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The Koopa Games II: Space Wars
Developer(s) CometGamingSeal
Publisher(s) CometGamingSeal
Platform(s) Nintendo Comet
Release Date(s)
TBA 2016
Single Player, Multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
E10 (ESRB)
Genre(s) 3D Platformer, RPG
Media Included Nintendo Comet Disc
The Koopa Games II: Space Wars, made for the Nintendo Comet, is the second game in The Koopa Games series and the sequel to the original The Koopa Games. Like its predecessor, it features the Koopalings as the main playable characters. The main premise of the story involves the Koopalings traveling to another game that takes place in space. They must stop a universal war or risk a mass destruction of everything existing. The game will have more of an RPG design than the first game.



The story picks off directly where the the predecessor left off. After freeing King Boo from Mario, the kids are flying to the sky and they eventually reach a strange dimension made entirely out of coding. They are warped to another place and land on an inlet surrounded by rocks which has sea flowing into it. The Koopalings start looking around and they eventually find a path leading up to the top of the rocks. There, they find out that they are on a lone planet in space, consisting of just the rocks and some water. Everything beyond is dark blue or black. They start freaking out, wondering what they will do. Suddenly, a large object shaped like a sphere comes flying into the rock and they go to check what has landed.

It is a space-travel device. A strange alien looking like a cloud of smoke gets out and tells them to get in and says that their lives are in danger. The kids comply and head into the little UFO, which actually looks like a car inside. They barely manage to fit all the Koopalings inside without having to stuff teeny Lemmy into the trunk. The alien launches the spaceship and explains that he is being followed by the bloodthirsty Gortians of the planet Gor (pun intended). They are trying to conquer the whole universe and that the other people are resisting and trying to stop them. They are very powerful and their empire stretches forty galaxies, a good 15% of the total number in that universe. They will stop at nothing to defeat their opponents and are slowly trying to overthrow the only obstacle left to total domination: the alien's race, a group called the Smoks. They are very powerful as well and if they fall, the universe will be in chaos.

At that moment, Kamek hacks into the game again, saying that Bowser had discovered that his kids were gone. Kamek managed to momentarily distract him, but he says that they are in another game and that they have to win this one, too. He will provide Kamek Koins like last time to assist them. After he leaves, the alien, whose name is Smokalok, finds out that the Gortians are closing in on them and sure enough, a laser shower nearly hits them, but with some quick steering, Bowser Jr. gets them out of the predicament. Unfortunately, a lone laser strikes the UFO and it starts falling. A large ship shaped like a coin suddenly appears from below and the tiny sphere lands on it. Human-shaped aliens with green skin and weird facial features soon come out from inside. The Koopalings panic. Smokalok tries to start the rocket, but the laser had gone through the engine. Suddenly, a huge wave of fire appears which engulf the Gortians. They are revealed to have come from Bowser Jr., who says he has no idea of how they happened. Smokalok reveals him to be the Chosen One who would stop the Gortians. His siblings get jealous and suddenly, their special abilities come out, too. Lemmy's is a wave of bouncy balls, Larry's is a burst of super speed, Wendy's is the ability to conjure up rings and throw them, Iggy's is to jump very high, Morton's is to do a powerful ground pound, Roy's is to reflect light onto enemies with his sunglasses, and Ludwig's is a burst of super strength. They are all amazed with their newfound powers. With a collabortation of their skills, they start the UFO and get away from the Gortians.

Chapter I: Training

Smokalok brings them to Smok, where the Koopalings will receive training for their powers. He says that as a government agent, he can provide a nice place of residence for them. Eight elders of the Smokan government come to the nice mansion (which has been a Smokan government possession since ancient times) Smokalok gave them rooms in and start individually training the kids. It is here where the player can pick one Koopaling to play the game through with. The elders tell them that they can boost their power with the four pieces of the Universe Gem, which is a magic crystal that contains unbelievable power. However, the pieces were hidden long ago. The elders try to train the kids to go after them. Weeks then months pass. Meanwhile, the player (let's say he's Jr.) gets bored of the old routine after a while and heads out to find somewhere to actually use his powers. Another Koopaling (who we'll call Lemmy) decides to come with him and they sneak off in the dead of night. Bowser Jr. plans to wander the downtown area looking for crime to fight, but they get lost and end up in a mountain pass. They try to get out, but after Lemmy calls for help in a too-loud voice, an avalanche falls and the two are sealed in a cave. In the cave, they discover an exit which leads them to a network of tunnels full of enemies. They end up in a room that contains a large piece of the Universe Gem. They try to pick it up, but suddenly, an army of Gortians appears from behind, saying that they had managed to sneak a trace onto Jr.'s shell and that they have been tracking him ever since the encounter on the spaceship. Jr. refuses to hand over the Gem and a battle ensues. Lemmy manages to hold the army off long enough for Jr. to figure out how to use the Gem and blast a hole in the wall. Lemmy runs after him and seals the gate. Bowser Jr. looks at the gem, and suddenly an extra spike flies off his shell. He presumes that the spike was the trace and he crushes it with his foot. The two head back to the mansion.

