Chapter 4: Light Up the Night

Written by Dk64rules (tbc)

“Did you really have to freak him out like that?”

“Hehe, Xander, don’t tell me you didn’t love the look on his face!”

Xander shook his head with a smile, dismissing the antics of the teenage girl standing in front of him. The dark energy comprising her body glowed and pulsated in the night.

“Come on, Kami, we have something a bit more important to do right now.”

With a smirk, Kami joined Xander at his side, and the two left the empty alleys of Historia Town. Along the way, Xander explained the plan that Jayl had set out for them.

“Jayl says that we’re finally going to meet with what he is after,” Xander explained, “And he also lovingly added that we better not mess this up. You should be excited, too; you’re finally going to get to acquire the powerful soul of someone else.”

Kami’s face lit up, as the two passed through the plaza of Tower Metro. A large grouping of shadow monsters, who had been waiting for the pair’s arrival, stepped back, some even bowing, as the duo stopped, directly aligned with the entranceway arch into town.

“You didn’t tell me there would be waiting involved!” Kami exaggeratedly complained to her partner, “I was so ready to consume that soul, like, right now!”

• • •

“What’re we gonna do now?!” Andata suddenly became quite fired up, “This is exactly why I went out instead of waiting, Via. What if we’re being kept inside because the answers we’re looking for are out there tonight, out there right now!” Her pacing went faster and faster, “What the notes mean, where the book of memories, hell, where and who Amy is, those guys at the explosion, anything--”

“Andata, it’s okay, we’ll just look tomorr--” Sixty interrupted, and just as quickly, was cut off.

“But, but Sixty, you don’t understand, tomorrow everything could be different! We may never find what we’re after!” Andata hastily put on her jacket, and headed for the apartment door.

“Andata, wait!” Via looked at Sixty, as if to apologize for her friend, and went to stop Andata from leaving. Not sure how to feel himself, Sixty got up off of the couch to stretch, and think this all over. Andata’s theories are certainly possible, but could they really miss out on everything if they just stayed inside?

As he pondered this, Sixty looked out the apartment’s large living room window, and saw a sizable gathering of shadow monsters standing around what appeared to be two figures in the center of the Tower Metro plaza.

When he stood right up against the glass pane to get the clearest view, he noticed that there was a third faint shape under the entrance arch…

• • •

Xander and Kami both smiled in almost the same threatening way as they saw their target entering the plaza through the same way that Sixty did not the afternoon before.

“We’ve been waiting for you,” Xander greeted, “Don’t make us wait anymore, ‘kay?”

“Yeah, I’m tired of you walking around with what is rightfully mine!” Kami lashed out in her trademark energetic way, “Now give me that power!!” She was practically drooling dark energy.

“...No...Lock, you said…” The person under the arch, a young teen girl with sienna hair, fair skin, and seafoam green eyes, mumbled to herself, letting out a small gasp of fear afterward. Her pink summer dress, accented with cyan and yellow, drifted in the nightly breezes of The Void.

“Gonna just stand there, huh?” Xander walked towards the girl, “Well, can’t blame you, that is sorta the idea after all. Let’s make this quick and painless...for the most part.” Kami stayed behind with the shadow monsters, holding back her temptations.

Suddenly, the girl’s eyes began to glow with a bright white light. She leaped into the air and fired a laser of that same pure energy from her hands down towards Xander. The agile ruffian dodged the attack, however, the path that the laser followed erupted in several small explosions.

“Damn it,” Xander reeled, falling back to Kami, “We’re not going to get close to her while she’s doing that!”

“Then she better stop!” Kami shouted, directing the shadow creatures to attack!

• • •

The explosions rattled the walls of the apartment. Andata and Via rushed to the window, and saw the event unfolding right before their eyes.

“I told you!!” Andata exclaimed, anxious to go down to the plaza.

Sixty stood silent, the tellings of Lock’s note echoing in his mind.

Via suddenly realized that Andata might have hit on something major, talking about the enforced state of emergency.

“Let’s go!” Andata hurried them, opening the door.

• • •

The girl flew through the air, propelled by her lasers. Resulting eruptions took out many of the monsters, but a few managed to withstand the power of the light concentrations, using the beams as a direct line to the girl.

“Agh!” She was hit with the frantic thrashings and swipes of the monsters as they sought to bring her down. With a few bouts of changing direction, the girl managed to shake them off, only to find that more were scaling the lasers.

Kami watched the chaos in awe, with utter glee flowing through her body, “They’re taking her down! I can’t wait to have that gleaming, juicy energy!!”

Xander, admittedly a little unsettled by Kami’s voracious lust, suddenly was thrown back by a bolt of red lightning, coming from the entrance to Historia Town. A tattered and hurting Eight entered the battlefield with whatever power that he had left.

“Urgh, didn’t Kami get rid of this kid back there…?” Xander wondered to himself as he recovered from the hit.

Kami turned her attention away from the monsters and onto the boy. “I thought I already dealt with you…” She growled.

“Apparently, not quite enough.” Eight coughed, rushing towards Kami, more energy crackling in his hands.

“Whatever. I thought I’d be nice and only take some of your energy, but if you want to give it all up, go right ahead!” Kami met his offense with the fearsome dark power of her own.

Suddenly, the light from the girl’s lasers flickered out, and she fell to the ground. The shadow monsters had brought her down.

“Watch out!” The voice of Sixty called to Eight, as he swung his sword, surprising Kami with a direct hit.

“Ah hee hee hee hee! The Emerald Sword; how noble!” Kami giggled, coming back from Sixty’s attack like it was nothing, and watching as Xander came up behind Sixty, preparing to take him down a second time. Much to her surprise, however, Via rushed in and shot Xander with a cyan energy from her twin pistols. He reluctantly jumped back away from the boy with the sword in response.

As this transpired, Andata maneuvered her way around the action, and got the fallen girl to her feet. She was badly hurt, and leaned on Andata as she was unable to walk. The two quickly headed out of the plaza.

“Not so fast!” Kami screamed, reaching out for Andata and the girl. Her arm extended, headed straight for the two, but was stopped by a blast of red lightning.

“Alright, stay with me...what is your name?” Andata asked the girl, trying to keep her conscious, over the commotion of battle.


• • •

“She won’t do you much good without this…” Jayl chuckled to himself, as he flipped through the pages of a small, leather-bound tome, with “MeMoRiEs” emblazoned on the cover.

“Today was darker than the rest. He finally told me how he felt. Everything I had thought...I was right all along.” Jayl read a passage aloud.

“Guess this won’t be so easy.” He commented.

To Be Continued...



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