The Kuzzalings are the lesser known cousins of the Koopalings. Their father is Growlzer.

List of Kuzzaling

Every Kuzzaling has his/her own personality, and looks. Some have different skins at birth and others got them by other manners. Some Kuzzalings even wear clothes as well. There are a few Kuzzalings who resemble their father, Growlzer. Others don't. A small group of Kuzzalings are actually adopted, and not biological children of Growlzer.

Here is a list of the Koopalings, split into biological. They are listed by age in descending order


  • Trent Koopa - The oldest, roughest and "the coolest" of the siblings, Trent really isn't that nice. He is very crule to his most of his brother but however is nice to George and Tommy. Despite his roughness, he has a soft spot for cats and even has a cat sybol and his T-Shirt. He also has an interest in rap and hip hop.
  • Albert E. B. Koopa - Although often considered the "nerd" of the siblings, Albert does have good skills. Mainly due to Trent and George kicking his butt all the time and him getting used to it. He spends most of his times in his room either doing homework or making inventions. Although he likes most of his siblings, he hates Trent and Tommy. Trent because metioned above and Tommy because he annoys Albert and asks his stupid questions like "What is 1 + 1?" and "What does dumb mean and is a naughty word"? He is the only Kuzzaling to have Glasses and High Socks making him look like a nerd.
  • George D. Koopa - George D. Koopa is smart, athletic and "one total party dude"! He is not liked by most of his siblings because of his "bossy aditude. Although Tommy and Trent have hanged out with him. He mostly bosses Albert around because of his weakness and dorkiness. He joins Trent (and sometimes Tommy) in most pranks and is the teachers nightmare! He pranks Rhiley the most but pranks other alot like Albert and Claw. Despite this he has been shown to be nice to siblings, such as Trent and Tommy. He has a kahki hat and blue shorts and blonde hair.
  • Rhiley K. Koopa - Rhiley is nice, calm and friendly to most of the Kuzzalings. She likes most of her siblings except Trent because of his rudeness and bad behavior. She is ready to take on any activity or any challange at the double and is very athletic. She also loves animals and is against animal cruelty. She has thick Blond Hair and a big pink bow and a pony tail.
  • Claw Jason Koopa - Claw is a big showoff and will do anything for attention, although he mostly fails though. Other than being an attention seeker, he is also a teachers pet and always get his classmates in trouble, aswell as his siblings. He is disliked by most of his family, excluding Growlzer. He has a blue mowhawk and a red jaket with a purple T-Shirt that reads "Teacher Love Me".
  • Sting K. Koopa- Sting loves music to the extreme, even more than Michael Jackson. He makes his own songs and puts them on the Koopanet and Kooptube. He won all the school music competition from Kindergarten to 6th Grade. Sting also loves guitar and does his own solo album. He sometimes does it in a band with his brother including: Trent, George and Tommy. He has black and green hair and a guitar strap on him with a guitar.
  • Tommy Koopa - Despite being the smallest, youngest and shortest, Tommy really is one tough guy and super athletic and despite this he still does not get picked on by Trent and George. Tommy won state athletics in Kindergarten to 6th Grade. He likes everyone in his family, even his dad. Although he is nice and friendly, he often hangs out with Trent and George and pulls pranks on the rest of his family with them. He has a green baseball cap backwards, black hair, and sometimes a green jacket.


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