Chapter II: Deep Space

As they return, they suddenly realize that Gortians have taken over the planet, noticing the giant Gortian flag everywhere. Bowser Jr. uses the Gem to cast a protective shield around them and leads Lemmy back to the mansion. They find Gortians fastening the other Koopalings and the elders to the wall, where a large cannon will shoot them. As they prepare to shoot, Jr. blasts away the cannon with the Gem and holds back the Gortians, who Lemmy blasts with balls. Bowser Jr. proceeds to free his siblings and informs them of what has happened. The Smok elders are freed too, but when all the Gortians are defeated, the mansion explodes. Ludwig uses his strength to hold up the door and lets them go, but the Smok elders stay, saying that the mansion is their home and if it's going down, they're going down with them. Ludwig reluctantly accepts and the house crumbles.

Another group of Gortians starts chasing after them, but Bowser Jr. quickly blasts them away with the Gem. He creates a rocket and the Koopalings leave Smok. Jr. and Lemmy are informed that a seige was held on Smok by the Gortians. Their army was too strong for Smoks and they quickly managed to infilitrate the government building and kill President Smokajok. They then took over the planet, and therefore everything they owned, adding a full 10% of the universe to their empire. The Koopalings realize that they will have to scour the universe looking for the Universe Gems, but they have no idea where they are. They decide to go to another planet, where they can research information. A GPS provided by the Gem tells them where to find such planet and they are warped there immediately. Unfortunately, they have arrived too close to the planet's security guards. The kids are attacked, but they all display their powers and the guards open the planet's golden gates to let them in. It is very similar to pre-Gortian Smok, having related beings called Cloots, which coincidentally look like puffs of clouds. Having been allies of Smok, the Koopalings are treated with respect. They reveal their mission to find the universe gem and are given a trained helper by the king. The helper is very nice and has the power to create cloud platforms similar to Cloud Mario. His name is Clootaloot and happens to be the distant cousin of Smokalok. It is revealed that he is not dead and in fact, hiding on Cloot. He had fled after the Gortians arrived on Smok. He also agrees to help the Koopalings and tells them where a library is that has information concerning the Gems.

They reach the library.

Chapter III: Separated

Chapter IV: Kidnap

Chapter V: Doom




The original cast of characters returns, all having a special skill and different statistics.

Name Picture Stats Skill Function
Bowser Jr.
Bowserjr MP9
Speed: Dark StarDark StarDark Star
Agility: Dark StarDark StarDark Star
Endurance: Dark StarDark StarDark Star
Acceleration: Dark StarDark StarDark Star
Strength: Dark StarDark StarDark Star
Fireball Jr. sends out a wave of fire which can kill easy-to-defeat enemies instantly.
Larry Speed: Dark StarDark Star
Agility: Dark StarDark StarDark StarDark Star
Endurance: Dark StarDark StarDark Star
Acceleration: Dark StarDark StarDark StarDark Star
Strength: Dark StarDark Star
Hyperspeed Lets Larry run at ten times his normal speed for five seconds.
Lemmy Koopa 3D
Speed: Dark StarDark StarDark Star
Agility: Dark StarDark StarDark StarDark Star
Endurance: Dark StarDark Star
Acceleration: Dark StarDark StarDark Star
Strength: Dark Star
Bounce Blast Lemmy can send a wave of bouncy balls which can kill enemies.
Wendy O. Koopa Artwork
Speed: Dark StarDark StarDark Star
Agility: Dark StarDark StarDark StarDark StarDark Star
Endurance: Dark StarDark Star
Acceleration: Dark StarDark StarDark StarDark Star
Strength: Dark StarDark Star
Ring Toss Wendy sends rings, which can kill enemies or roll and hit switches.
Speed: Dark StarDark StarDark StarDark StarDark Star
Agility: Dark StarDark StarDark StarDark Star
Endurance: Dark StarDark StarDark Star
Acceleration: Dark StarDark Star
Strength: Dark StarDark StarDark Star
Super Spring Iggy can jump five times higher than his normal jump.
Morton Speed: Dark StarDark Star
Agility: Dark Star
Endurance: Dark StarDark StarDark Star
Acceleration: Dark StarDark Star
Strength: Dark StarDark StarDark StarDark StarDark Star
Big Pound Morton ground-pounds, killing all nearby enemies and activating all nearby switches.
Roy Speed: Dark Star
Agility: Dark StarDark Star
Endurance: Dark StarDark Star
Acceleration: Dark StarDark StarDark Star
Strength: Dark StarDark StarDark StarDark StarDark Star
The Shiner Roy reflects light off of his sunglasses that burn through enemies and kill them.
Ludwig Speed: Dark StarDark StarDark Star
Agility: Dark Star
Endurance: Dark StarDark StarDark StarDark Star
Acceleration: Dark Star
Strength: Dark StarDark StarDark StarDark StarDark Star

Ludwig uses enhanced strength to kill strong enemies instantly.


  • Kamek
  • Smokalok
  • Clootaloot




Each chapter in the story is divided into episodes.



Beta Elements


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Finished project CG The Adventures of Flappy Bird

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