The Leaf Gang: A Visitor From Afar is an epic adventure game to start a brand-new series. It shows easy controls with the 3DS stylus and simple tutorials. It is very easy to learn and fun to play, but HARD TO MASTER!


The controls are quite similar to those in Pikmin. You are a Leaf Gang Commander in charge of an army of soldiers. Tap the touch screen to make a pennant that attracts your soldiers. Touch an enemy and the soldiers will pummel him/her. Draw a line between the soldiers and your goal and they will travel along the line. You start with one soldier, but every one hundred foods (Apples, bananas, grapes) you get makes another. If you get a hundred foods and you already have the maximum limit of soldiers (10) you will gain 10000 points instead.


The Player: Your average guy until he fell through a black hole and the Leaf Gang mistakened him for their long-lost commander!

Ariana 'Vines' Butterflimon: The butterfly-esque princess of the leafy world of which the game resides in. She is also shown to flirt with the player.

Soldiers: Mindless troops to the Leaf Gang which fight in groups of ten. They are masters of all weaponry, but very, very, very stupid.


Food: Collect 100 food points to get a new soldier, or 10000 points. Apples are worth 1, bananas 10 and grapes 30.

Rainbow Tomato: 100 food points

Pipe: Enter a new stage section

Door: Similar to a pipe in ways

Slingshot: Find these in shortcut doors and use them to skip through an already completed stage.

Rope: Pull down to find stuff! Numbers show the required soldiers

Medals: Get them for rewards! Rainbow medals also appear. Get every rainbow medal and complete World 4 for a big surprise


World 1 (Plant Plain)

Skull Robot

Vesper Queen

Bone Guard

Giga Clanksprout

Leaf Seer

World 2 (Mag Mount)

Como King

Maniac Machine

Lady Ivy

World 3 (Silver Submarine)

Firefly Robot

Magic Gemstone

Master Penguin

World 4 (Dreamy Darkness)

Skull Lord

Space Invader

Mouse Pirate

World X (Spectacle Space)

Necro Deus

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