The Leaf Gang: Frightened to the Finish is the second instalment of the Leaf Gang Series, as a successor to The Leaf Gang: A Visitor From Afar, for the Nintendo Power Box.


  • The player can now choose to be a boy or a girl.
  • Slight colour resolution boost.
  • Minigame mode, unlocked with medals.
  • New types of foes.
  • The compatibility to have two players.
  • (Slightly) improved AI for your soldiers.


Using the buttons on the Nintendo Power Box you can create signals for soldiers (A for jump, B for attack...) and you use the Circle Pad to move. Shaking the Mini Block will assign your soldiers to you, a new feature for the game.

By collecting fruit you can grab new soldiers, a maximum of 10, once your fruit gauge reaches 100, just like before. If you have ten soldiers and fill the gauge, you get 20000 Points.



Player: You can be either a boy or a girl. Either way, you get into the recruit of the BRAND NEW commander of the Leaf Gang! Madness.

Ariella 'Vines' Butterflimon: The queen (Formerly princess) of the land of nature in which the game takes place. Her love happens to be a robot firefly.

Leafy: The fearless leader of the soldiers of the Leaf Army. He's cool and calm under pressure, and owns a magic whistle.


Marx: Having had troubles in the world of Kirby, Marx has moved here under the innocent commoner guise of 'Mark'. Oh, and he loves filming and music.


Growth Grasses: A grassy world.

Rift Ruin: A ruins world.

Paletto Polis: A hi-tech world.

Cold Course: An ice world.

Silent Seabed: A water world.

???: Marx's final battleground.

The player must earn every rainbow medal, like before, to access the final world.


Fruits: Grab these to fill the Fruit Gauge. Apples are worth 1, Bananas 10 and Grapes 30.

Pipes: Enter to find new stage segments.

Doors: Who knows what lurks on the other side?

Rope: Tug down to find stuff! Number indicates soldiers required.

Medals: Collect to unlock cool stuff and Minigames. Rainbow Medals also exist!

Rainbow Medals: Collect them all to unlock the final world!

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