The Legend Of Zelda (movie)
Director Rich Moore
Producer(s) Nintendo
Studio(s) Warner Brothers Studioes
Genre(s) Action Adventure
David Blane, James Spader, Rashida Jones,etc.
Theatrical Release Date(s)
January 7th, 2015
Home Edition Release Date(s)
March 18th, 2016
Original Language English, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish,Chinese, etc.
Budget $65 million
Runtime 2 hours and 10 minutes
Series The Legend Of Zelda
Sequel(s) The Legend Of Zelda 2 (tentative title)
 "The Legend Of Zelda" is a movie based on the popular Nintendo series, The Legend of Zelda. It will be directed by Rich Moore. It'll be released in theaters on January 7, 2016, and August 18, 2016 on DVD and Blu-Ray. The movie's runtime is 2 hours and 40 minutes, and it seems that Warner Brothers are in on the project somehow.


The movie takes place at an unknown point in the timeline., with this part having it's own Link and Zelda incarnations. The kingdom of Hyrule is at peace, with even some former enemy species, like Moblins, taking up residence there. A young blacksmith named Link has been busy making swords and shields for the Hylian Soldiers, due to the increasing number of soldiers being recruited. Princess Zelda has been planning a ceremony to celebrate the goddess, Hylia, along with Impa.

The day of the ceremony has arrived, and everyone in Hyrule is attending it. Link is in the crowd, watching the princess start the ceremony. However, in the castle basement, a Moblin is sweeping the floor when he finds a hidden room containing large bookshelves. Two books stand out from the others: "Hyrule History" and "The Termina Tale." The Moblin grabs the books and takes them to the dining hall and starts to open them. Unknown to anyone in Hyrule, those books would play a key role in what would nearly be Hyrule's end...

As the ceremony goes on, Link notices a Wizzrobe sneaking into the castle. He chases after the Wizzrobe, but not until he gets to the library and takes the books. Link tries to attack it using a torch he takes off a wall, and he beats the Wizzrobe. However, the Wizzrobe cast a spell on both books before he passed away, causing the books to fly open. Beams of light shoot out of the books, and the castle roof flies off. The crowd outside sees and start to run, as Bokoblins and Poes come out of the beams of light.

Pieces of land appears all over Hyrule, destroying some existing land. Villains from the eras before the movie appear, like Ghiriham, Vaati, Majora, and Zant. The enemies go out across the kingdom, and the land starts to crumble. As a Deku Scrub is about to attack a villager, Link uses a sword he made and attacks it. Link then notices the princess heading towards the dining hall, along with Impa. He chases after her, only to find out that Impa went into the book: specifically, the first chapter of Hyrule History. He jumps in after her, hoping to stop her. Meanwhile, a being stares at the beams of light from an unknown location, smiling at the destruction...

Later on, Link wakes up next to another version of Zelda, and notices a giant bird-like creature next to him. He jumps up in surprise, only for Zelda to tell him that the creature is a "Loftwing." She informs Link that he's appeared in the floating world of Skyloft, a land created before Hyrule. She also tells Link that she saw "a tall lady with a large sword" run off, and that they went missing. Link goes to investigate his new surroundings, while Zelda follows suit.

The other Zelda has landed on an island in front of a girl who calls herself Marin.


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