The Koopalings: Minion War
Developer(s) Koopompany
Publisher(s) Koopompany
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Everyone 10+
Genre(s) RPG
Series Koopalings
Media Included Wii U Disc
 The Koopalings: Minion War is an RPG for the Wii U system.  It will be developed and published by Koopompany.  The game centers on the Koopalings warring out against each other with their minions over a fight on ice cream.



See gameplay on how it works.  You can do 1-P mode against a CPU or you can do 2-P mode.


It is battle, but you go through a tournament, and the winner will take all and be crowned.  If you are crowned 3 times you gain 5,000 EXP points.

Capture Mode

Before you battle you must catch your minions in the battlefields!  Use the control stick to move, press the A button to jump, and hold B to run.  Press X to swing the big metal net you have, and if the minion is in the correct position, you can capture it.  Come here often, because if a minion falls in battle you can't get it back to life (unless you're in tournament mode or you have a 1-Up mushroom).


The game works differently from other RPGs.  You start out by picking a Koopaling, then picking three minions.  Once your Koopaling and minions are picked, you engage battle with another Koopaling with their minions.  The battle system works like this:

- You take a turn and decide if you want to battle or if you want to use your minion.  Some attacks cost BP, which must be healed with Honey syrup, which is gained by winning battles as a common item.  Afterward your attack pick, the opponent is attacked.  Attacks on a semi-rare chance miss, depending on the attack's accuracy.

- After that, your opponent will do the exact same thing, but to you instead.  Then the cycle will repeat.

Winner will gain Player EXP and will incease their position on the area leaderboard.


Koopaling Picture Description Main Minion
Larry 20100812012940!Larry Koopa 3D Larry Koopa enters the battlefield!  He controls Piranha Plants, which are very deadly weapons.  He can use his magic to enhance the plants he owns. Piranha Plant
Morton MortonNSMBU1 Morton enters the brawl!  He is in lead of the pokeys.  His hammer can knock them away, increasing their power.  He is capable of ground pounds. Pokey
Wendy WendyNSMBU1 Wendy is in the battle!  She leads Cheep Cheeps, and takes it seriously.  Even though she is a brat, it doesn't stop her from having good skill in battle. Cheep Cheep
Iggy 382px-IggyNSMBU Iggy joins the feud!  He leads Boos of all shapes and sizes.  He is very defensive and can use his wand to enhance their powers and abilities, helping them with their power output. Boo
Roy 250px-RoyNSMBU1 Roy is unsurprisingly in the ring!  He can attack with his fancy, powerful bullet bills!  His cannon, if used, can make bullet bills even faster and stronger. Bullet Bill
Lemmy Lemmy Koopa 3D1234 Lemmy is in for the fun!  His shy guys aren't very powerful, but his bombs are.  His bombs can be given to shy guys to throw at the enemy. Shy Guy
Ludwig 230px-LudwigNSMBU Ludwig is in!  He leads thwomps - big, nasty ones.  They attack with big power and have tons of defense.  His magic can create a giant, magical shield to protect him and his team. Thwomp
Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr SMHRS Junior is in!  He leads Koopas, and all of them aren't very powerful.  However, the paint that Junior uses can be used to increase their power. Koopa


Stuff on the table:

  1. The (-) things on the table say the damage they do when the opponent has a defense of 1.
  2. B = Burn, F = Freeze, P = Paralyzed, and X = Poisoned.  These are status conditions.  Burn makes you lose 25% of your total HP every turn, Frozen prevents you from moving, Paralyzation will sometimes prevent you from moving, and poison will make you lose 1, 2, then 3 HP, then it's gone.
Minion Attack 1 Attack 2 (1 BP) Attack 3 (3 BP) HP Defense
Larry's Minions
Larry's Minions are mainly piranha plants.  They usually have somewhat high HP and defense, and even high attack, but they always attack after the opponent.  Also, they cannot damage the opponent if not motivated first.
Piranha Plant Bite (2) Double Bite (4) Triple Bite (6) 12 3
Ptooie Ball Spit (2)

