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First of all, let me clarify that Evi is not my character, she belongs to Pyrostar. A while back, Pyro cancelled his plans for Evi to star in a Zelda spinoff; while Evi goes on to be an original character, I've taken it upon myself to make Evi's original concept.
Author's Note, Darth Phazon

The Legend of Evi: Spirit of the Goddess
Developer(s) Phazonworks Engineering Division
Platform(s) Pyrohedron (Deluxe Edition), RiiVolution Advance.
Genre(s) Adventure
Age Rating(s)
E10+, Pegi 7

The Legend of Evi: Spirit of the Goddess is a Legend of Zelda spinoff title released for the Pyrohedron and RiiVolution Advance.

Set after the close of the Legend of Zelda series, it tells what happened after the split timelines merged into one: Link and Zelda wholly destroyed themselves with Ganondorf to end Demise's curse and offered Hyrule a chance at peace; now, it's the distant future of Hyrule. While the time is peaceful, the monarch in charge, Queen Lydia, is quite the racist, not trusting any of the races that make up Hyrule's population and planning to wipe them all out.

The goddesses, noticing the queen who threatens the very creation they made and adore, gather the collective spirit leftover from Hylia, Link and Zelda and reform them into a young human girl: Evi. With the guidance of the Sheikah guardian Impa, it's up to her to save the races of Hyrule from Lydia's plot.


Main Characters

Name & Title Role Species Description
Spirit of the Goddess
Protagonist Human/Sheikah
The Fairy Guide
Guide Fairy
Queen Lydia
Queen of Hyrule
Antagonist Human (undefined)

Hyrule's Races

Each race of Hyrule protects a temple of vast elemental power, each temple fueling each race with raw elemental power that makes each race unique in its own respect.

Species Element Area of Residence Description
Hylian Light Kakariko City The friendly Hylians are always willing to look up to the resident monarch of Hyrule, which leaves them ignorant to Lydia's plans to wipe them all out.
Sheikah Shadow Hidden Village While the Sheikah were significantly absent in Ocarina of Time, in Evi's time they are much more abundant, although like their element, they prefer hiding in silence.
Goron Fire Death Mountain - Goron City
Zora Water Great Bay - Zora Domain
Deku Forest The Lost Woods - Sacred Forest Meadow
Gerudo Spirit Arbiter's Valley - Gerudo's Fortress
Mogma Earth Windswept Canyon - Cliffside Village
Rito Wind Skyloft - Outset Island



Though Evi is different from Link in some regards, she does have her own similar traits in her own regard; her playstyle is similar to both a combination of Link and Sheik, on a level.

Trait Role Upgraded By Description
  • Taking hits from foes
  • Heart Containers
  • Pieces of Heart
Magic Power
  • Fueling powerful spells, techniques or arrows
  • Magic Urns
  • Running
  • Climbing
  • Stamina Shrine
  • Adding Varying Combat Styles
  • Smithing Ore
  • Materials (for Combos)
Cross-Weapon Super Combos
  • Dealing Damage in combat
  • Experience Points from Level-Ups
  • Materials
  • Traversing across Hyrule Swiftly

These cover a bunch of the base areas of Evi's playstyle, but that doesn't cover everything. Evi's as varied as every race in Hyrule, but in the sections below, her playstyle is listed below by items.


Weapon Damage Level Speed Combos Description
Gilded Sword Medium Fast
  • Flurry
  • Cleave
  • Whirling Slice
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
Megaton Hammer High Slow
  • Bone Crusher
  • Doom Spin
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
Golden Gauntlets Medium Medium
  • Boulder Smash
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???

Dungeon Items

While the Bow isn't a primary weapon anymore, there's still one treasure per dungeon, each tying into the dungeon's main theme.

Item Element Description
Hover Boots Light
Mask of Truth Shadow
Magician's Rod Fire
Golden Scale Water
Clawshot Forest
Digging Mitts Spirit
Bomb Bag Earth
Boomerang Air


With the Bow being a secondary weapon like before, it has plenty of magic arrows to shoot, each with different fucntions.

Arrow Obtained: Description
Light Arrow ??? The symbol of the goddesses' power is usually manifested in the powerful-but-costly Light Arrow; most Light-related objects will be activated with this, like Sun Symbols, Sun Blocks and a peculiar blood-red emblem.
Shadow Arrow ??? A contrast to the Light Arrow, the Shadow Arrow is what could be considered the exact opposite of the Light Arrow; with the power of the shadows, it creates a remote detonation bomb that can explode when shot again. 
Fire Arrow ??? An arrow imbued with the fire of life itself, the Fire Arrow can be used to ignite torches, melt ice, ignite webbings, or just straight-up damage dealing on occasions.
Ice Arrow ??? The frosty opposite of the Fire Arrow, this Ice Arrow freezes most enemies and water areas; when there's nothing but water in a certain room, Ice Arrows can make a platform out of just water.
Forest Arrow ???
Spirit Arrows ???
Earth Arrow ??? Imbueing the power of the earth itself into an arrowhead, the Earth Arrow hits most obstacles and enemies with the force of a powerful earthquake; this shatters cracked walls and boulders easily, and shakes up enemies with tremendous force.
Wind Arrow ??? Sometimes, some things need to be taken for a spin; that's where the Wind Arrow comes in: with the special Rito-powered arrowhead, it spins objects and enemies with a force of a tornado.



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