The Legend of Hyrule is an upcoming augmented and alternate reality location-based video game for mobile devices including iOS and Android phones. The game is a collaboration between Nintendo, Blender Maximum, and, minimally, Niantic, Inc. The Legend of Hyrule is centered around the popular Legend of Zelda series and works in a similar manner to Niantic's Pokémon Go.


At the beginning of the game, players can customize their appearance, gender, clothing, and name to their liking. Additionally, the player will also have to enter their birthday and favorite color; the player will then be greeted by a fairy (of the player's favorite color) that they will be able to name as well that will explain the basic concept of the game. The player can walk around to do various things, such as fight enemies, conquer dungeons, duel other players, and get items from treasure chests. Players are also able to send friend requests to nearby players, allowing them to chat and trade items over the Internet. However, players cannot see when they have received a friend request, but will become friends when both players send them to each other.

Each aspect of the game has different mechanics. When opening treasure chests, the player will simply have to find them, tap on them, and swipe upwards. In dungeons (selected buildings), players will have to use collected items to their advantage, allowing them to solve puzzles. Battles, however, will be fueled by use of weapons, including but not limited to the player's sword, bow and arrow, and bombs. Later on the game, the player can also find a horse (named Epona by default) that will allow them to participate in new activities such as horse racing. Each of these actions will grant experience points that will allow either your character or your horse to level up, finding stronger items and enemies.


As The Legend of Hyrule is a location-based game, it doesn't actually have an ending; however, the game does have a short "premise." The game starts out with the player character having been raised as a reincarnation of "The Hero of Time" as many have been, and the player, now celebrating their "coming of age," dons the green tunic for the first time and must face "warriors" (enemies and other players) in Hyrule as training.












  • After developing the base map, Niantic decided to remain mostly away from the product's production in order to avoid the game's systems being too similar to Pokémon Go's which have shown similarities to their own Ingress in the past.

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