Spit Charge


Mega Spit (4) 15 4
Venus Fire Trap

Fireball (2)


Fire Breath (5)


Fire Blast (9)


18 3
Venus Ice Trap

Ice Chunk Toss (2)


Icy Breath (5)


Icy Blizzard


18 3
Bone Plant Bone Bash (3) Bony Bite (5) Bone Barf (8) 20 3
Morton's Minions
Morton's minions are pokeys.  Morton can swing segments at his enemies with his hammer.  But without the hammer, most of the pokeys attack physically.
Pokey Pokey Ram (1) Segment Toss (3) Spike Cannon (6) 8 2
Poison Pokey

Poison Ram (1)


Toxination (0)


Poison Guard


(X-50% Target)

10 3
Cactus Jack Bounce (2)

Mega Bounce (5)


Extreme Bounce (8)


10 3
Blow Hard Green Egg Fire (3) Yellow Egg Fire (6) Red Egg Fire (9) 10 4
Toothy Tooth Toss (4)

Toothy Spin (0)


Tooth Rain (8) 3 6
Wendy's Minions
Wendy's minions are the often overlooked Cheep Cheeps.  They have actually very high attack but suck at defense.  They attack at high speeds but have trouble hitting with accuracy.
Cheep Cheep Cheep Ram (5)

Cheep Speed

(Speed- +25%)

Cheep Drive (10) 6 1
Porcupuffer Spike Puff (7) Spike Swarm (10)

Spiky Defense

(Defense- +5)

12 2
Mega Cheep Cheep Very Cheep Ram (9)

Very Cheep Speed

(Speed- +40%)

Very Cheep Drive (14) 10 2
Big Bretha


(Instant Kill)


Better Chomp

(Instant Kill)


Improved Chomp

(Instant Kill)


12 3
Spiny Cheep Cheep Spiked Ram (10)

Spiked Smash (12)

(HP- -50%)

Overdrive (16)


16 4
Iggy's Minions
Iggy's minions are boos, which are ghosts.  These guys have very little in power and don't have a lot of it, but they have great status and defensive moves, which is genius for battling attack-centered foes.  Every other turn they turn invisible and avoid attacks.

Scare (0)


Boo Dive (3) Boo Slam (6) 10 2

Ghostly Slap (2)

Eerie Circle (0)

(Defense- +3)

Super Eerie (6) 12 3
Bomb Boo Blow Up (6)

Flame Burst (8)


Kill Blast (Instant Kill)


16 2
Broozer Ghostly Punch (3) Brick Break (5)

Sacrifice (Dies)

(Defense +10, HP +10 for Koopaling)

24 4
Big Boo

Big Scare (0)


Icy Slam (3)


Fright Train (10) 20 4
Roy's Minions
It had to come down to bullets for the bully.  They have high attack and speed, but blow up when used, causing big damage to the opponent.  They can wear a badge that prevents them from blowing up though.
Bullet Bill Bash (5) Big Bash (7) Huge Bash (8) 3 1
Missile Bill Aiming Bash (5) Big Aim Bash (7) Huge Aim Bash (8) 4 1
Banzai Bill Big Bash (7) Huge Bash (8) Tremendous Bash (10) 5 2
Sniper Bill Bullet Bash (6) Quick Bash (4) Smoking Bash (8) 4 1
King Bill Huge Bash (8) Tremendous Bash (10) Ultimate Bash (12) 6 3
Lemmy's Minions
Lemmy is shy to battle, and so are his minions.  They have low power, but are good in the defense category and REALLY good in the speed category.  Their extremely high speed sometimes makes them miss though.
Shy Guy Shy Kick (2) Double Kick (4) Triple Kick (6) 2 1
Fly Guy Rocket Kick (3) Star Kick (6) Luma Kick (9) 2 1
Fat Guy Fatness Roll (6)

Dinner Eat (0)

(HP +12)

