Where are we going, mister Guardian?
To a place where your species have never gone to.
Dennis and the Guardian.

The Last Kid is a 2D platformer about a boy named Dennis, who is the last remaining Human on Earth, who meets with an alien creature known as the Guardian, who was sent to Earth in hopes to find any remaining life on there. The Guardian meets with Dennis, who proceeds to call Dennis to a journey: go to the Guardian's Planet in order to meet up with the Mentor, a creature who can help anyone on the galaxy, to bring the living beings back to Earth again, specially his parents. The Guardian's quest might be difficult, because a gang known as the Prospectors, who believe that they should be the only beings in the galaxy due their advanced technology and so look to exterminate other beings, wants to kill Dennis to stop him from meeting the Mentor.

The Last Kid is different from other games with similar concept, because the player doesn't takes control of the guardian, instead the player control Dennis, who can't defend himself and needs the help of the Guardian to defeat enemies. Dennis can solve puzzles to allow the Guardian to move to the next location. The game is set to be released in 2016 for Wii U eShop.

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