The Legend Of Zelda: Age of Hyrule
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Glaceon Productions
Platform(s) Nintendo XTREME
Release Date(s)
2017 Q2
Series The Legend of Zelda
Predecessor The Legend of Zelda U (2015)
Successor The Legend of Zelda (2019)

The Legend Of Zelda: Age of Hyrule or The Legend Of Zelda: 2 Ages in Europe, is a Zelda Game for the Nintendo XTREME and is made by Nintendo and Glaceon Productions, this is the first Zelda game to introduce Chapter's, with there being 11 chapters in the main game, and 4 chapter's postgame, 7 DLC chapters and finally 13 Triforce Quest Chapters, it is also a launch title with the Nintendo XTREME


At Hyrule Castle, Link is sleeping, until a weird noice wakes him up, Zelda runs to Link and tells him that all of Hyrule is trapped by Nightmares lead by Ganon, Zelda gives you the Ocarina and Link journeys off into Hyrule.

After awhile, Link comes across the Deku Tree, who tells you about the Triforce and what Ganon is after, after that you go into the Deku Tree and beat the boss, and after you come out, the Deku Tree said Ganon had cursed him, and that he's dieing.

After beating the 5th chapter, Zelda comes to tell you that Ganon is now attacking the past using his own mysterious Ocarina, so Link goes into the past, as young link, to stop him.

After fighting Ganon, you return to the Future, where Link follows Ganon into the 8th Chapter, When Link falls into a dungeon.

After starting the 11th chapter, Link explores this Abandoned Dungeon, at the end of it, Link meets Ganon, thus beginning the final boss fight.

Once Link has his finale showdown with Ganon, all of Hyrule is saved, once Link returns to Hyrule Castle, he meets back up with Zelda, and the credits roll.

After that, you learn that the Triforce has been stolen, you go after Ganon, then explore nearly all of Hyrule looking for the Triforce, finding out that it was Zelda was the one who stole it.