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The Koopaling's Krazy Kart Racing
Developer(s) Omega Games
VGEN Company
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Omega X
Genre(s) Kart racing
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of USA May 15, 2013

25px-Flag of Japan May 15, 2013
25px-Flag of Europe June 3, 2013
25px-Flag of Australia June 4, 2013

Grand Prix
Time Trial
Age Rating(s)
Media Included Omega X Card

The Koopaling's Krazy Kart Racing is an upcoming Omega X game featuring the Koopalings racing in karts. There's few to say about this one.


When Mario, Luigi and other citizens of Toad Town went to sleep, Bowser sucessfully managed to steal something from everyone-their karts! Bowser gave the karts to his children, wanting to compete in the Mushroom Indy 500. The Koopalings got amazed when they saw their presents, and then they tested them out.

More to come.


For the subject's gallery, see The Koopaling's Krazy Kart Racing/Gallery.

Beta elements

For the subject's beta version, see The Koopaling's Krazy Kart Racing/Beta elements.



Image Name Description Stats
Lavora Lavora N/A Size: Heavy
Ludwig Von Koopa 3D Ludwig von Koopa N/A Size: Heavy
Lemmy Koopa 3D Lemmy Koopa N/A Size: Light
Roy Koopa 3D Roy Koopa N/A Size: Heavy
Iggy Koopa 3D Iggy Koopa N/A Size: Light
Wendy O Koopa 3D Wendy O. Koopa N/A Size: Common
Morton Koopa Jr 3D Morton Koopa Jr. N/A Size: Heavy
JacksonByArend Jackson Koopa N/A Size: Heavy
Larry Koopa 3D Larry Koopa N/A Size: Common
DragoniaByArend Dragonia Koopa N/A Size: Light


Image Name Description Stats
N/A Boro Koopa N/A Size: Heavy
Bowser Jr. NSMBVR Bowser Jr. N/A Size: Light
Jacob Koopa Jacob Koopa N/A Size: Common
NoahSMF Noah Koopa N/A Size: Heavy
RisenKoopaSMSJ Risen Koopa N/A Size: Heavy
Tim J. Koopa NSMBVR Tim J. Koopa N/A Size: Light


Goomba Cup

  • Bowser's Castle 1
  • Castle Wall
  • Dark Magma Road
  • Bowser's Hugely Grown Shell

Koopa Cup

  • Sky Fortress
  • Airship Ruins
  • Ghost Mansion
  • Prehistoric Path

Boo Cup

  • Soda Lake
  • Chai Hills
  • Supermassive Station
  • Cement Factory

Koopaling Cup

  • Donut Plains
  • Subcon Desert
  • Bowser's Castle 2
  • Rainbow Road

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