The Legend of Coyo III: Charm of Igma is a game released for the Wii U, it is the third in the Legend of Coyo series.


Deep in the Cammy Isles, Coyo is seen resting peacefully...until a loud crash is heard, shaking the earth. Immeadiatley waking up, Coyo notices the locals fleeing from a large ship docked onto Cammy Isle's shores. Out steps King Lerna, in a limp and fragile state, he commands the locals fork over the "Charm of Igma", in which the locals are confused. He rumbles the earth once again, and the island is shoken.

When the havoc clears, the Cammy Isles have been seperated into 7 islands - all corrupted from their previous state. Lerna takes the Cam-Cam Charm, and spreads it to the Isles - he then threatens that if the Charm of Igma isn't returned soon, he will order his minions to destroy the Cam-Cam Charm, ending all life on Cammy Island. Lerna turns back to his castle and Coyo sets out to take the Cam-Cam Charms and defeat Lerna.

After exploring New Lernia Castle, which has been built upon the Appa Ruins, ancient drawings tell of the story of the Charm of Igma. It tells of a hero who stopped the anarchy of a lizard named Igma, and sealed his power in the charm of Igma. Knowing the spirit of Igma would come back for it's power, he hid the Charm of Igma in a disclosed object...the drawings end there. After beating Lerna, it's learned Igma had possesed Lerna to do his deed of finding the Charm of Igma, to return his power. Igma quickly overpowers Igma, however, and when Coyo is on his last breath, Coyo's golden bracelets begin to glow. Eventually it's seen as the Charm of Igma, which had been sealed inside the bracelets - a gift from his father. Coyo uses this power to finish of Igma for good, and keeps the Charm of Igma sealed in the bracelets, away from further harm.


The Legend of Coyo III, like The Legend of Coyo II: Kojira's Keep, keeps all old elements.  These include Troppicannons, healing items, Power Charms, and Coyo's main moveset.

Some new Power Charms make it into the picture: the Giantic Shake, which when drinking, grants Coyo enormous size for a couple seconds, and the Giga Bracelet - which can make the player invincible for limited uses. A new mode is introduced, or rather feature that can be used in the main Story Mode, Boss Rush, and Boss Player modes. This is the Igma State, in which tapping the lower left button on the Wii U Gamepad, will grant the player the powers of the Charm of Igma used in the final boss.


  1. Prince Kibble (Fought at Worldovado Jungle)
  2. Tigrio (Fought at Midnight Cliffs)
  3. Mantamo (Fought at Silver Sea)
  4. Cackula (Fought at Silver Towers)
  5. Titanos (Fought at Limbia)
  6. Sly Fozzy (Fought at Slylands)
  7. Dinosaurus Rex (Fought at Ookstan)
  8. King Lerna (Fought at New Lernia) / Igma (True Final Boss)


The Legend of Coyo III: Charm of Igma was congratulated for it's good controls and use of level designs, it was determined as a decent game - perhaps to surpass the others. INDIGO Studios says it was worth the wait to finish, and will continue the series soon enough.

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