The Legacy of Oxus is a game by Bomb Productions Games. Since it is a Bomb Production, please do not edit except for spelling errors. It is for the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 3DS, and Nintendo VR, all versions of the game containing little to no graphical or story differences. (With the exception of the 3DS version, which contains 3D effects.) It is the first game in the Oxus Series and is rated T for Teen.


Oxus was just a normal green hare until his small village was invaded by psychotic robot creatures known as the GearWorx, led by the mad cyborg dictator Neomatrixx. The GearWorx ended up killing Oxus' parents in the process of destroying the village. Oxus, an infant at the time, crawled out of the burning house. Frightened and with nowhere to go, Oxus went into a nearby tree stumps, where some of the forest animals raised him and taught him to fend for himself. Years later, Oxus decided to venture into a nearby village. This village was extremely technologically advanced. There, he met Cinco, a promising inventor, who took him in in his time of need. In the middle of the night one night, Cinco began working on a project. The noise of his work woke Oxus up and he went into Cinco's lab. In the lab was a machine, which appeared to be a robotic exoskeleton that looked oddly like Oxus himself. When Oxus asked what he was doing, Cinco replied that he was "creating a revolution", and he then told Oxus to sit down. He told Oxus that Oxus was the perfect specimen to test his new experiment on. He would give Oxus robotic insides and extreme power, as well as a weapon. Oxus, though a bit skeptical at first, accepted, and Cinco began to perform his surgery. He had to surgically remove Oxus' bones and replace them with metal. (Thus replacing his blood with electricity) However, Cinco would have to do something even more drastic to Oxus: Cinco had to literally break Oxus' heart in two and insert a special machine that acted as both his new heart and a wi-fi controller. This would give him the ability to control his sword, the Ystyle, with psychic abilities, which Oxus would later deem the Heartbreak ability. The surgery took all night and three days to recover, but Oxus was completely fine, better, even. Later that week, more news of the diabolical GearWorxs' attacks spread across the land. This bothered Oxus very much, which is why he asked Cinco if he would assist him on missions to stop the GearWorx. Cinco reluctantly accepted (he didn't want Oxus to get hurt, even though he was practically indestructible) and he installed a communicator in Oxus' brain that would allow them to communicate easily. So, Oxus set out to stop the GearWorx and find their commander, as well as complete other tasks for citizens.


All that is known is that the gameplay will resemble that of the Kingdom Hearts & Final Fantasy series'.

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Special Abilities:Edit

  • Heartbreak - TBA