The Legend of Coyo is a 2D platformer with 3D rendered graphics, it was released for the Wii U and developed by INDIGO Studios.


The Legend of Coyo takes place in the Cammy Isles, a peaceful paradise inhabited and shared by all on the planet Asha. Soon, however, the jealous King Lerna Hydrius (Simply referred to as Lerna) invades the island in hopes of turning it into his summer home. The locals fight back, however and refuse to go by Lerna's commands. Due to this, he steals the Cam-Cam Charm - the source of the islands wildlife - and scatters it into 7 pieces, ordering his minions to hide them. He threatens the islanders that if they do not cease fire within 30 days, all of the Cammy Isles will fall into despair...Coyo, a young Chameleon living on the island, vows to find all 7 pieces of the Cam-Cam Charm and stop Lerna from taking the islands as his own.


The Legend of Coyo plays like any other platformer, but with some twists. When attacking an enemy Coyo will throw a simple punch, if doing it to the side he can swallow an enemy - doing this will allow him to spit the enemy out by pressing enemy button, and they will either A. Vanish and be beaten or B. Turn into a fruit for Coyo to eat and regain health. Coyo can also duck down, and after a short while will blend in with the background - this will make any enemies or bosses not notice him and simply walk around and not hurt him, however you cannot move or attack while in the camouflage mode.

There are also Tropicannons which can launch Coyo in any given direction by pressing any button while inside inside. Tons of tropical fruit can be found in any given level, these fruits can heal but come in a variety of sizes and shapes: A Banana (Restores 5 health), A Coconut (Restores 15 health), A Melon Slice (Heals 20) a Whole Melon (Heals 25) and a Pineapple - which will restore all health at once.

The Legend of Coyo can use up to 4 players at once, these other players will become pallet swaps of Coyo that include: Pink, Yellow, and Light Blue (In the story mode these characters are referred to as fellow villagers who want to help out).

The Legend of Coyo has a couple modes: The first is Story Mode, which has you playing the story mode of the game, Boss Rush, which has you fighting all the bosses at once (unlocked after beating story mode), Time Attack mode (which has you beating all the bosses you can before the timer runs out, or seeing how much time it takes you to beat them - your choice in the settings) and Boss Player mode - this mode will allow you to play as any of the bosses you've faced in story mode (Except for Whaler and S.S. Orca), and go through the same mode playing as them. This mode can only be unlocked if you've beaten Story Mode 100%.


  1. King Kibble (Fought at Amazone Jungle)
  2. Bird Danger (Fought at Sun Plains)
  3. Whaler (Fought at Whaler's Ocean)
  4. Big Spookie (Fought at Spookie Mansion)
  5. Lo-Lo (Fought at Woodlands)
  6. S.S. Orca (Fought at Orca Ship)
  7. Starlight (Fought at Starry Nights)
  8. King Lerna (Fought at Lernia) / Eyezer (Secret Boss)


The Legend of Coyo got extremley good reception, it being the first leap to another franchise after Beta-Mites. INDIGO plans to release many more Legend of Coyo titles due to the success.

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