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Zelda Mirror of The Moon
Developer(s) -BaptIce@29-
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
1 player
Age Rating(s)


Genre(s) Adventure
Series The legend of Zelda,
Predecessor Zelda Majora Mask
Successor Zelda Twilight Princess
Media Included Nintendo_3DS_Cartridge


After saving Termina diabolical plan of Majora, Link returned to Hyrule to review Zelda and came face to face with Impa Nourice Zelda and explained that when Link was gone Navi search (hence the quest of Majora's Mask) Zelda was gone! Impa Zelda explained that often went out at night to go to the Sanctuary of the Moon


The gameplay is a fusion of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D, Zelda Wind Waker and Zelda Twilight Princess special about this game is that you just controlling several characters in the game as well as Link, and Impa Aria Pourron be controlled so vary a bit and solve some puzzle with a single personal

Main Characters

Picture Name Last apparition Description role
LINK zz Link Zelda Majora Mask Link the boy aged 14 years to quest to find Princess Zelda Impa it gives him the sword Sheikah heros
IMPA Impa Zelda Ocarina of Time Impa Zelda's nurse helps our young hero has to find Zelda Second character
ZELDA Zelda Zelda Ocarina of Time Princess Zelda has disappeared and has been seen for the last time at the shrine of the moon soon! find out! character release
GHIRAHIM Ghirahim Zelda Skyward Sword Ghirahim the Demon Lord is back to kill Link is said that its him who have done brought the disappearance of Zelda Antagoniste
Aria Ariana Zelda Mirror of the Moon Aria is none other than the daughter of Link and Zelda's has held its Clothes, she explains that the hero has a distant future to help him find his mother (Zelda) second Character

Playable Character


Hyrule Caste

Moon Sanctuary

Zora Domain

Zora Palace

sheikah ship

Sun Sanctuary

Hyrule Field

Lost Wood


Moon Temple

Sun Temple

Deku Temple

Zora Temple

Goron Temple

Gerudo Temple

Sheikah Temple

Ghirahim Palace


Moon Temple: TBA

Sun Temple: TBA

Deku Temple: TBA

Zora Temple TBA

Goron Temple TBA

Gerudo Temple TBA

Sheikah Temple TBA

Ghirahim Palace Demon Lord Ghirahim




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