Burning Roll (6)


12 6
Shy Guy Stack Spiral Kick (8)

Shy Guy Kicks (8)

(Speed +5)

Twister (10) 8 4
Anti Guy Dark Kick (5) Dark Stomp (10)

Anti Blast (20)

24 12
Ludwig's Minions
Ludwig's minions are thwomps.  These guys are really slow, but have high power and really high defense. All of them have defensive moves that can help them survive the big battle.
Thwomp Stomp (6)

Defend (0)

(Defense +3)

Flaming Stomp (10)


16 8
Thwimp Quick Stomp (5)

Defend (0)

(Defense +2)

Icy Stomp (8)


14 6
Rhomp Quick Roll (6)

Poison Leak (0)


Roll Storm (15) 16 8
Whomp Face Smash (6)

Paralyze Smash (2)


Ground Pound Smash (12) 18 7
Super Thwomp Stomp (8)

Ultra Defend (0)

(Defense +5)

Deadly Stomp (20)

(Recharge for 3 turns)

24 10
Bowser Junior's Minions
The little prince controls the Koopas that want to fight.  These guys have low power and defense, but have high speed and can attack twice in one turn, giving them big benefit.
Koopa Troopa Shell Ram (1)

Shell Charge


Shell Smash (4) 8 1
Paratroopa Aerial Shell Ram (2) Shell Dive (3) Shell Tornado (7) 10 1
Hammer Bro Hammer Toss (3) Hammer Storm (6) Hammer Eruption (10) 12 2
Magikoopa Magic Toss (6)

Magic Mirror

(Power +4)

Magical Blast (10) 20 3
Sledge Bro Sledge Toss (5)

Quake (10)

(Accuracy = 60%)

Earthquake (20)

(Accuracy = 40%)

16 3


The battlefields mainly originate from Super Mario 64.  Only two do not come from Super Mario 64.

These are the battlefields.  You start here, and if you come into contact with a Koopaling you fight it and try to win.  If you win you defeat your opponent.

Battlefield Description Size Hazards
Bowser's Castle Bowser's Castle!  In this stage, lava and falling bridges are your obstacles here.  It is a giant maze, but there are maps in some places that can help you find your way through. Large Lava, Falling Bridges
Bob-omb Battlefield Wow, Bob-Omb Battlefield!  You have to watch out for the falling Bob-ombs from the sky, or get blown away! Medium Bob-ombs
Whomp's Fortress Small Red Whomps
Cool, Cool Mountain Medium Snowmen and Mad Penguins
Big Boo's Haunt Large Mad Pianos and Floating Books
Hazy Maze Craze Large Spiders and Pits
Comet Observatory Medium Bottomless Pits, Raged Lumas
Lethal Lava Land Small Lava, Bullies
Shifting Sand Land Small Tox Boxes, Quicksand
Tall, Tall Mountain Medium Swaying Mushrooms, Monty Moles, Pits
Tiny-Huge Land Large Mega Mario, Mega Goomba
Rainbow Ride Small Fire, Bottomless Pits

Minion Items

Item Function
Goomba Storm  These go in a group of five.  Each rams into the opponent, doing 2 damage each.  There is a 20% chance of one missing their target.
Bob-omb These can be thrown at the opponent.  There is a 60% chance of paralyzation and a 40% chance of a burn.  Either way, it deals anywhere from 2 to 6 in damage.
Lakitu These guys hang out in the sky, and will toss two spinies every time you need defense.  These only attack by rolling (3 damage), but they must be defeated in order to attack the opponent they guard.  Each spiny has 2 HP.
Beanie One will stand in front of you.  It will attack the opponent when it attacks you (2 damage).  It has three HP.
Dry Bones Five will drop down into the center of the battle and will randomly pick the opponent that they will attack.  Each attack does 2 damage.  They fall apart after attacking, and then they crumble to bits.


  • Despite goombas and lakitu being on the boxart, they are not in this game as playable minions.
    • Then again, they are items.

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