The Legacy of Future Warrior is a Megaman-styled game in the Future Warrior series. It is the first game in that series. It stars Future Warrior. It borrows many elements from megaman as Nightwolf the Game borrowed elements from sonic. It is for the DS.



(pages are turning in an old book, a nice voice is speaking clearly and loud) "Once, there was a wolf, and he was very, very strong. Far, far in the past, he lived. He had many friends. An Umbreon, and two shy guys. Very nice people. He also met a weird talking man and a very strong man. But then, there was a demon-" (suddenly, the screen changes to several kids sitting around a storyteller. All of them seem very much like robots, but they are living. "What's a demon?" asks a young girl robot-ish-living-thing. "It's an evil creature that lived long long ago." said the nice storyteller voice. "Oh." said the girl, who wondered what it was like long long ago. "Now, back to the story. The wolf failed at defeating the demon, because the demon's brother killed the wolf right before the final blow. And that is how the Cataclysm happened. The demon destroyed the world, for whatever his reasons were. But, the world came back, somehow, and nobody knows why." The storyteller put down the old book. Some boy-robot-human-alive-things complained about how boring a book was. But that young girl, who's name was Eliza, knew that the book, with it's sad ending and all, knew that the story had something to do with everything. She just had to look. "Eliza", asked the storyteller, "Can you fetch me the books from the other end of the schoolhouse? It's time for math." Yay! Eliza thought. I love math. Little did she know, that an errand would lead to something much, much greater.

Schoolhouse Halls

A tutorial level. Some mysterious robots attack here, and Eliza must use her emergencies-only-no-exceptions blaster to dispose of them. At the end, the math books blow up and Eliza runs to the roof.

Schoolhouse Roof

Eliza ran up the stairs. "Whoah-" and she fell down. A giant vortex opened up. Out of it came a great computer. "<program> ME=SUPERCOMPUTER_PAST." it said. "FORMERLY OTHER.exe <list> <command> COMMAND 1: ELIMINATE ELIZA </command> <command> COMMAND 2: RETURN TO PAST </command> </list> </program>" "Who are you?" asked Eliza. "ME=SUPERCOMPUTER_PAST" "Ok....... guess I better use my blaster again, whoever you are." Eliza then battled. (BOSS WITH SUPERCOMPUTER PAST HERE)

Levels and Bosses