The League is a series of books about the alternate planet of the League and its many eras and countries. It happens to be a very curious series, because its books are neither published in chronological order nor numerical order. Book 2 (Lulu 1: Girls to World) and Book 3 (Lulu 2: Return of Saviors) is going to be published before Book 1 (A Guide to the League). As of Tuesday, June 24th, 2014, none of the books have been published yet. However, though it doesn't have an exact deadline, Lulu 2 will probably be finished by January 2015.

List of books

Below are a list of books in the League, in numerical order. They are listed in the multiple arcs of the story. Each arc is bound in either black, yellow, red, green, or blue. The black books are based on magical girls, the yellow books are based on video games, the red books are based on teen novels, the green books are based on movies, and the blue books are based on songs. All the books in one arc are colored the same, and each arc takes place in a different time, place, and story and stars different characters.

Soldiers of Vertasy

This arc follows the story of a poor young girl named Lumina, who goes by the nickname Lulu, and her adventures with her nine friends and mysterious boyfriend. It consists of two books: Lulu 1: Girls to World and Lulu 2: Return of Saviors. Along Lulu's journey to get across the southwestern border of the rich country of Sakura, she gains magical powers over light. Her ten friends also happen to gain different powers.

Lulu 1: Girls to World

Main article: Lulu 1: Girls to World

Main article: Lulu 2: Return of Saviors

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