees. These people are scattered across the overworld and hidden in caves, shrubbery, or behind walls or waterfalls. You can locate them by setting the shrubbery/tree on fire.

Barring Jamie's progress are angry people he must kill. There are several dungeons for him to enter to find a new weapon. Each dungeon is a unique, maze-like collection of rooms connected by doors and secret passages, and guarded by many different species of beasts different from those found on the overworld. Dungeons also hide useful tools which Jamie can add to his arsenal, such as a boomerang for retrieving distant items and stunning enemies, a gun to shoot his enemies, and a guitar with magical blasts of music. Jamie must successfully navigate through each of the first eight dungeons to obtain all eight shards of the Golden Sword. Once he has completed the artifact, he can enter the ninth dungeon to kill the King. Apart from this exception, the order of completing dungeons is somewhat left to the player, although they steadily increase in difficulty and some of them can only be reached or completed using items gained in a previous one. Jamie can freely wander the overworld, finding and buying items at any point. This flexibility enables unusual ways of playing the game. For example, it is possible to reach the final boss of the game without ever receiving the sword.

After completing the game, the player has access to a more difficult quest, known as the "Hard Mode" where dungeons and the placement of items are different and enemies are stronger. It is also very much harder than the original game mode, and has led to many breaks in controllers.


The characters in the game are all antagonists with the exception of Jamie. As Jamie, you are a lone knight trying to overthrow an empire started by the King. Everybody else wants you dead, and it's time for revenge. You start off with nothing, and rise to the top. Your enemies include beasts and angry townsfolk. Because of this, a spin-off where you kill the townsfolk from this game was released called The Legend of Jamie: Rampage.


The game was re-released on the Fantendo Classics Collection along with a few other games. On the Nintendo DSN, The Legend Of Jamie 3-D was released, featuring updated 3-D graphics.


The Legend of Jamie was followed by The Legend of Jamie 2 and The Legend of Jamie 3: The Golden Sword. Multiple spin-offs such as The Legend of Jamie: Rampage and The Legend of Jamie: Fantendo Army were also released.

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