The Koopa Games series
The Koopa Games LOGO
Developer(s) Great Games, Inc.
Publisher(s) Great Games, Inc.
First Game The Koopa Games
Most Recent Game The Koopa Games II: Space Wars
Platform(s) The Future Nintendo

The Koopa Games series is a video game series made by Great Games, Inc. for their The Future Nintendo. It centers the Koopalings in their wacky adventures. So far it has two installments.


Name Boxart Synopsis
The Koopa Games
The Koopa Games
The Koopa Games involves Kamek accidentally blasting the kids into a video game which stars them trying to free King Boo from the evil Mario.
The Koopa Games II: Space Wars TBA The Koopa Games II: Space Wars takes place in another game which is in space. The kids must try to stop a universal war.

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