The characters in The Lectro Adventures.


Character Description
Lectro The main protagonist, he and Pyro set out to find and destroy the Neohog Program.
Pyro Lectro's best friend, the two go to destroy the Neohogs after they destroy the resistance headquarters and kill Jade and Gizmo. 

A cheery hedgehog girl Lectro and Pyro find on their adventures.


After learning that he will be replaced, he goes rogue and meets up with Lectro, Pyro, and Mora.


Name Description
Noel An echidna who runs the Silver Empire, and creates the Neohog program, a new, upgraded line of Cyberhogs.For the final boss, Noel turns himself into a Neohog himself.
Dusk Matrix's replacement, and Noel's second in command. 

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