The Lectro Chronicles is a game for the DarkRay55 and is the first game in the Lectro the Cyberhog series. 


TLC is a platformer/beat-em-up hybrid where towards the end of the level, there is an area where you have to beat up a certain ammount of enemies in order to continue (the ammount increases the further you get into the game.) A meter at the end of the screen gets filled up as you defeat enemies, and when it is full, you can do the Lightning Attack, where a huge beam of lightning shoots out and demolishes the enemies. Other ways to attack are punches,kicks, or energy beams. After every world (each world having 6 levels) there is a boss battle with one of the Cyberhogs Lectro once worked with.  


The story is about a post apocalyptic future where the Silver Empire has dominated the world with it's machines. The Silver Empire's main line of offense and defense are the Cyberhogs: gifted hedgehogs turned into cyborgs to do their bidding. One of them was Lectro: A cocky hedgehog with the power to control lightning, who led an attack on a small resistance group. During the attack, Lectro was injured and took into custody by the resistance. Lectro's injury led to a file containing his memories inside his computer to be unlocked.Lectro then decided to join the resistance and defeat the Silver Empire. Lectro and his resistance discovered 7 islands, each containing a factory guarded by one of the Cyberhogs. As Lectro reaches the final factory, guarded by Matrix, commander of the Cyberhogs, he defeats Matrix and reports back to the resistance base, knowing the war against the Silver Empire is not yet over.


  • Lectro: The main protagonist, a Cyberhog who leads a resistance bent on destroying Silver Empire.
  • Jade: A tough warrior cat who led the resistance until Lectro joined.
  • Pyro: A pyrokinetic hedgehog who escaped automation.
  • Gizmo: Letcro's sidekick, Gizmo is a fox who studies the mainframe of the Silver Empire to search for a weakness.
  • Matrix: Leader of the Cyberhogs and the main antagonist.