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Developer(s) Simpson55
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Gameboy Advance
Release Date(s)
1 player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) RPG
Media Included Gameboy Advance Cartdridge
The Legend of Homer is a remake of The Legend of Zelda (the NES/FDS game) on GameBoy Advance and the sequel of Super Simpson Family.It centers it's plot arround Homer (Simpson), the central protagonist of the game.


   The Original story of the Legend of Zelda has been replaced by a different one (similar to Super Simpson Family one):

71px-Magical Sword Art
           After playing The Legend of Zelda all the evening, Homer has a dream where the princess Zelda (Play by Marge) was kidnaped by Ganon, who tried to conquer the Kingdom of Hyrule.

   After that Homer must now gain sufficient experience by eating donuts from everywhere in the kingdom, beat the most powerfull monsters of the region, braving plains, forests and mountains, to beat Ganon and save the princess Zelda and Hyrule.


The game tself is a roleplaying, action, adventure, and puzzle/logic game, 

the first object of the game is the collect of, minimum 10000 donuts to gain experience, HPs and lifes, witch are hidden everywhere in Hyrule, the player can collect donuts by:

  • Beating enemies (between 5-10 donuts)
  • Buying it (it cost 10 ruppes)
  • Finding it on secret maps (on average, between 50-100 donuts)

    A screenshot of the gameplay

  • Finding it in water, trees or bushes (between 10-20 donuts)
  • Finding it in chests (between 20-50 donuts)
  • Beating a Dungeon Boss (between 100-500 donuts)

When the player has sufficient experience, he can go into dungeons:

  • 500 donuts to access a first dungeon
  • 1000 donuts to access to a second one
  • 1500 to access to a third one
  • 2000 to acces to a fourth one
  • 3000 to access to a fifth one
  • 5000 to access to a sixth one
  • 8000 to access to a seventh one
  • 10 000 to access to Ganon's Dungeon

Overworld exploration

The player is free to explore the whole world (witch contain secret maps) from the begining of the game, the overworld is the minor source of donuts, the player can collect it by beating enemies, fiding it in chests and fiding it in water, trees or bushes (the overworld secret maps contains rupees only)

Dungeon exploration

Dungeons contains labyrinths and puzzle/logic rooms, dungeons are the best source of donuts cause of the secrets rooms with a lot of donuts, chests with donuts and bosses, when, where the player beat it, gain a lot of donuts and ruppes.


Weapon's name Picture Description
Swords 65px-WoodenSword57px-WhiteSword71px-MagicalSword

The basic weapons of the game

Price: -

Bow 110px-BowArtworkLoZ

Can be found in dungeons, this weapon allows

the player to throw arrows

Price: 1 rupee per use


Item's name Picture Description
Ruppes 80px-RupeeArtwork109px-RupeeBlueArtwork


1 rupee (orange rupee)

5 rupees (blue rupee)

Key KeyArtwork

Can open closed doors


between 80-100 rupees

Donut Donut

Give experience to Homer Value:

1 donut = 3 rupees

Shield 91px-MagicalShieldArtwork

Allows the player to defend himself*

Price: -

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